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Please call our toll-free nos. 18002333555 for the queries, suggestions and complaints. This facility can be obtained to any or all across the nation on 24 X 7 basis.

Calls are dealt with through the Call Center Professionals from 8 am to eight pm and thru IVRS between 8 pm and eight am.

Phone callers receive a special call ID on signing up a question, suggestion or complaint. Phone callers can later on enquire around the status of the call by estimating the initial call ID provided to them during the time of signing up their call.

The service is free of cost towards the caller.


    January 3, 2014    


    Subject: RE:’IDBIBank=005-206-132′ NON- RECIEPT OF LPG SUBSIDY AMMOUNT.
    Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2013 12:14:01 +0530

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is with reference to your e-mail dated 07.12.2013.

    We request you to confirm in which Bank last aaddhar updation request had been submitted by you to assist you further.

    With best regards,
    Chandni Majithia
    Customer Care Center
    IDBI Bank Ltd.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: sunil (
    Date: Saturday, December 07, 2013 02:14 PM
    To: IDBI BANK (


    SAVING A/C NO. 600104000018337. IDBI BANK
    ADHAR CARD NO. 6842 9035-9485.

    Status At Bharatgas Distributor and NPCI
    Consumer No. Consumer Name Address Aadhaar With
    Distributor ** Aadhaar With
    Bank ** NPCI Status Bank
    Aadhaar No. is XXXX XXXX 9485
    (Available on 05-10-2013)
    Aadhaar No. is XXXX XXXX 9485
    (Available on 09-10-2013) Activated on 10-07-2013 HDFC Bank Ltd
    ** Legends Table
    S. No. Aadhaar Linking
    Status in LPG Aadhaar Linking
    PL. UPDATE MY BANK SAVING A/C NO. 600104000018337. IDBI BANK
    SUNIL NANDODE 9561090261

    January 3, 2014    



    SAVING A/C NO. 600104000018337. IDBI BANK
    ADHAR CARD NO. 6842 9035-9485.

    Status At Bharatgas Distributor and NPCI
    Consumer No. Consumer Name Address Aadhaar With
    Distributor ** Aadhaar With
    Bank ** NPCI Status Bank
    Aadhaar No. is XXXX XXXX 9485
    (Available on 05-10-2013)
    Aadhaar No. is XXXX XXXX 9485
    (Available on 09-10-2013) Activated on 10-07-2013 HDFC Bank Ltd
    ** Legends Table
    S. No. Aadhaar Linking
    Status in LPG Aadhaar Linking
    PL. UPDATE MY BANK SAVING A/C NO. 600104000018337. IDBI BANK
    SUNIL NANDODE 9561090261

  3. J.P.Jesudason J.P.Jesudason
    September 16, 2014    

    my consumer no 52775098, I am drawing my cylinder through Karpaga gas agencies,40/5, workshop Road,Simmakkal,Madurai -1. Sir i am maintaining this connection for decades and i have seen many distributors. Of all the distributors this agency is providing the worst service i have so far experienced. The delivery men are demanding not less than 50 rupees. if we try to give less than what they demand cylinders are not delivered on time or they say some other reason like door locked etc and slip away. This is what happened to me this time though i have booked the cylinder on 19-8-14 booking no 229246387 so far i havent received the cylinder. when i tried to enquire through phone i received no reply so far. when i went there in person i was reluctantly told that on 23-8-14 a cylinder was despatched, the delivery man could not deliver the cylinder since the house was locked. On the said day we were in the house. Now I am neither able to receive the cylinder nor book a cylineder. The automatic registration could not help me. hence i request you to do the needful at once . yours faithfully J.P. Jesudason

  4. Bhushetty D.S. Bhushetty D.S.
    September 29, 2014    

    Complaint 174265 dt.24/06/2014 regarding cash subsidy issue, I received SMS and email from Your side that my complaint is resolved but till date my cash subsidy Rs.658.96 is not credited my Axis Bank account. This issue I am raising since From March 2014….still it is not solved. What to do….Do Urgently work on this.

    October 7, 2014    




  6. Ms.Delvi Ms.Delvi
    October 10, 2014    

    This is to bring to your notice the following:
    Details: Bharatgas Distributor-Shravan Gas Services. R.T.Nagar, Bangalore-560032.
    Distributor code:100723
    Delivery Person:Bangarappa
    He is over charging for the gas cylinders.
    For Rs.422 he collects Rs.450 and sometimes Rs.500 saying he has no change.
    Request you to kindly look into this.

  7. Jignesh Sanotra Jignesh Sanotra
    October 18, 2014    

    We are registered as Customer No. 002503.
    Yesterday I have given a complain on your emergency No. Regarding Gas bottle lickage,
    For the same I have to visit 3 times at Mahalaxmi gas office & than your representative came to check the bottle.
    This is very very very Irritating.
    If this will happen in future again,
    I will do the RTO of the same.
    This is really disappointing.

  8. Zafar Kalim Khan Zafar Kalim Khan
    October 21, 2014    

    Dear Sir,
    I am a resident of village Ashti,Dist.Wardha,Maharashtra (442202).There is Bharat Gas Distributor for a long time in my village.But from the beginning of ths agency all of us have been facing the same problems such as,
    1) Never get Cylinder within expected time earlier we have to wait for 15 to 20 days but after online booking of cylinder time has got reduced but its still not satisfactory.

    2) Distributor always charge 10 to 15 rs extra but never gives home delivery,consumers have collect their cylinder from his Godown which out of village.Everyone is collecting cylinders from godown because all are helpless.
    3) everyone has to wait in a long que to get gatepass for the cylinders infront of distributors office.
    4) Domestic cylinders are given to business purpose such as canten and restaurants.(Black out)
    5) Quarrels and Arguments can be observed on regular basis of public with distributor.and distributor and his employee do not have a good tone to talk to consumers.
    6) Distributor never gives receipt of payment.
    7) when someone asks distributor to change all these things he usually replies ” do whatever you can do,complaint wherever you can,nobody can do nothing against me”

    Have you provided any special rights for monopoly? There are many things to complaint but I have mentioned what is of more importance and if you think these are my own views so suggest me how to send you the the views of all the consumers I will make it possible.And do take necessary action as all of us are tollerating all these things for a long time.

  9. Zafar Kalim Khan Zafar Kalim Khan
    October 21, 2014    

    Distributor Name is Anusaya Bharat Gas Agency
    Ashti,Dist.wardha-442202 (MS)
    Distributor Code-133742

  10. Debjani Banerjee Debjani Banerjee
    October 21, 2014    

    I had applied online for a new connection and got my confirmation with booking No being 12048682 dt 19/10/14. On 20th oct I got confirmation mail of new connection. The mail says that it is not mandatory for the customer to buy LPG stove from the dealership, but as I visited today to my dealer Dev Mogra Gas services at Mira road, was refused to accept deposit and release connection, without purchase of LPG stove. When the mail was shown the manager of the agency said it to be a general lettter and does not have any validity. he also said that BPCL has tie up wth LPG stove manufacturer hence its mandatory to buy the same.
    As a customer I felt cheated as there were two versions, while BPCl claimimg its not mandatory, Distributor saying it is made compulsory by BPCL only. In that case BPCL has to issue a seperate letter again, to the distributor, giving approval to issue connection without purchase of Gas Stove .
    I request your authority to look into the matter and treat it as urgent as this is a case of forced sale, taking undue advantage of customers need. But since I have my burner I refuse to buy the same.
    Kindly help out to get the connection at the earliest.

    Debjani Banerjee

  11. Zafar Kalim Khan Zafar Kalim Khan
    October 23, 2014    

    Dear Sir,
    I had booking for refilling of cylinder on 16th of Oct 2014 and my consumer no is 1399.But we didn’t get cylinder yet.On the other hand I had complained for this on complaint No 18002333555 and my complaint no was 269684 but next day we got a message thad cylinder has been delivered to us but no cylinder is delivered yet.when I again talked to customer care thay said that thay had got a reply from agency that cylinder has been delivered. And they again took a fresh complaint today complaint no.271424.
    I booked my cylinder on 16th oct and I should have got my cylinder on 19th of oct but alas we didn’t get anything except hope.Even after giving complaint you took no action on the distributor.
    Isn’t it encouraging the distributor for having no concern of complaints?
    Aproximately all of the customers have same problem of not getting their refil cylinder within expected time and its going on from the beginning of the Agency and you are encouraging The Distributor for doing this and thats why people dont complaint and tolerate and this is the reason this distributor says to the customers that do what you can do,complaint where you can!
    Please look into the matter hammer on such kind of monopoly of distributor.

    October 24, 2014    

    sub: gas leakages in cylinder not considering. Very bad approach towards customer
    am forwarding this complaint for my brother,
    am regretting to inform you that, we are in fear of a gas explosion, because of a leakage in our gas cylinder. And i called the agency several time but they did not visited the site,our home. All of you are responsible for this .Pls help us…we are going to complaint this with police and media. our agency

  13. Neeta S. Rajpurohit Neeta S. Rajpurohit
    October 27, 2014    

    Dear sir,

    My customer ID 2732 and registered phone number is 09427615466.
    I booked my gas cylinder on date 5/10/2014 with booking reference no. 258342672 and the cylinder was to be delivered within a week of booking. Now, it has been more than 20 days and I haven’t received the gas cylinder.

    I called at Durga Gas Service which is your dealer in Ahmedabad for about 4 times. I always got a response that, it will be delivered in a day or so. I made repeated calls to them after failing to deliver on the deadlines they gave, but I neither got proper response nor the gas cylinder. I’ve been facing problems due to this on this festival season, but haven’t got any solution for it.

    I request you to look into this matter and do the needful as soon as possible.

    Thank you,
    Neeta S. Rajpurohit

  14. arun baxy arun baxy
    October 27, 2014    

    I had booked for cylinder on 06.10.2014 till to day I have not received cylinder
    today again I booked cylinder now massage has come that distributor cleared booking upto 19/10/2014 so where is my cylinder . please look into matter.

    October 27, 2014    

    Sir, I’m a customer oh BHARAT Gas. My dealer is Sharma Gas Agency, Disergarh, Sanctoria, Bardhaman, West Bengal. The Agency code of Sharma is 124204. The distributor is not supplying gas cylinder to many customer like me in our area. There are many issues like supplying domestic gas cylinders to the commercial persons running restaurant etc. in that locality. So, please step in to this. My contact no. in 9564666064. Please have some free time to talk to me about this elaborately. Expecting a quick reply in this regard. Thanks.

  16. kundan kumar kundan kumar
    October 30, 2014    

    I had applied online for a Bharat Gas connection and was given a waitlist number (waiting list id is 12129868 dated 26-Oct-2014).
    I was asked to contact the distributor (Vinayaka Bharat gas, Bangalore, 183291) to get the connection with the following message (in a mail) from Bharat Gas :

    “While you are welcome to purchase a LPG Stove/Cooking range and other products from the range available with us, we would like to make it clear that it is not obligatory for you to purchase the same from us. You are at liberty to buy the LPG Stove /Cooking range from any source so long as it bears ISI mark or is of an approved quality/ make.”

