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Bharat Gas

Distributed only by the public sector throughout India is Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is available in capacity of 14.2 Kg for homely usage and is also disturbed in houses in 5 kg capacity. It has its approval by ISI, Regulator and Suraksha House. It has to be operated in specified areas and the distributers can only provide cylinder to these specific areas. They provide free home delivery service which makes life much easier for house wives as they don’t have to wait in queue.

Bharat Gas has spread out all over India in few years and is famous and known as India’s National Cooking gas Suppliers Company. Although it has complaint cell and has-been successful in solving the problems of customers but sometimes we still doubt its service with increased number of customer complaints going unattended.Bharat Gas has been providing the best services till now as LPG Customer Care Services to all customers all over India. It’s one of the top listed Gas supplier companies. It makes life easy for all. Its service is making its name in Indian Cooking, facilitated with domestic fuel. Its provides on time service with no complains coming from customers since many years.

Bharat Gas New Connection


Bharat Gas New Connection | LPG Gas Connection | New LPG Gas Connection

To get complete information about the Connections, check out here, mentioned below are all the details of documents which are necessary for Bharat Gas New Connection.

Proof of Identity- One should have the following proof of identity with them to submit as a when required.

  • Voters Identification Card – One copy of voter Identification Card
  • Passport – Two copy of  passport
  • Driving License – one copy of Driving License
  • PAN Card – One copy of Pan card
  • Any Photo identification issued by State Government is must
  • Aadhaar Number allotment letter

Proof of Address – Address proof is also needed, it can be any one the following

  • Voters Identification Card – One copy of voter Identification Card
  • Ration Card- One copy of Ration Card
  • Electricity Bill ( within last three months)- One copy of Electricity Bill
  • Telephone bill( within last three months)- One copy of Telephone bill
  • Employers Certificate- One copy of Employers Certificate
  • Rent Receipt (Last two months)- One copy of Rent Receipt
  • LIC Policy (Validity to be checked)- One copy of LIC Policy
  • Flat allotment letter
  • House Registration Papers
  • Aadhaar Number allotment letter

As and when you get the new gas connection you will be receiving a few documents from Bharat gas.

  • Keeping the subscription voucher safe after the payment of requisite deposit is must.
  • Also famous as Blue book or pass book, you will be issued a booklet which is also called as Domestic consumer gas card which will have all the particulars or details of gas connection say for example details of supply and all other services as recorded taken by customer.
  • LPG safety and conservation  related literature is required
  • The customer also needs to get a new hotplate having ISI mark and should be available at the distributor

Bharat gas New Connection OnlineGetting Bharat Gas New Connection through Online:

  • Some of the steps one needs to follow when you apply online for Bharat Gas new connection.
  • Log on to Bharat Gas Official Website and open your account, get updates, fill up forms, book gas, pay online.
  • As one follows the method you will be getting a call from the representative of Bharat gas.
  • One can download and print the form, fill it and deposit at the nearest Bharat gas branch with all the required documents. It will take 3 to 5 working days time to issue new gas cylinder.
  • To know more about it, location of Bharat Gas Agency one needs to go to the nearest branch and can also logon to website of Bharat Gas for knowing more about the updates.

Bharat Gas Booking | Online LPG Gas Booking | Bharat Gas Refill Booking

Bharat Gas Customers can now book the refilling of gas online, they need not stand in queue or visit gas agency. It saves time, money and customers are happy with the system. Customers can learn various ways of book gas online, even offline or through SMS.

Bharat Gas Booking

Online booking process- Bharat Gas

  • It enables online booking of Gas, open the website and login to book gas. Bharat Gas Booking service is online services which has made customers very comfortable and satisfied them completely.
  • Registration of online booking for new customer is must .It is available on Home page of Bharat Gas Refill Booking.
  • The form has to be filled up online which ask for personal details including date, time of booking. No guarantee of online booking on same date and time is given; it can change as per conditions.
  • After 21 days of previous delivery, another delivery request can be made. This is applicable for both online and offline booking.

Bharat Gas Offline Booking System or Procedure:

  • Bharat Gas Refill Booking is also possible by contacting dealer and get the delivery request registered.
  • Apart from calling on bharat gas booking number, one can do bharat gas refill booking by visiting the Bharat gas dealer office and register a delivery request.
  • You can also visit Bharat Gas Dealers office and get the registration done personally. Booking can also be done by giving call to gas agency. All these procedures of getting the gas refilled or booked are the best ways of doing so.