    I have all the kitchenware with ISI mark but the distributor is refusing to give me the connection unless I buy the whole range of kitchenware from them.
    I feel that it is against the rules and action should be taken against them.
    Please look into the matter and resolve it asap.


    • Arogiamary Arogiamary
      December 23, 2015    

      Dear Sir/Mam

      I am drawing my cylinder through Visweshwar Bharatgas Agencies,Perumal Raja Garden, No: 3, Villianur Main Rd, Reddiarpalayam, Puducherry, 605010. Sir i am maintaining this connection for decades with Bharatgas and i have seen many distributors in Chennai & Pondicherry. Out of all the distributors this agency is providing the worst service i have so far experienced. They have never delivered cylinders on time. If we book the cylinder, it comes after 1 week. They were calling us just 5-10 mins before reaching the house and if we are not in home, they were taking the cylinders back and asking us to book the cylinder again. And if we book it again, it comes after 10-15 days. This is what happened to me all the time. Sometimes they were asking us to take the cylinder from the Godown itself, when we take from the Godown also, they charge 30rs for delivery.

      And i think they were selling the cylinders in backdoor.

      Kindly do the needful

      Yours faithfully


  17. sidram sidram
    November 4, 2014    

    Dear sir I am booked for new connection but distributor is not taking my application
    request no.12234171
    Name sidram havinal
    mob no.9741352430

    November 8, 2014    

    cons no 48881546
    Gas booked on 9 .10.14 booking no 260936908
    Up to 8.11.14 refill not deliverd .
    When I enquired this morning probable date of delivery they said they cannot mention the exact delivery date
    CONTACT NO 9446419676

  19. mahabir singh mahabir singh
    November 8, 2014    

    i had booked my gas refill cylinder on monday 3rd nov 2014
    but the delivery of the same has not made till now
    today the delivery man refused to give the refill cylinder

    he had
    not deliver the cylinder to the my kitchen

  20. ramakant sharma ramakant sharma
    November 12, 2014    

    My consumer Number is 37584 and I have booked the LPG sylender vide booking no.290038263 on 7-11. company has sent message that sylender delivered on 10-11-14 but still not received

  21. Honey Honey
    November 14, 2014    

    There is illegal use of domestic gas cylinder in commercial building in G- 10 , Gopal Heights, Netaji Subhash place, Pitampura. The shop name is BABA Pan and they are using domestic cylinder for selling Momo’s.

  22. Alok Kumar Alok Kumar
    November 18, 2014    

    My pg no. is 34062268, i had booked my gas 2 month ago but i had not recived my gas til now…….what is the problm plz reply me soon.

  23. Milind Padwal Milind Padwal
    November 23, 2014    

    Sir i had booked a cylinder via IVRS with DEVMOGRA GAS AGENCY.
    I had recieved the following msg on d registered mobile.
    Dear M G PADWAL, ref. booking 283235461, LPG cylinder was delivered on 14/11/2014. Switch off regulator at night, for any queries contact your distributor.
    But till date i haven’t recieved the cylinder because which its causing a lot of inconviniece. K
    Kindly look into the discrepency and revert at 9920920977 or mail at

  24. Dr. Reshma .K. Kannan Dr. Reshma .K. Kannan
    November 26, 2014    


    Sub – Domestic LPG connection blocked due to nonfiling of KYC. Revival requested
    Ref- LPG Consumerno. 13539
    DGCC No. 662830

    Iam a Doctor working in the Health and Family Welfare Department of Kerala State. My family consists of myself , my husband and a child. Now we are residing along with my in laws at Amrutham , Malayalapuzha Eram PO, Pathanamthitta pin 689664 Kerala.
    I had an LPG connection with Sabari Gas Service Vadasserikkara in Pathanamthitta District. My name is not included in the Ration Card. Therefore I could not file KYC details as the distributors insisted on filing copy of Ration Card.
    Now I desire to reactivate the LPG connection as a non subsidised connection.
    I request my LPG connection may kindly be reactivated as a connection without subsidy and the Distributor may be instructed to supply LPG cylinders.
    Thanking You
    Yours faithfully
    Dr. Reshma. K. Kannan

  25. R.Ramachandran R.Ramachandran
    November 27, 2014    

    On 24/11/2014 sent message to my phone that to join DBTL scheme submit your Aadhar to LPG distributor and bank and in website found forms for that scheme. According to them today i was trying to submit the FORM 2 to the distributor. But they refused to receive it and stated that you must be submit 4 Forms. Even though explained that i have Aaadhar number, hence why i shall be submitted other forms relating to the persons who have not posses the Aadhar number. Even there after compelled me to submit the 4 forms.
    Distributor Code is 140228

  26. jagdish bisht jagdish bisht
    December 2, 2014    

    My booking no.281589936 of 09.11.14. But till 2nd DEC gas cylinder not received please provide the current status.

  27. maharu moosa maharu moosa
    December 3, 2014    

    I have a complaint for your gas agency.
    I applied for a new gas connection, “THENGIL AGENCIES KOYILANDY, CALICUT, KERALA.”
    with all proofs ( Identity Proof, Address Proof …etc)
    The manager asked me to pay RS 5300 with application form, for Gas cylinder and Gas stove.
    but I apply only for Gas connection, not gas stove.
    but the manager said “if you want new gas connection you must pay 5300 otherwise we are not give new connection”.
    Please help me.
    my mobile no.+918592943299

    December 5, 2014    

    I am J.Gowthaman residing in 10/7, BCG Staff Quarters, Guindy Chennai-600032 from 1992, from that period I am purchasing the gas from same Agency. when I submitted the Aadhaar card I found my Name is typed in computer as J.GOWDAMAN, even in gas pass book my name is J.GOWTHAMAN. the agency need penalty to change that word and also ask me to wait for 20 days, please help me to how to change the letter ‘D’ as ‘TH” please oblige. my email is ‘’.

  29. Prasanta Prasanta
    December 6, 2014    

    why its taking more than 40 days after booking to deliver gas cylinder?

  30. manjay kumar manjay kumar
    December 8, 2014    

    I have applied online for a new connection of bharat gas in may 2014 by the name of manjsy kumar and submitted all the required local distributor is bhagwati gas agency, bikram(patna).Its almost 6 months passed but dtill i am making rounds to my local gas agency but they are not issuing me the connection.
    Please help me out and direct my agency to issue me a connection.
    Thanking you.

  31. akthar rasool akthar rasool
    December 10, 2014    

    Copmliant against new pamposh gas agency in srinagar dor black marketing one loaded consumer lpg ga everyday basis.
    Please take the necessary action.


  32. Sreedevi Sreedevi
    December 10, 2014    

    Gas supply is not in proper time

  33. Mrs.Banumathi w/o Subramaniyan Mrs.Banumathi w/o Subramaniyan
    December 15, 2014    

    I booked gas cylinder on 2/12/14.My connection no:4278.and the booking ID297479807.I am yet to receive the supply .No-body is responding to my repeated calls to 04362 233347 and hence this complaint.Kindly do the needful early.
    Thanking you Sir.

  34. Neetu Thakur Neetu Thakur
    December 15, 2014    

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I want to register a complain regarding using of my Aadhar card by someone else.
    Consumer no is 15016 in the name of Karuna thakur. address – house no 703, tower no 12, greater noida, pari chowk.
    My Aadhar card no.- 337181731639 in the name of Neetu Thakur, address – 342 sunlight colony no 1, Jungpura S.O. South Delhi, New Delhi 110014.

    This came to my notice when i applied for a new gas connection in my Name. I already informed this to my local gas supplies agency and Bharat petrolium head off in Canught palace. I can not get gas connection in my name till its not removed from there connection. So please do the needful as i was running around from last three month.
    Looking forward for a positive reply from you.
    Neetu Thakur

  35. mohan panicker mohan panicker
    December 21, 2014    

    I have not recieved my subsidy

  36. Basheer. P.C. Basheer. P.C.
    December 25, 2014    

    I had applied for a gas connection in my wife’s name on 05-12-2014. As they demanded I had filled up the application form and submitted with photo, ID proof and ration card. They demanded Rs.3500.00 for providing the connection without purchase of gas stove and it was paid on the same day. When I asked for a bill for the said payment, first they said the bill cannot be given. On insisting for a bill they tore the bottom piece from the application form and written the amount and date of receipt and signed.

    After two days, I received request ID : 12790078 and I informed it to the first they offered to supply the connection next day. But as a step against our insistence for the bill, we have not been supplied the gas connection till now. We feel the amount of Rs.3500.00 was not accordance with regulations of gas supply and hereby request you to make enquiries and arrange proper supply of the gas connection.

    Awaiting early steps..I had applied for a gas connection in my wife’s name on 05-12-2014. As they demanded I had filled up the application form and submitted with photo, ID proof and ration card. They demanded Rs.3500.00 for providing the connection without purchase of gas stove and it was paid on the same day. When I asked for a bill for the said payment, first they said the bill cannot be given. On insisting for a bill they tore the bottom piece from the application form and written the amount and date of receipt and signed.

    After two days, I received request ID : 12790078 and I informed it to the first they offered to supply the connection next day. But as a step against our insistence for the bill, we have not been supplied the gas connection till now. We feel the amount of Rs.3500.00 was not accordance with regulations of gas supply and hereby request you to make enquiries and arrange proper supply of the gas connection.

    Awaiting early steps..

    December 26, 2014    

    Consumer Number: 4627 Distributor: BORA GAS ENTERPRISES (117475)



  38. ritu garg ritu garg
    December 26, 2014    

    I booked a cylinder on 13-12-14 order no 1180939 but till date not received as u claim 7 days of delievery. My distributor is goyal gas agency at kurukshetra.I tried all phone calls of distributors as well as toll free no and on line query but could not even ask for query.Why is it so and have I to go to distributor or call hom every time for timely delievery.

  39. jagadeesha.s jagadeesha.s
    December 26, 2014    

    sir , please change my name janardhana reddy to my original name is JAGADEESHA.S. to get money transfer benefit .my customer no: 53389060, distributer code is 185524.

  40. shivaji rao shivaji rao
    December 26, 2014    

    My complaint is against Raka Gas Agency, Raka Chambers, Mumbai Pune Road Main Road, Chinchwad Station, Near Dwarkadas, Pune-411019.

    I wanted a new Gas connection, and I already have ISI marked gas stove. I don’t buy a gas stove or any other product. But this agency is forcing me to buy products of minimum rs 3000 for new gas connection. As per law, its up to consumers to buy it or not. Also there has to be a board saying product purchase in not compulsory fro new gas connection.

    So I have to waste my 3000 rs to buy the products though I don’t want it.

    I want new gas connection without paying any extra money for products like stove. And as per rule there should be a board in that agency mentioning product buy is not compulsory so that they can’t cheat other people

  41. Pavithran V.N. Pavithran V.N.
    December 26, 2014    

    We have our gas connection booked under my uncle name and it is also mentioned in ration card. my uncle is no-more and due to the new policy we are trying to book a new connection under my name. Question is how to cancel a connection who is passed away? please guide us.

  42. harish kumar harish kumar
    December 26, 2014    

    mera naam harish kumar he
    mera bharat gas number 10032 he..
    sir maine 17 december ko online booking karwai thi aaj tak tanki nahi bhezi he..
    4din se roj ja raha hu kahte he kal bhez denge..
    sir wo kal kab aayega?
    black me touwoh hand to hand 10 tanki bhi de deta he
    sir kai baar chakkar katne padte he
    ab wah kahta he ki fir se book karwao
    sir help kiziye humari

  43. sudhir bhagat sudhir bhagat
    December 27, 2014    

    Booked a cyclinder on december 5,2014 but still not delivered. Try to contact but distributor bharat gas pacca talab, jammu do not attending call of customers. Moreover , it is very to contact divisional sales manager anku mishra’s.

  44. praful chand / Pradeep banerjee praful chand / Pradeep banerjee
    December 27, 2014    

    my father was a consumer of LPG bhart Gas and now he had passed away in the year 2007 I would like to join DBTL scheme so that i can enable to get subsidized cylinder. but your LPG gas dealer M/s. Achutya Gas, Wright Town is not taking action for the same.

  45. Atul bhimsen Tambe Atul bhimsen Tambe
    December 28, 2014    

    I book the cylinder 4 days back and happy to get refill on time.but i had paid
    780 rs as cylinder price and not get subsidies at all.please solve my problem.

  46. benjira bibi benjira bibi
    December 30, 2014    

    I am a LPG Gas holder I haved booking on 25-11-2014&my order no 409573 but I can’t get my gas.
    I am heartfully request to you that please delivery my gas as soon as possible.

  47. Jerome Jerome
    December 30, 2014    

    Why Do You Have Such third Class Service across your organization? First of all I am disgusted to see that none of your telephone calls are operated – from the Distributor (Shravan Gas) to the Regional office (04426213914), headquarters (02222714516) and your 18002333555. It appears that this is the culture of your organization. I wanted to complain that Your Gas Distributor seems to be involving in stealing Gas from Cylinders. The Gas gets over fast and whenever I ask the Delivery boy to weigh the cylinder, He says that he does not have the weighing machine and it is in the office. Such Pathetic service

  48. uday kumar srivastava uday kumar srivastava
    December 30, 2014    

    Dear sir/mam,
    I am using Bharat gas in Gonda (U.P.)
    Consumer No: MGP41323354


    sorry to say but I wanna say that I am facing a very bad response regarding gas cylinder refilling from Bharat Gas.
    For detail, plz go thru below points:
    1. Till now (Dec’14) I’ve received only 5 cylinders against the policy of 9cylindrs.
    As I am in the requirement of cylinder and getting proprr on time response from Bharat Gas Team hence I have to fulfill my need by purchasing cylinder in in BLACK. it’s clear indication that Bharat Gas response is generating BLACK MARKET demand and compel their customer for the same.
    2. I’ve booked cylinder on 17/11/14, booking No.- 287366950. But till date struggling for getting my 6th cylinder. I’ve tried to launch complaint but no action till now. Below mention serial wise points are self explanatory:
    a) after wait of 3 weeks I tried to contact to your complaint booking contact Nos. on 9/12/14. Their response are as follows:
    * contact no. 9648325007 – switch off
    * contact no. 05262228110 – permanently out of service
    * contact no. 05262228113 – permanently out of service
    * contact no. 05368244044 – disconnected by other side without any conversation. (Call duration 2 sec)
    b) again tried on 21/12/14. No improvement in the situation of Bharat Gas contact Nos.
    c) contacted on Bharat Gas toll free No. (18002333555) on 21/12/14. Got a complaint no. (341958) with an assurance that issue will be resolved shortly.
    d) @ 5:13pm on 22/12/14 I received a SMS saying that issue resolved (no conversation with me & issue resolved, really strange). In SMS itself, it has been mentioned that “if not satisfied then SMS ‘CCSN’ on 9167500123.
    As instructed in SMS, I did SMS ‘CCSN’ on 9167500123 on same day (22/12/14) but no response till date.



    • uday kumar srivastava uday kumar srivastava
      December 30, 2014    

      (Complaint with some minor correction)

      Dear sir/madam,
      I am using Bharat gas in Gonda (U.P.)
      Consumer No: MGP41323354


      sorry to say but I wanna say that I am facing a very bad response regarding gas cylinder refilling from Bharat Gas.
      For detail, plz go thru below points:
      1. Till now (Dec’14) I’ve received only 5 cylinders against the policy of 9 cylindrs.
      As I am in the requirement of cylinder and not getting proper on time response from Bharat Gas Team hence I have to fulfill my need by purchasing cylinder in BLACK. it’s clear indication that Bharat Gas response is generating BLACK MARKET demand and compel their customer for the same.
      2. I’ve booked cylinder refill on 17/11/14, booking No.- 287366950. But till date struggling for getting my 6th cylinder. I’ve tried to launch complaint but no action till now. Below mention serial wise points are self explanatory:
      a) after wait of 3 weeks I tried to contact to your complaint booking contact Nos. on 9/12/14. Their response are as follows:
      * contact no. 9648325007 – switch off
      * contact no. 05262228110 – permanently out of service
      * contact no. 05262228113 – permanently out of service
      * contact no. 05368244044 – disconnected by other side without any conversation. (Call duration 2 sec)
      b) again tried on 21/12/14. No improvement in the situation of Bharat Gas contact Nos.
      c) contacted on Bharat Gas toll free No. (18002333555) on 21/12/14. Got a complaint no. (341958) with an assurance that issue will be resolved shortly.
      d) @ 5:13pm on 22/12/14 I received a SMS saying that issue resolved (no conversation with me & issue resolved, really strange). In SMS itself, it has been mentioned that “if not satisfied then SMS ‘CCSN’ on 9167500123.
      As instructed in SMS, I did SMS ‘CCSN’ on 9167500123 on same day (22/12/14) but no response till date.



  49. Rajesh Kumar Sinha Rajesh Kumar Sinha
    December 30, 2014    

    Complain against no supply of gas cylinder despite Online booking on 11.12.2014 and given reminders on 19 & 23.12.2014 to M/s.Gas GHAR . Chandauti.Gaya.
    My consumer No.- Vk-18062
    My Red.Address Flat No.-203
    Hind APPTT. MAGADH Colony,GAYA.

  50. Yoginder Pal Yoginder Pal
    December 31, 2014    

    My consumer number is 63472862, the cylinder delivered at my home is leake and when I am calling dealer no one is picking call and helping me. I tried to call the toll free number above but it was showing busy. My number is 9810348751.

    Please help!

    December 31, 2014    

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I Vishal Moyal Cons. No 000779 a regular customer of the bharat gas of the distributor Pragati Gas Agency, Bhilai (141346), when I went to submit the aadhar details to the office on 20 Dec 14 around 4 oclock the person setting over there asked me to drop the documents in the box kept out side the office, when I asked for the acknowledgement he said itni hi jaldi hai to head office se ya online se link karwa lo, ya phir 8-10 wait karo mobile pe message aa jayega link hone ka. after that I dropped the document in th box kept outside the office. This evening when I called to the office telephone no 07882271723 around 4.45 nobody picked up the phone ( this is the usual practice of the office staff not to pick up the phone and late delevary of the cylinder)
    I just want to know that my consumer number is linked with the AADHAAR or not. If not then when what sort of action you are going to take againt the distributor for the same.
    Thanking You
    Vishal Moyal,
    Assoc Prof , SSTC-SSITM, Bhilai
    9425685966 or 9827471005

    January 1, 2015    






    CONSUMER NO.- 4305
    MOB NO.- 09982537257 ,

  53. Bhawna Bhawna
    January 1, 2015    

    Hi my consumer no is 40532848, and my distributer name is Zaveri Gas service 12, Shrirang Sabde Marg, Siddharth Nagar, Goregaon West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400104, Indien
    +91 22 2872 2024
    my registration no is 313762778, booking done on 24th dec 2014, but i am still without my gas cylinder, each time i call up my above distributer, they tell me that it will be delivered today but the cylinder never comes.

  54. Ashok Rathee Ashok Rathee
    January 2, 2015    

    Dear sir
    My customer id 19437.
    I have ur gas connection in sonepat Haryana.from last 7 days i book my cyllender for refill but both time it rejected without any intimation.
    Today i again book my cyllender. Pls deliver my cyllender within 24 hrs. I have only 1 cyllender and facing lot of problems.

    Ashok Kumar Rathee

  55. Virender kumar Virender kumar
    January 2, 2015    

    I have booked LPG reference no. Is 314834031 on dated 25/12/2014 but till date I have not received But delivery msg received on 30/12/204
    I am facing this type of facilities many time so please look into this matter
    I hope you will take necessary step.

    My connection no. Is 3735
    Name mahesh chand
    Mob. 9911513327

  56. mohan.m mohan.m
    January 2, 2015    

    to manager bpcl gas . As i booked my refil on 21st december 2014 till yet i have not received the refil and i aproached the distibutor (Rohan gas agency) bangalore malleswaram but they are not responding properly pls solve my problem immediatly As both the cylinder are now empty pls solve this matter as soon as posible. consumer no: 9465

    • mohan.m mohan.m
      January 2, 2015    

      to manager bpcl gas . As i booked my refil on 21st december 2014 till yet i have not received the refil and i aproached the distibutor (Rohan gas agency) bangalore malleswaram but they are not responding properly pls solve my problem immediatly As both the cylinder are now empty pls solve this matter as soon as posible. consumer no: 9465

  57. Selvaraj R Selvaraj R
    January 2, 2015    

    Hi ,
    we have bharat gas connection for last 17 years. Gas connection name was different but address is same. Now how to i change the name for this connection. Please advise me. and what are the billing price to change name ??

    Selvaraj R

  58. Himanshu Jain Himanshu Jain
    January 4, 2015    

    I went to buy a new connection the has agency forced me to buy a gas stove with new connection. They said that it is compulsory to buy a gas stove with new connection. If you don’t want to buy a gas stove you won’t get the new gas connection.

    Please Help

    January 4, 2015    

    My consumer no. Is 34510340 in Krishna Gas agency. I’m complaining abt gas leakage from last 4-5 days but still no body turned out to attend this. Every one is giving one-anothers number but complaint is in attended yet. I have contacted 9711155101, 8750054615, 8750054608, 8750054610, 8750054603 but complaint is still in attended. Only I’m getting a new number, every time I do a phone call.
    Gas leakage complaint should be taken care on priority.

  60. monica kapur monica kapur
    January 6, 2015    

    hi, i am customer of your esteemed organisation with HEMKUNTH SAHIB vill kansal NAC NAYAGAON TEH. KHARAR. Refilling of cylinder is liking winning a battle from your distributor and they treat clients like slaves who have done something wrong by appling for refilling. First if by grace of god his mood is good he will be ask to come for cylinder and by all chance his mood will change once you reach his office and will say to come again as cylinder are. Are we living in dark ages where no booking system is available or as company we have given options to exploint customer. I am a house wife who try to save every penny for my family. i travel 10 kms to this dirty , filthy godown where if i am lucky will get cylinder which i am asked to pick from godown myself and carry it to my car of my own, which is almost half km away from car parking.
    Distributor i am talking about is 2 km away from chandigarh which is most organised city in country.
    How can your company allow such arrogant service be permitted and cancel his distributor licence.
    Why are we not starting any booking system for this distrbutor and delivery system when he is charging for everything.
    I am posting this compliant as per your system requirement but if matter is not resolved i will inform senior management or public greviance cell.