Bharat Gas SMS Booking Services:

Bharat gas refill can be done by refill booking through SMS also. Get yourself registered online and do the best for your self. The registration links are available on home page of the website. Few steps how to book Bharat Gas Booking through SMS are mentioned as given:

  • Firstly Type in LPG in your message.
  • Send SMS to given number 52725 if you are MTNL, Vodafone, airtel, Tata Indicom Customers.
  • For other mobile service subscriptions send SMS at 57333.

Bharat Gas Transfer Connection | Transfer Gas Connection | Transfer LPG Gas Connection

When we move in new house, it’s always that one has to take up new gas connection or Transfer Bharat Gas Connection to a new gas agency which is nearest to your house. So what one can do is approach new gas agency for transfer. The transfer of Bharat Gas Connection is easily done and is done very fast in few days time. So what we suggest is one need not get worried in case you have Old Gas connection of Bharat Gas instead you can guide your friends also about the same . Pre planning of Gas transfer a week before you shift to new location is must. This will help you in saving time and getting the work done on time.

Documents required for Bharat Gas Transfer Connection

To show some proof of authencation, customer has to submit few documents if not all as mentioned below:

Documents required for address and identification –

  • Ration Card,
  • Electricity Bill,
  • Passport,
  • Employer’s Certificate,
  • Voters Identity Card,
  • Flat allotment / possession letter
  • Telephone bill,
  • Rent Receipt.

Steps to be followed to Transfer Bharat Gas Connection are as mentioned below:

  • Contact your respective dealer from whom you have taken connection.
  • Always carry your subscription voucher and Domestic gas holder card.
  • Send request letter requesting for the transfer of your gas connection to your dealer.
  • Dealers always gross check your documents submitted to them for verification purpose and then will refund your money.
  • Carry your domestic gas holder card with you for the connection transfer to the new place as this will help you in getting gas connection transfer quickly.
  • The applicant also needs to present some details about its new residential premises mainly the address.
  • One can apply for Transfer Bharat Gas Connection Online.

If the Bharat Gas Transfer is in same or nearby city

  • The current dealer may issue a transfer advice of customer only on producing the Subscription Voucher. Customer transfer advice remains valid merely for 3 months from the issue date.
  • Subscription voucher and the Customer service voucher may get produced to the transferred distributor. Now, one can avail his new CTA along with the subscription voucher.
  • The subscription vouchers and customer service vouchers may get produced to the distributor – transferred distributor. One can avail new Customer transfer advice along with the subscription voucher.
  • One is not required to submit equipment cylinder or the regulator for transfer of gas.

If the Bharat Gas Transfer is to any other place then

  • Collection of termination voucher from your current location dealer is must .Then in that case there will be refunding of initial caution deposits on the submission of subscription voucher.
  • The domestic gas holder card may come in use in case you take the gas connection promptly in new residential area from the new distributor.

Bharat Gas Customer Care | Customer Care Services | Toll Free Number

It operation started in the year 1955 named as Bharat Gas, its now world famous and are major providers of LPG. They have around 30 million user’s .With the help of Bharat Gas Customer Care, they told all their queries, suggestions and complaints and feedbacks. One can go on their website and online one can post your complaints, suggestions etc and one can call up with the customer care toll free number.

Bharat Gas Customer Care

StatesIVRS No.
JAMMU & KASHMIR9419256789
WEST BENGAL9433056789

Bharat Gas Mobile App | Android Mobile Application | Download Bharat Gas Mobile Application

Recently, the Indian government launch the Bharat gas Mobile App for the consumers of Bharat Gas. In this Android Mobile Application, consumer gets all the services details, when the gas was booked, receiving or booking date, and cylinder price, new gas connection, transfer connection, customer services or further more latest services all details, consumer can easily find out in this Bharat Gas Mobile Application.


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bharat gas mobile_app

Link Aadhaar Card with Bharat Gas | How to Link Aadhaar Card

Bharat gas is one of the LPG gas providers in India. There are many subscribers all around the country. The Indian Government will started the LPG Gas Subsidy Scheme, in which you can link you aadhaar card with your Bharat Gas, or account, you can easily received the Bharat Gas Subsidy in your account. Consumer cans easily Link Aadhaar Card with Bharat Gas.

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Link Aadhaar Card with Bharat Gas