    Monica kapur

  61. Roopak Roopak
    January 9, 2015    

    Consumer no 20535 MD Enterprises shop no 4 vishal market Parmanand colony Delhi 110009
    Aadhaar Card is linked in bank account still not getting subsidy back also submitted all documents to the gas agency on 23 December 2014 slip no 785
    Mob no 9810253426

    January 10, 2015    

    Type of Complaint : Cash Subsidy related issues
    Description : Sir, Already we are buying a cylinder for Rs.401 up to December 2014. I received a cylinder on 07/01/2015 for Rs.705/-. In this bill subsidy mentioned as Rs.299.68. So Net price is Rs.405.32. Finally the cylinder price increased from 401 to 405.32. Why this price deviation?All petroleum products price falling down all over the world. Why it increases in India only? Please give me a suitable justification.

  63. ishwar kabra ishwar kabra
    January 10, 2015    

    Our Bharatgas Dealer says that it is compulsory to check your connection once in a year and sends his persons to check our connection and take charges Rs 75/- from us every year and says it is compulsion to them from Bharatgas Petroleum.

    Is it true because I am well educated and I know how to take care of stove and gas pipe??

    Please reply soon

  64. Krishan kumar Krishan kumar
    January 10, 2015    

    You don’t even pick the phone calls let alone resolve any issue. Why provide any complain or inquiry no if you don’t want to answer any call.

  65. deepak kale deepak kale
    January 12, 2015    

    I placed order for LPG on 27th dec 2014 .
    I also got subcide in my Bank account on 1st jan 2015.
    But still i dont got Cylinder .
    My distrubuter is : SHAHEED SHANKAR BHARAT GAS AGENCY(166874)
    Booking No: 316066617.
    Service was not porper from my distributer .
    My cell no : 9021685872.
    Please do needful asap.

  66. Hammad Tauqeer Hammad Tauqeer
    January 12, 2015    

    My consumer no 12868
    I am very disappointed with your pathetic service.I booked cylinder on 2 January 15 and status shows delivered on 9 January but still not I again booked tonight.
    So please deliver cylinder ASAP and do strict action against the agency owner.

    Thanks &Regards
    Tauqeer Ahmed

  67. ram hriday thakur ram hriday thakur
    January 13, 2015    

    My consumer no. Is 1252 . My lpg connection is in sadhu gas agency bajhpatti sitamarhi bihar. Sir i have not got ant cylinder about two &half month . The distributor is also not likelyhood to consumer , they use rough language even when they are wrong . Sir most of consumer are in problem because of dull management. It may be possible that they are scalping.

  68. ram hriday thakur ram hriday thakur
    January 13, 2015    

    My consumer no. Is 1252 . My lpg connection is in sadhu gas agency bajhpatti sitamarhi bihar. Sir i have not got any cylinder about two &half month . The distributor is also not likelyhood to consumer , they use rough language even when they are wrong . Sir most of consumer are in problem because of dull management. It may be possible that they are scalping.

  69. Sindu Manoj Sindu Manoj
    January 13, 2015    

    Dear Sir,

    I have booked my refill cylinder via E-mail on 10.11.2014 . My agency is Sini Gas Agencies, Ernakulam. Now till date they have not delivered the cylinder and after visiting the refill booking status I have come to know that it is written delivered on 07.01.2015 but not to me but some one else. We are using this bharat gas from say 1990 onwards which was in my father’s name now after his death I have changed the name to my name Sindu Manoj, Consumer No. 7065. To get them over telephone is very difficult (0484- 2310784/785). As their telephone is never answered. This is too far from my house. And I am not in a position to go there and complaint.

    Please be kind enough to help me. My telephone NO. 9400566530.

    Thank You

  70. ganesh malode ganesh malode
    January 13, 2015    

    Dear Sir,
    My consumer ID is 39239 since i have received only single cylinder after taking BPCL LPG connection ,and local agency M/s Padekar Gas agency refuse to give second cylinder after requesting them so many times in written and verbal but no response.

    Kindly requesing you to give me second cylinder.
    Thks and Regards,
    Ganesh Malode

    January 13, 2015    

    I ramesh mukhija from Hisar,consumer number 7987 booked the gas on 28/12/2014 from national gas agency ,Hisar.Booking number is 316982510,still gas cylinder not supplied by the agency.

  72. Rathin Mukherjee(Ex- Indian Air Force) Rathin Mukherjee(Ex- Indian Air Force)
    January 14, 2015    

    Sir ,
    I am a consumer of your valuable organization since my service life. On 2010 I retired from service and transfer the connection to Sree Krishna Gas Distributer, Shaktigarh, Burdwan, West Bengal bearing consumer no. 3340, where I was staying with my aged parents at my home town to look after them. But presently due to my re-employment I am far away from my home town leaving my parents alone as I am the only son. In this juncture I decided to transfer my connection to my father’s name so that they can pass their rest of the life peacefully using the LPG service. Therefore I submitted all the relevant documents along with transfer requisition form to the distributor long back. Promising look after the matter , the distributor now refusing to transfer the same saying there is no provision like that.

    Further I state that my parents has no LPG connection presently or before in their name. And any time your representative can inspect that my parents are staying alone without me.

    Therefore ,sir , my humble request to you please do the needful taking it on sympathetic ground, and instructed to the said distributor as soon as possible.

    I will be ever thankful to you for this kind consideration.

    Thanking you,sir.
    your’s faithfully,

    Rathin Mukherjee.
    Dated: 14-01-15

  73. durga sahu durga sahu
    January 14, 2015    

    I, durga sahu consumer number 66304703 , ctc link by dbtl system have done on 4/1/2015 . But still have not got the subsidy amount .in my bank account of andhra bank, bhabinipur branch.
    Reply soon.
    Ph no. 9439443368

  74. Vikas Baburao Shinde Vikas Baburao Shinde
    January 15, 2015    

    Transfar of subsidy of Rs 280.72 for LPG cylinder supplid vide cash memo no 403930 has failed
    Please quary by this massage clearied this amount not recived I am all ready submitd Aadhar no Bank & Deastubiter

  75. Rahul Kumar Gaur Rahul Kumar Gaur
    January 15, 2015    

    This mail is regarding blocked connection: I took the connection in Dec 2013 however I could not book any cylinder within next 10 months that results blocked connection.
    On Friday Jan 02 2015 I gave the application form along with KYC and bank details but the connection is still blocked.
    Please do the needful to unblock the connection.
    Details of the connection is given below:
    Consumer No.: 61868734
    Consumer name: Rahul Kumar Gaur


    January 15, 2015    

    My consumer number is 54647696. I want to know my 17 digit ID Number please.

  77. Rajeev Ghosh Rajeev Ghosh
    January 16, 2015    

    respected Sir/madam,
    My Name is Rajeev Ghosh and consumer number 53607573 with Vinayaka Bharat Gas ( Vignana nagar , Bangalore-37) Distributor code-183291
    from last Monday, there is a gas leak in my house and I tried to call the the agency so many times , but the number is always busy. The number printed in the invoice 41655292,41622073.
    Since the agency is quite far from my house, I tried to get help from some local gas technicians.
    Its a pathetic experience and I donot know why they gave the contact number when they donot pick up the phone . Do they expect that for some issues/inqueries ( related to local issue) we need to visit the agency instead of calling them.
    I also have my friends who also uses Vinayaka Agency faced the same problem,
    Please take care and ask them to atleast pick up the phone.

  78. maulik maulik
    January 16, 2015    

    shivam gas agency, chandlodiya is not giving any answers regarding late delivery of cylinder.
    no one is pick up the phone even.
    plz look after in this matter, customers have to suffer but they don’t care about that.

  79. Nazir Ahmad Kanth Nazir Ahmad Kanth
    January 17, 2015    

    payment of Rs.805/- paid for one gas cylinder but subsidy amount not credited to my bank account No.0204040100000475, J&K Bank Soura Srinagar till date. However, SMS with regard to subsidy having been credited to my account number has been received on 02/01/2015. Please do the needful and inform accordingly.

    Nazir Ahmad Kanth
    LPG Consumer No:65725699

  80. anil anil
    January 18, 2015    

    I booked refill cyclinder on 28.12.2014. I have not received cyclinder upto 15.1.2015. Then I again booked for refill. I want to know what happened about my booking dated 28.12.14.
    My consumer no.1457 NATIONAL GAS SERVICE HISAR
    Anil kumar verma
    19.Moti nagar Thandi Sarak Hisar
    Mob. 9896231224

  81. prajeesh prajeesh
    January 19, 2015    

    i do not get booking confirmation messages on the registered mobile no.
    Please fix asap.

  82. amitava baidya amitava baidya
    January 19, 2015    

    i booked my cylinder on dated 8.1.15. cylinder book no. 325110389. but till date not received my cylinder.

  83. awadhesh kumar srivastava awadhesh kumar srivastava
    January 19, 2015    

    I want to log a complaint about failure or receiving subsides on my acc. no.
    I have provided all information as asked correctly but hasnt been able to receive my susides,i have counter checked it with my distributer and bank.
    I kindly look into the matte. my con. no. is :56618090 and acc. no. is : 6252000100018481

  84. Sunil Tate Sunil Tate
    January 19, 2015    

    Dear Sir,

    Bhart Gas has transferred my Agency without my intimation.
    I well submitted DBTL document my earlier agency (Pragati Gas ).
    While transferring my connection to Arushi Agency DBTL document not submitted by Pragati Gas agency When I book my cylinder on 7/01/2015 my booking no. is 324239512 booking cleared up to 04/01/2015 and I wait till 10/01/2015 cylinder not delivered . When I called on 12/01/2015 Arushi Agency told me to submit the DBTL document. I told them to please contact with Pragati agency and for the same where I already submitted and gating the smart card. Till date I am not gating cylinder delivery . I follow with Mrs Poonam D. Rane she was not cooperated and ask me to re- book and submitted document to Arushi Agency. Today I book Cylinder Booking No. 332621243. I request you that I am suffering in your internal Mater . Not communicated for process and documentation handling while transferring the connection. I well take up the issue with Consumer form If Cylinder delivery not done in 2 days. You and your company well lay-baled to pay compensation of delay of delivery

    Sunil Tate
    +91 9975131113

    January 19, 2015    

    Sir’ my advance subcidy not credited in my a/c as i already enroll in dbt scheme my consumer no is 52749912

  86. Sathya Sathya
    January 20, 2015    

    hi , m grand father has a gas connection , but now he is no more , may i change that connection in my name nad i am not married

  87. Alok kr. gupta Alok kr. gupta
    January 20, 2015    

    The Gas agency lost my mandate form.4 and they are asking again for it. Is this their service they can’t hold a form properly and I can’t claim my gas cylinder.

    Gas agency – “Sona enterprises”
    Date for 1st mandate deposited- 22 dec 2014

    My mobile no. – 9839556030

    January 20, 2015    

    Sir i am very sorry to say about your ASHIRWAD GAS AGNECY PKL HARYANA that the agency has very poor service and very rough service . i had booked my gas on 07/01/2015 vide booking ref no. 324348080 and my gas cennection no. is 50243008. and i am tring to call him since last 5 to 6 days regular in 10 to 20 times a day but phone was busy or not reachable or many times my phone call was in q. almost 15 days has been passed and i am suffering this problem since last years and also they refused to door delivery. with the excuse that there have no cycle rikshaw. they has calling us for taking cylinder at 2 or 3 km away from my home.

    i am requesting to you that please take neccassary action against the agncy/LPG Distributor

    January 20, 2015    

    Sir i am very sorry to say about your ASHIRWAD GAS AGNECY PKL HARYANA that the agency has very poor service and very rough service . i had booked my gas on 07/01/2015 vide booking ref no. 324348080 and my gas cennection no. is 50243008. and i am tring to call him since last 5 to 6 days regular in 10 to 20 times a day but phone was busy or not reachable or many times my phone call was in q. almost 15 days has been passed and i am suffering this problem since last years and also they refused to door delivery. with the excuse that there have no cycle rikshaw. they has calling us for taking cylinder at 2 or 3 km away from my home.
    if you want to check their phone no’s then their phone no. is 0172-2580172 or 0172-2566915

    i am requesting to you that please take neccassary action against the agncy/LPG Distributor

    January 20, 2015    

    What should I pay for the transfer of the gas connection to my mother’s name instead of my late father’s name.its urgent as dealer is asking for lot of money tomorrow. Kindly reply at earliest

  91. Chandra Shaker pareek Chandra Shaker pareek
    January 21, 2015    

    My lpg refile book 17 january,2015 But no dilivery by distributer dausa rajasthan so please send me my lpg refile today….

  92. Govind Kumar Agarwal Govind Kumar Agarwal
    January 21, 2015    

    I have registered my Aadhar bank till date I have not recd.any subsidy in my bank a/c.

  93. Sunil kumar Sunil kumar
    January 22, 2015    

    My connection no 2245 applied near about 2 year but agency not providing me connection. They told me you can complain anywhere. I will provinding new connection but that’s falls. Agency providing new connection in Black. So pls request check it & control agency

  94. Veena Yadav Veena Yadav
    January 22, 2015    

    I have booked new gas connection on line on dated 09/01/2015 and got same registered at Chand’s Gas Service Railway Road Gurgaon. I got shocked, when the distributor told me that it will take 3 months to issue the new connection. Please confirm me is this the service Bharat Gas is providing to customers.

    veena yadav

    January 22, 2015    

    Not able to book refill.

    Regn no 1578

  96. Jean Ann Vollenweider Kingdom Jean Ann Vollenweider Kingdom
    January 22, 2015    

    Dear Sir / Madam
    Kindly advise me the procedure to change Distributer from Vijay Gas Service to Bandra Gas Service
    Thank You

  97. Dinesh Y Bhandarkar Dinesh Y Bhandarkar
    January 23, 2015    

    This is complaint against Bharat Gas distributor, Kalavati Gas distributors (Virar west-Mumbai). We booked for a refill on 10th January 2015 booking number being 326690612. Consumer Number is 14851. Till now the cylinder has not been delivered to us. It is more than 10 days now. You Bharat Gas is promising so many things why dont you improve your customer services?

    When will we get our delivery?

    Dinesh Bhandarkar

  98. vivek vivek
    January 24, 2015    

    my connection is manglam gas agency, noida .my consumer no.8830915….i have not recieved yet my gas cylinder…booking no. is 331180602…date of booking 17 jan 2015….t

  99. Sasi K Sasi K
    January 24, 2015    

    I am Sasi K. My name in bharatgas connection is incorrectly spelled as Shashi K,Con’s no. 45445.How can I get my name corrected? Since LPG connection needs to be connected to bank account, I am not able to open an account.

    • Sasi K Sasi K
      January 24, 2015    

      I am Sasi K. My name in bharatgas connection is incorrectly spelled as Shashi K,Con’s no. 45445.How can I get my name corrected? Since LPG connection needs to be connected to bank account, I am not able to open an account.

  100. Vijay Bhosle Vijay Bhosle
    January 27, 2015    

    My Gas no. is 70003033. After connecting new cylinder, gas is leaking through the cylinder. Smell is coming also noice (fuss…) is coming.
    Please replace the cylinder immediately as we have no other cylinder spare with us.

    Thanks & Regards
    Vijay Bhosle

  101. Thomas Thomas
    January 27, 2015    

    Krishna gas agency
    The customer service of this agency is not good and don’t attend to the calls even though they attend they keep the phone aside this is very much annoying pls attend this.
    Hope you will look into this.

    Thanking you

  102. anil paul anil paul
    January 27, 2015    

    my consumer no cell number ..9820055213
    name ..anil paul.
    your agency ..ramchandra gas agency ..does not pick up phone calls..

    two times in the past i have booked gas and cylinders have not been delivered !! today we have no gas at home ..been calling the agency ..the phones are not been answered..i plan to take a day off carry two gas cylinders and prioceed to the agency!!..need to have this matter sorted out..anil paul

    your a

    January 27, 2015    

    My father expired, kindly suggest to name change.

  104. Tanmoy Ghosh Tanmoy Ghosh
    January 27, 2015    

    I suffer to take a gas silinder from my delar. My delar is coldfild gas at jamuria , burdwan, West bengal. They are not give home delivary to a consumer I suffer. When I show them my online booking they are say that your booking was cancelled. Take a fresh booking. And this is happening many time. What I do this type of situation??? Pls let me know asap.

  105. Rajat Chakraborty Rajat Chakraborty
    January 28, 2015    

    My consumer # is 18333. The name of my distributor is Neeljyoti in Barasat. I booked a refill on 4-Jan-2015. Till date the refill has not been delivrede. When we are trying to reach out to the dealer through the various phone numbers (given in the customer receipt) we are either getting a busy tone or nobody is picking up the phone.

    Please help.

  106. Rupak Raja Rupak Raja
    January 28, 2015    

    am helpless as we are not getting gas delivery against the mobile booking of gas cylinders. While the distributor is saying ur booking had been cancelled automatically. First booking made on 11/01/2015 after automatic cancellation we made another booking. (Booking No-326810437; date 19/01/2015) but no delivery. After that i made a fresh booking after distributor suggestion and he made promise to me to deliver next day, but even after a week i have not received anything (Booking no-335737530, date 23/012015). Now the distributor is not picking the phone.
    However, six months before everything was very smooth. Now the service is pathetic and non reliable. Distributor has stopped picking the phone. That is very wrong, even if there is any emergency we dont believe our distributor will help in amyway.
    Lot of bad impression and very unethical and unprofessional way of working in a serious business….how long a person will make a booking????
    My distributor-
    Chitra Gas service (Code: 581703113530)
    Shop no 6A-Block mkt
    Sec-56, Noida

  107. jawahar atmaram shah jawahar atmaram shah
    January 28, 2015    

    Dear sirMy consumer no is 52730 and would like to inform that till date I have not received gas subsidy amount in my bank acount since past 15 days after delivery of cylinder. Request you to do the needful.
    jawahar shah

  108. Arindam Chatterjee Arindam Chatterjee
    January 30, 2015    

    My consumer number is 62619931 and it has been blocked about a month ago. I have submitted KYC form with proper proofs two weeks ago and have visited Satish & Company, G-2 Hauz Khas, New Delhi, four times till now but my connection is still blocked.

    Can I know by when it will be unblocked.


    Arindam +91 9654683886

  109. pawan kumar pawan kumar
    January 30, 2015    

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am Bharat gas customer since may 2014 I have submitted all document like aadhar card, bank account no and other document but gas agency not provide gas cylinder due to aadhar card not linked they are black the cylinder . bharat gas agency Village-Atali, tehsil-Ballabgarh, Faridabad ,Haryana-121004

    please suggested
    Pawan kumar
    Contact no-9999317399

  110. Naushad Ahmed Naushad Ahmed
    January 31, 2015    

    Dear Sir,
    I am a consumer of Bharat Gas since long, Connection is in my father name Mr Abdul Azaz, who expired last year now I want to transfer this connection in my name.
    I visit Varun Gas Agency in this regards, and they are demanding Rs 2300.00 for this, Is this under company rules to charges Rs 2300 for transfer in name of father to son.
    Pls let me know,

    Nausad Ahmed,
    S/O Lt Shri Abdul Azaz,
    Ph: 9871058350.
    Consumer no. 15075
    Varun Gas Agency, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi

  111. v m shingnapurkar v m shingnapurkar
    January 31, 2015    

    we are from pune having gas connection from gaurishankar gas agency

    consumer no 41055

    we are not interested in availing subsidy on the gas supplied by you

    will you pl guide us

  112. deepak sharma deepak sharma
    February 1, 2015    

    I applied for new gas connection in january 2015. I received mail on 9th january 2015 to go to the selected distrubutior with in 15 days period. I went to the distributor on 10 january and submit my documents properly and took a reciept from them.
    But yesterday i got a mail stating that my registration was cancelled due to not applying for connection with in 15 days.
    Plz verify with distributor and resolv it as i had applied for it the very next day on 10th january 2015.
    My request no is 13605012 and reg no i got from gas agency is 4028.

    February 2, 2015    


  114. Pinasish Samal Pinasish Samal
    February 3, 2015    

    Dear Sir,
    I have received only Rs. 317 in my bank account through my first booking after connecting my gas connection to my bank account(under DBTL scheme) though all of my neighbours got around Rs. 565 after booking. I am not getting any convenience response from your dealer after asking about this issue. Even your customer care number 18002333555 is also not reachable.Please check and confirm when I will receive the total amount. All the details are given below.

    Name- Pinasish Samal
    Consumer No- 62015837
    Distributor Name- M/s Matrukrupa Bharat Gas Gramin Vitarak
    Distributor’s code- 179694

    Waiting for your reply.

    February 3, 2015    

    Dear team

    I have apply for a new connection on dated 25/01/2015 and I get booking no 14176041.For availing the connection I personally visited at M/S Abha gas agency at meerut location along with my kyc documents. After waiting in a long line I reached to a person named Sunil who distributed the new connection he force me to buy hot plate and other product with new connection I told him that I already have an isi certified hot plate and I don’t need it and it is not obligatory to buy the same from you .and it clearly mention on notice board also .after that said person denied to provide me the connection. Then I ask him for complaint book the book was in a glass door person said that book is lock and he can not provide it.then he submitted my form and said our person will survey your hot plate and decide about connection. And missbehave with me.
    What is this????????????????????????????
    Is this quality of service bharat petroleum provide to their consumers
    These kind of persons are white elephants for company.
    Request you to kindly do the needful.

    Thanks & Regards
    Prashant Chaturvedi
    Mo. 9045828385

    February 3, 2015    

    I hope that responsible person will heap me for availing the new connection

  117. Lalit Pal Lalit Pal
    February 4, 2015    

    Dear Sir

    We would like know that if any body want new connection there is any rule or nessesery that you have to buy gas Stove with the connection from bharat gas.

    February 4, 2015    

    Request clarify if district to district transfer of gas connection empty cylinder to be deposit or not

  119. Ashok s. Jadhav Consumer No. 39168 Ashok s. Jadhav Consumer No. 39168
    February 4, 2015    

    Iam from Aurangabad ( M.S.) and C.No. 39168 and the name of the dealer is M/S.
    Vyankatesh Gag Agency Aurangabad ,
    I have booked gas on 25/1/2015 , booking No. is 336975644.
    I have not received refill till today.
    Thanking You
    Ashok Jadhav 9921816450

  120. Rajeshkumar Rajeshkumar
    February 5, 2015    

    My Barath gas consumer no. is 13059, my booking ref no. is 312229228 dt.22/12/14. Now pending for 45 days. No gas delivery. My complaint ref.No is 426758 dt.29/01/2015. My distributor is Kandarumadathil agencies, ollur, thrissur. Pls do the needful.

    February 5, 2015    

    Respected Sir,

    I am having an LPG connection of Bharath Gas, with M/s Sree Venkateswara Gas Agency, Thrissur. Myself and my wife are employed and away from home during day time on week days [Mon to SAT]. My children are studying out of state. During day time, on working days, our house will remain closed except Sunday/ Government holidays. Whenever we book Cylinders, we entrust the empty cylinder, Amount and Gas connection Book to my next door neighbour.

    In order to know the delivery schedule, – day and time, we used to make telephone call to the Gas Agency. It is regretted to inform that the Agency does not heed to our repeated calls. Many a time the Agency came to our area and returned without delivery due to the reason “Door Closed”, leaving no intimation. We have to book again and wait for another fortnight for delivery.. This gives troubles to us.

    In this connection, May I request you to give instruction to the Agency to kindly inform us the probable date of delivery either by a telephone call to our mobile number or a SMS so that we can entrust the empty cylinder, amount and Gas Pass Book to our neighbour.
    Seeking your valuable co operation

  122. prashant chaturvedi prashant chaturvedi
    February 5, 2015    

    Dear Team

    i have applied for a new connection on dated 25/01/2015 and get booking no.14176041 for availing the connection i personally visited ABHA GAS AGENCY at meerut location along with my kyc docs after waiting in a long line i meet person named sunil who distributed new connection he force me to buy hot plate and many other product with new connection with total cost of rs 5200. i told him that i already have an isi certified hot plate and i don’t need it and also told him that it not obligatory to buy the same from you .it is also mention on notice board also .after that he deny me to provide the connection and miss behave with me when i ask him about complaint book he say it is lock and he can’t provide the same,and submit my form and say our surveyor will visit at your place and inspected the hot plate if we found ok the we thought about the connection.
    what is this ????????????????????????????????
    is this kind of services bharat gas provide to their consumers
    please help me for availing the connection .and do the needful .

    Thanks & Regards
    Prashant Chaturvedi

  123. prashant chaturvedi prashant chaturvedi
    February 5, 2015    

    every body sleeping

  124. prashant chaturvedi prashant chaturvedi
    February 5, 2015    

    customer care no 18002333555 is totally useless

  125. prashant chaturvedi prashant chaturvedi
    February 5, 2015    

    no immediate action found

  126. avinash sahu avinash sahu
    February 6, 2015    

    My self Avinash Chadra Sahu.
    My Consume No – 58780955
    S V NO – 4047979990
    My Distributor Name – Sahkari Bharat Gas service, tartalla.
    Distributor Code – 137571.

    Sir last two months my distributor not giving me gas.I booked two times gas and so many complain but still not get any positive response nor any gas.
    Sir without gas too difficult to survive with family and children.

    I am sending with this mail all booking and complain details:

    1. Booking date – 1/1/2015
    Booking No – 319357408
    Regarding Complain –
    a – Complain No – 383364 date – 11/1/2015
    b – Complain No – 390681 date – 14/1/2015
    c – Complain No – 408901 date – 21/1/2015
    2. Booking Date – 27/1/2015
    Booking No – 338485241.

    Now my distributor are saying your connection is closed.

  127. Shyam Shyam
    February 7, 2015    

    I have to book a cyclinder and had to wait for 15+ days for its delivery and that gets delivered only when I talk to the manager Damodar there. The staff is arrogant especially Rajesh, Arjun ( who claims to be the head of Damodar as the person Ramya says so). In the month of Jan I did not book a cyclinder but the person came home with a cyclinder and I said him. I didn’t book but when I booked in February I receive a confirmation number saying it was cancelled. When I inquired by going at the gas office. They said it was for Jan booking. I said fine, I asked them who booked it when I didn’t do it. I did not receive a confirmation number or February booking. When I asked Ramya about the head office email address. They refrain from providing me…

    The staff Rajesh and Arjun are completely arrogant. You call there customer service no one picks the call. So, I had to visit the office and I didn’t find the manager there to complain.

  128. shahanaj shahanaj
    February 7, 2015    

    Iam booking gas on 2th feb,booking no is 343112891.but still not delivered my cylinder.please send me ….
    Thank u…

  129. Ram swaroop Ram swaroop
    February 8, 2015    

    I m written this on behalf of ram swaroop my father, our Bharat gas consumer no is 65073442 distributor rainbow had agency, cylinder was book on 22.01.15 but not received yet, we got SMS that cylender delivered on 05.02.15 same same I gave visited the agency and asked to check where cylender delivered if we have not received they assured me that cylender will be delivered in next few hours but not delivered yet, since 05.02.15 I m regularly speaking to agency and delivery man mahesh (9540620260) but they are not responding properly they always give some excuses e.i boy is on the way, will deliver soon, we don have cylender ect. Kindly look into and take some action so that they don’t do this in futur

    Son of ram swaroop

  130. benjira bibi benjira bibi
    February 8, 2015    

    Booking date-03/01/2015
    Booking no-435320
    No dalivery

  131. rupesh dabhi rupesh dabhi
    February 9, 2015    

    Consumer no 30823347 my name has given above and my cell number 9821513659
    On 31st of Jan we had booked cylinder so far we did not recieved as a commitment from exctive from distributor that we will recieved cylinder with 3 days but still we did nit but when I called them again the answer is they will checked with dilute tu men I di. Not understand the function of deliver producer either they are selling in black yo get more money or the. People who are working in office they are curropt.
    I’m expecting my issue should skive asap as I mm right with producer that I booked the cylinder leaugly if the thing will not change or not done as I’m expecting then I have to launched complaint to consumer court

  132. pradeepraj.n. pradeepraj.n.
    February 9, 2015    

    gas connection number; 25793. Name- Sindhu .K.N. Presently connection at Jothy agency,Tripunathura. It has been transferred to Rose Agency,Vaikom. Rose agency not accepting Voter ID as proof. Kindly instruct them to do the needful.
    Sindhu pradeepraj.

  133. Rakesh Kumar Rakesh Kumar
    February 9, 2015    

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    This is bring into your kind notice that I was booked my gas on 29/01/2015 but till now gas is not delivered to my home. Details is as under:

    Om Gas Agency
    Near Panni Nagar Sugar Mill, Buland Shahar

    Booking No. : 340007452
    Booking Date: 29/01/2015
    Consumer No.: 29874
    Cunsumer Name: Rakesh Kumar
    Address: H.No. -16, Mansarovar Colony, Buland Shahar (UP)

    Hence, you are requested to please, arrange to proper home delivery of gas as feasible.
    Thanking you,
    Rakesh Kumar
    Contact No. : +91-9675995394

  134. Bhushan Kulkarni Bhushan Kulkarni
    February 10, 2015    

    I Am trying to book a cylinder by giving misscall to the number provided by RATAN GAS, howerver, this is not working,
    ALso no one is responding to the phone call at RATAN GAS Rahatni, Pune.

  135. chirag jain chirag jain
    February 10, 2015    

    19 kg commercial cylinder is not available tO us from past 4 days how can thi. Happen when u r running a restaurant. Such kind of intolerance is not acceptable..,, pls do regarding this miss managment
    m a restaurant owner from bikaner
    my contact no 09660322222

    February 10, 2015    

    For more than 1 months has elapsed I have submitted all documents alongwith Form- IV for linking in DBTL scheme. But my distributor Bharat flames (sreemani market,kolkata) has still not linked me in spite of my repeated request. I have no other option . Please see to it with personal attention and link me within Feb’2015

    February 10, 2015    

    your agent: Barna Gas. nayagarh, odisha 752069.
    booking: date 2015 January 29, # 339978735.
    no supply yet.
    repeated requests: 3 on three different days
    given shop telephone # 06753252595 NOT responding.

  138. Syed Maroof Syed Maroof
    February 11, 2015    

    My LPG gas consumer no 9688 from Hyderabad this no blocked reason not submitting aadhar card its total voilition of supreme court verdict I have taken return confirmation from dealer reason behind block my consumer no 9688 and no response from your side please give clarification in this regard. Thanks
    With best regards
    Syed Maroof
    LPG I’d : 10000000022176991

  139. Samirendra Nath Bose Samirendra Nath Bose
    February 11, 2015    

    I booked a cylinder on 29th Jan, Today it got delivered. But on site it is showing that invoice has not been generated and it is under process. But today I received invoice for this.
    Moreover, I’m registered for DBTL. Today as per invoice I had to pay Rs.640+, but nothing came to my account. Don’t know what is happening.

    Called up twice between 7:10pm to 7:30pm to toll free no. 18002333555. Nobody picked up after choosing the language.

    Who can help on this? I need a clarification.

  140. Purna.Yeluri Purna.Yeluri
    February 12, 2015    

    Consumer No: 38591

    Worst People in the system – Damaging the reputation of “Revathi Gas agency / Bharath Gas”

    10-Jan-15 – Booked Refill Cylinder online
    19-Jan-15 – Revathi Gas Agencies (Mr.Venkat) claimed Door Locked.. But No Sticker on Door.
    Forced me to book Refill Cylinder Again.
    If it Door Locked where is the Proof of Visit, and They did not call on our mobile.
    There is not Re-attempt of Delivery Sign for this failure..

    7-Feb-15 – Re-Booked..
    11-Feb-15 – Revathi Gas Agencies (Mr.Venkat) claimed Door Locked.. But No Sticker on Door.
    Forcing me to book Refill Cylinder Again.
    If it Door Locked where is the Proof of Visit, and They did not call on our mobile.
    There is not Re-attempt of Delivery Sign for this failure..

    They were arrogant & asking me to negotiate with Delivery boy for all the issues..
    Why should I negotiate with delivery boy, when “Revathi Gas agency / Bharath Gas” office is there..

    What is the standard process, Bharath Gas to follow – If it’s really door locked.
    Like pasting Visiting Sticker / Follow up call??
    If nothing is there – Should I consider my Refills are being sold in Black market??

    I use 1 Refill for 4 Months – You guys are harassing me to deliver 4 cylinders for me in a year..
    I know there are lot of people outside, with out any follow up getting cylinders in Gray Market easier than me..

    I have great respect as an Organization on Bharath Gas, But There is Some real gap in between via Agency..
    If you are not friendly at this e-age, When do you really change..

    Please send the Refill immediately to my home on war foot..
    It’s completely the mess up created by your own group of people..

    I am not going to re-book for cylinder 3rd time for few foolish people in the system..

    Regards – Purna

  141. ani mahamuni ani mahamuni
    February 12, 2015    

    To whomever it may concern,
    The people of shreeram gas agency Vadgaon bk singhgad road Pune are very arrogant, irresponsible and lazy. My parent in laws have account there. They have done everything to connect the bank account to the gas account and have confirmation from bank as well. But those lazy people don’t want to update the same and asking for unnecessary documents and irrelevant questions. Plz take strong action against them so no one will do it to anyone especially older people.

    February 12, 2015    

    my booking no is 346534253 dated on 07-02-2015 @07:27 am bharat gas cylinder has been not dileverd yet….my gas no /consurmer no : A47839

    February 12, 2015    

    my booking no is 346534253 dated on 07-02-2015 @07:27 am bharat gas cylinder has been not dileverd yet….my gas no /consurmer no : A47839 AMBIKA GAS SERVICE opp.bhavani niketan sikar road jaipur PIN-302039

  144. Amit Gupta Amit Gupta
    February 12, 2015    

    I have not received my gas subsidi and my refund amount is pending why?

  145. Vidya Prakash Vidya Prakash
    February 12, 2015    

    My Gas subsidy by mistake close under consumer no. 36868 . So please help open & allow the Gas subsidy.

    Vidya Prakash

  146. faij ahemad faij ahemad
    February 13, 2015    

    Hi sir
    I’m faijahemad
    My father name mohammed gulam raool n.

    Complaint he mere dad ka gas ka name he vo unke son faijahemad ke name karna he to kya nahI hoyega

    February 13, 2015    

    One and half year back, I left Nashik city, Maharashtra and transferred to Kosamba, Gujarat. The Gas Cilinder of Bharat Gas was submitted to Nashik and Got the Transfer Voucher. However due to some or other reason, I was not able to avail the facility of new Cilinder against Transfer Voucher. Now I have requested Ms. Suvidha Gas Agancy, Rane Nagar, Nashik to renew the same and extend the validity period. But they denied to do the same. They told me that your connection is cancelled and you have to apply for new connection, which is very costly affairs. Please advise Ms. Suvidha Gas Agency , Nashik to do the needful in the matter

  148. Mrs. Nayan N. Rege Mrs. Nayan N. Rege
    February 13, 2015    

    We have a gas connection with Shreeram Gas Agency, Sinhagad Road, Pune. Gas connection no. 24941 (LPG ID : 1 0000 0000 3393 5290). We have a joint account with Bank of Maharashtra, Narhe Branch, Pune (A/c No. 68008044914). I am the First account holder in the bank and also the gas connection is registered in my name. I had submitted my Aadhar Card (No.235647149744) copy to Bank Of Maharashtra on 24th Jan 2015. I had submitted the bank passbook copy, Gas card copy & Aadhar card copy to the the distributor Shreeram Gas Agency on 27th Jan 2015. But still the linking has not happened between my LPG distributor and the bank. I have got a confirmation mail from the branch manager of the bank that the Aadhar linking to the bank account is already done. Also the status on the Bharat gas website shows that the Aadhar Card is linked to my LPG ID. What could be the issue now….why they are not getting interlinked with each other.

  149. Rishabh Rishabh
    February 13, 2015    

    The reliable gas service allahabad doesn’t picks any of their contact number and the dbtl enrolment is pending since 2month.. I have submitted the document and they said that it will be done in 3days.. The staff there behaves rudely with customers.. I have also done complaint but no solution have been provided

  150. S K Paul S K Paul
    February 13, 2015    

    I had booked on line my LPG cylinder on 22 Jan 2015. My booking No: is 335035947. My gas agency is Adhunik Gas , Jogiwala, Dehradun ( Uttarakhand). I have not received any intimation regarding the release or likely date of supply. On 30 Jan I rang up and was told that the gas would be supplied in a week’s time. I rang up again on 12 Feb and I have been told that it will take 2 more days. The agency is very difficult to contact on phone as most of the time their 4 contact numbers are switched off.

  151. Chameli Roy Chameli Roy
    February 13, 2015    

    Con. No.6405.Distributor. An and gas service,serampore,Hooghly.I have booked reffil on ivrs on 01.01.15, duly submitted form 1 to bank with aadhar and form2 to distributor, intimated the matter to sales officer mobile 9748417818.but till day not getting supply.pls solve

  152. Vikram Seth Vikram Seth
    February 13, 2015    

    My consumer number is 46850682 .
    I booked a cylinder through sms on 3rd Feb , got an ams giving Order Ref No as 343448560. The gas supply agency is Aravali Gas Service , Shop no 11 , Sector 40 , HUDA Market , Gurgaon , Haryana .
    Today is the 13th , but the cylinder is still not delivered , Aravali Gas number is coming constantly busy all of yesterday and today except one tine when someone picked up the call and immediately disconnected .
    Can I please know when the cylinder is being delivered ?

  153. pooja pooja
    February 13, 2015    

    Respected Sir/Mam,

    I was apply online new connection on 20-01-2015 and i got booking No. 14003117.
    When i went to agency with documents and confirmation latter which sent by you then HLRDC BHARAT GAS is refusing to connection. He told me you came after 2 months. I also complaint to your customer center and got complaint id 438844 but i don’t have get any response from your site.My online registration canceled by your system.

    registration details:
    Name:pooja devi
    Booking Number : 14003117
    Mother Name: meera devi

    So what’s your management and your service.
    I think your service is very poor like that case.

    Please help me.

    Pooja devi

  154. Aasim Noor Alam Aasim Noor Alam
    February 14, 2015    

    Dear Bharat Gas Employee,

    I visited one of Bharat Gas outlet in BTM Layout 1st Stage, Bangalore yesterday and response of the executive sitting there was so unprofessional and annoying. I have relocated from Gurgaon to Bangalore recently and wanted my connection address to be updated. I enquired about the same to the officer sitting there and he said, I have to pay 400 Rupees for some notary work. I ask why do I have to do that. He had no response for that. When I asked whether I will be getting the receipt of the payment, again he was not having any answer. Government is trying so hard to make things easier . However such employees of yours are becoming bottleneck for such implementation. Need you to take immediate action against such happenings.

    Thanks & Regards
    Aasim Noor Alam

  155. Indrani Chakrabarty Indrani Chakrabarty
    February 14, 2015    

    I have a Bharat Gas connection (Consumer No4979) Distributor M/S CookClean.of 80/A Bhupen Bose Avenue, Kolkata-700004.
    I have booked a Cyllinder on 20-1-15 (333007956)and confirmed by SMS on .No cyllinder has been delivered as yet and during our repeated visits we have been informed that the cyllinder has already been ‘issued’ and will be delivered in a day or two.This is going on for the last 10 days.Kindly inform me the status of my cyllinder and arrange for a prompt delivery.
    In this connection I would also like to state that during the delivery of my last cyllinder,the delivery man(Umesh) was demanding extra money for delivery.On refusing to pay,he had threatened to harass on future deliveries.I suspect this abnormal delay is a fallout of the incident.

  156. Kamal Kamal
    February 14, 2015    

    It is very unfortunate that I booked by refill on 24/01/2015 and till date I have not received the refill till date i.e. 14/02/2015. Contacted to the delivery boy to the manager of the showroom I got only assurances but not cylinder. This is the practice for last 5 to 6 months that delivery of the refill comes after 15 days.

  157. Kamal Kamal
    February 14, 2015    

    I am the customer of Durga Gas New Rohtak Road, my connection no. 3662 and mobile no. 9811810390. It is very unfortunate that I booked by refill on 24/01/2015 and till date I have not received the refill till date i.e. 14/02/2015. Contacted to the delivery boy to the manager of the showroom I got only assurances but not cylinder. This is the practice for last 5 to 6 months that delivery of the refill comes after 15 days.

  158. Karma Karma
    February 14, 2015    

    I have booked gas cylinder from consumer number 16976 (Karma) and it’s agency is Gautam Interprises, Dilshad Garden, Delhi. It’s booking number is 344436113. I have booked it on 4/02/2015 and i haven’t recieved it yet. My Aadhaar card is already sumbitted.

  159. Rabindra kumar Rabindra kumar
    February 15, 2015    

    Hi ,
    Referring to Cylinder Booking No-347482321 which i had booked over mobile auto booking.This is the 3rd time happening in a row in which whenever i booked thro auto booking , automatically status of booking changing to cancelled and i am forced to rebook again.
    PLease check it urgent.Again i booked online for this time….

  160. Umesh Kumar Umesh Kumar
    February 16, 2015    

    My customer No. is 18787. My refill booked on 8.2.2015 has not been delivered till date. Kindly help.

  161. Lakshmi Vikraman Lakshmi Vikraman
    February 16, 2015    


    To my utter misfortune & bad luck i got registered with Adharvaah Bharatgas Gramin Vitrak – Pudupakkam/Mambakkam, Chennai. I reside at Kolappakam, Vandallur, chennai.

    I get gas delivered after 15 days & more ( minimum time ) & that too after lots of arguements , followups & fooling around from the service provider. This leaves me with a lot of stress & dissatisfaction towards the service provider as well as with Bharath gas.

    The delivery man charges Rs.100 extra on top of all this (saying that the distance is too much).

    Everytime my gas cylinder needs a refill i am so disheartened & stressed that i need to get ready for an ordeal with this gas agency to get the same.

    Inspite of the technically competent online booking service & methods undertaken by Bharatgas service , why is this happening.

    I had booked gas on 3rd Feb 2015. Still i am yet to receive my refill.
    I have been following up with the agency everyday for the past one week .

    I am a deeply dissatisfied customer.

  162. S K Paul S K Paul
    February 16, 2015    

    I had booked on line for refill LPG on 22 Jan 2015. The consumer number is 32115951. The booking number is 335035947. There has been no intimation as to the date of supply or release of the cylinder on my registered Mob No: 9897012448. I rang up the agency on 30 Jan and was told that cylinder would be supplied after 1 week. On 12 Feb I rang them up again and was told of a further delay of 2 days. The agency’s phones are very difficult to reach as most of the time they are switched off. Is this the way a computerised system works ?. Or do I have to report to the higher authority? Col Paul .

  163. Indranil Ghosh Indranil Ghosh
    February 16, 2015    

    My consumer no is K-29138, Distributer is Kitchen Aid, I’ve booked a cylinder on 05 Jan 2015, Cylinder not received till 16 Feb 2015. Please do the needful

  164. Randhir Singh Taver Randhir Singh Taver
    February 17, 2015    

    I did not receive subcidy of february.
    Gas no. 36316 Gas connection at JAI HARSH BAHUGUNA GAS AGENCY sector 22 Noida. Pl intimate the reason.
    Randhir singh Taver

  165. Ambrish Kumar Sharma Ambrish Kumar Sharma
    February 17, 2015    

    om gas agency bulandshahr gas agency cannot supply gas to their customer our gas has booked on 30-1-15 and it is dilvered also but not send to us booking no. is 336129287 sir please take action against him.

  166. Nathu lal raw Nathu lal raw
    February 17, 2015    

    Respected sir
    My consumer 30210884 at chamunda bharat gas agency bhilwara rajasthan.

    Sir I did not receive subsidiary amount in my bank account.
    Please check the status and reply as your convenience.

  167. Arijit Chanda Arijit Chanda
    February 17, 2015    

    Cylinder booking reference 34007909, booked on 29.1.15 has not been delivered till date i.e. 18.02.15.

  168. Arijit Chanda Arijit Chanda
    February 17, 2015    

    Complaint Date : 18/02/2015
    Complaint Type : Delay in refill supply
    Consumer No : 26698
    Location Description : Garia
    Complaint Description : My booking reference 340079091dated 29/01/2015 is yet to be delivered.
    Distributor : TOLLY FLAME (112369)
    Complaint Location : KOLKATA, West Bengal

  169. sandesh mande sandesh mande
    February 17, 2015    

    Respected Sir,
    I booked my cylinder on 23rd Jan.15 But my agency Shriram Gas agency, Sinhagad Rd., Pune didn’t give cylinder because of adhhar no linked. Though I submit adhhar in my bank but agency said we didn’t get document from bank. so he denied. Bank said that he cant stop cylinder. we go by our procedure. Pune collector also give order in Sakal news paper that no agency hold the customer cylinder. Your agency (Shriram gas agency) quarrel and argued with many peoples and denied cylinder. I request you to kindly take action against the agency & told him to give cylinders many peoples waiting for.
    Thanking you. Sandesh Mande :9860303637

    February 17, 2015    

    Ihave applied for surrender of my LPG SUBSIDY.Kndly inform me whether my requested has been accepted.
    my consumer 13436

    February 17, 2015    

    plz call con no 18397

    February 17, 2015    

    call con no 18397

    February 17, 2015    

    con no 18397
    bora gas agg

  174. Abhishek Tyagi Abhishek Tyagi
    February 18, 2015    

    Your Complaint No- 18002333555 Never worked ii am trying from last 1 Hour
    Please Arrange A Call For Me-9717207088
    My LPG ID Is-10000000057759926
    IAm Not Getting Subsidy From Last 1 Months
    I Already Updated My New Bank Details 2 Times
    To My Gas Distributor And Bank Also
    But In Your records Status Showing Of Old Bank

  175. Kisshor Tanwani Kisshor Tanwani
    February 18, 2015    

    My consumer no is 124494 had booked a cylinder on 09/02/2015 and is showing delivered on 15/02/2015..
    Order ref no 347888738
    However i didnt receive any cylinder yet ..
    Tried getting in touch with distributor but no one answers d call..
    Just wandering whereas cylinder showing delivered has been black marketed while m waiting for mine..
    Need a reply with ATR..

  176. Debashish Gupta Debashish Gupta
    February 18, 2015    

    I am staying in SAIL City, Ranchi. I have been provided piped gas connection by paying installation charges of Rs. 25773.00 to the builder of SAIL City. The piped gas from BPCL bank of cylinders is available, although, no consumer number from the agency of BPCL has been provided. The builder has put up a bill with consumer no. 0052 at a rate of Rs. 29.85 per kg and VAT of 5% for a consumption of 7.91 kg amounting to Rs. 248.00 which I have paid. I wish to have all authentic documentation from the gas agency of BPCL. Secondly, the installation of the LPG bank is kept at the ground floor of alternate residential buildings which is a safety issue. BPCL may please check the installation and provide proper documentation and consumer number for the piped gas connection.

  177. javeed shariff javeed shariff
    February 18, 2015    

    i would like to inform u that i have a bharat gas connection in vellore from your distributor sri venkateeshwara agencies by a consumer number 4143 and LPG no 1 0000 0000 4855 4187 now i want to give my aadhar number and bank details and book a refill but the distributor is saying that it is in blocked list so i cant get a refill or update with aadhar and bank details
    please do the needful and unblock my number for futher use of my connection

    with regards

  178. yathish kumar. R yathish kumar. R
    February 18, 2015    

    Hello Sir,
    I am Yathish Kumar from Bangalore. I am a consumer of Bharat gas, from Ms. MSD Agency, Prakashnagar, Bangalore-560021. They are demanding Rs. 30-Rs 50 for delivery charge and they are not delivering the cylinder and reports as door locked. We are facing the problems since 6 months. We have complained to the Agency, but the workers never cared and insisting us to pay Rs. 30 to Rs. 50 and also states that it is mandatory to pay delivery charges. Hope, you look into the matter and do a favor.

  179. S M Khan S M Khan
    February 19, 2015    

    Consumer no.39370
    Aadhar no.273212582943
    Subsidy amount has not been credited in my bank account.

  180. Mr. Ajay Bhargava Mr. Ajay Bhargava
    February 19, 2015    

    Dear Sir,
    Please refer to my booking no: 332376597 dt: 19.01.15 for consumer number 19235. Today is 19.02.15 and the cylinder has not been delivered till date.
    I enquired about the status today and received an SMS from you that the gas was delivered on 31/1/15/ . I fear that the gas might have been sold in black market.
    Pl. inquire and take appropriate action. Pl. also organize delivery of cylinder to me at the earliest since my first cylinder is empty and am unable to cook food on gas.
    Last delivery made to me was 6/12/2014 vide receipt number : 12695192

  181. Abhijit Abhijit
    February 19, 2015    

    Dear Sir,

    This is to inform you that, i haven’t received the refund amount(of Jan and Feb 2015) for subsidized gas cylinder as per gov rule.
    Kindly let me knowwhy there is a delay in processing the refund amount to my registered bank account number.

    Awaitng your response.

  182. Mohd Ali Mohd Ali
    February 19, 2015    

    Dealer wants 200 rupees for issue new gas book.
    please guide the right way.

  183. sunanda naik sunanda naik
    February 20, 2015    

    I am a bharat domestic gas consumer for the last 45 years!,I had absolutely no problem so far,but lately when I have become old I am facing unnessesry mental torture.Now I am residing in bangalore my consumer number is 39771,when I requested for a cylinder yesterday at balaji gas co. in mathikere they refused my request on flimsy grounds, that my name on the bank cheque sheet which I submitted
    did not have my name first in my joint account with my husband,I have applied for my stupid adhaar card,which is another headache.but I am at a loss to know why my
    request was turned down.This is the first time I am denied a gas cylinder request.
    I request you please advise the outlet to consider my request for a gas cylinder to this old and ailing (with cardio myopathy).
    thank you
    sunanda naik
    consumer number 39771

  184. Manjusha Misra Manjusha Misra
    February 20, 2015    

    I have applied online for a new connection (booking No. 14708165 dated 10/2/2015) and received a prompt reply informing me that I have been offered a connection and must take my documents to the distributor within 15 days. I have submitted my documents on the 12th Feb2015, but have not received any response.
    I request that I should be informed how long it will take for the distributor to give me a connection, so that I am able to explore other options, if needed.

  185. sudha sudha
    February 20, 2015    

    I am a resident of Bangalore and get my supply from Madam Enterprise, Madivala. Their delivery is too poor. The staff are very non-cooperative, arrogant and rude. They unnecessarily delay the delivery even up to a month.

    February 21, 2015    

    Dear Concern,

    I booked my LPG cylinder on 17/02/2015 with consumer no-AP26988 from Jai Harsh Bahuguna Agency Sector-22 Noida via Registered mobile no-9990590642 with booking no-354199872 and for same message is received from BPLGAS it mentioned that distributor cleared the booking up to-13/02/2015.For clearance of Booking Number we reached the spot decided by Distributor but Distributor declined the same by giving reason same is cancelled.Please clarify how it is possible the booking is cancelled when he cleared the booking upto-13/02/2015 for gas booked on 17/02/2015.Please justify the reason for cancellation and do the needful on urgent basis.

  187. Rajesh Kumar Rajesh Kumar
    February 21, 2015    

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please note that we are regular customer of Bharat Gas as per booking we are booked OPT (Out of Subsidy) by mistake. Kindly note below following details of My Gas connection.
    Consumer No.:34138615
    Consumer Name : Rajesh Kumar
    Distributor Name: Dev Shanti Bharat Gas Agency Bahjoi(Sambhal)202410

    I am totally disappointing from bharat petroleum LPG concerns responds also from distributor. I have checked online portal and found that non-subsidy consumer service activated on 21 January, 2015.
    I humbly request you kindly de-active by wrong booking OPT Scroll of Honour.
    Thank you.
    Rajesh Kumar
    Arya Samaj Road Bahjoi

  188. laxman Behera laxman Behera
    February 21, 2015    

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to inform you that i have booked for Gas cylynder on dt.07.02.2015-Booking no-346621016.Till now we are not getting cylinder. Kindly Help us.

  189. anup mittal anup mittal
    February 21, 2015    

    I am new customer of bharat gas but my experience is very bad with ur services. Ur dist. Sagar gas agency in Banswara district in Rajasthan is very very bad. No proper setup in office and sufficient staff for customers. Present staff is very vulgar and poor. I take new connection in Dec 14 and I book refill two times but not delivery yet. No any one response. All ur customer in Banswara are dissatisfied ur services. I try to make call ur officer in banswara but he did not receive call. Sorry but it true,pls take necessary actions again if dealer.

  190. SP Singh SP Singh
    February 21, 2015    

    I have booked my refill on 19 Feb 2015 at UG GAS SERVICE. Vide
    delivered on 21 Feb 2015 Vide cash memo no.390552. while making the delivery to my daughter due to my absence. The delivery man first of all denied to show the cash memo to my daughter and asked for the payment of Rs.660/- in response to this she asked to show the cash memo but he didn’t. Due to this she made him the payment of Rs.660/- after making the payment, he handed over the cash memo to her and it consist only the amount of Rs.618/-. Is this permitted to take extra money for home delivery ?
    Kindly,take necessary action for the above matter.
    Thanking you.
    S.P Singh
    Con. no.368532
    Mob. 9969492180

  191. February 23, 2015    

    मेरा नाम सोनिया पटेल हैं मेरा मोबाइल न. बदल वाने के लिए 06/०२/२०१५ को
    आवेदन दिया था लेकिन आज २३/०२/2015 तक कोई भी परिराम नहीं आया,

    एजेंसी का नो ०७५१-२२३५२०० श्री विनायक भारत गैस एजेंसी मोरार ग्वालियर (म.प.)

    एजेंसी पर फोन करने पर फ़ोन उठाते नहीं है , आप भी प्रयास कर सकते है, बद्तमीज से बात करते है बोलते है की अब आपके पास सिलिंडर १०-२० भेज देंगंे, कृपया कार्यवाही करने की कृपा करे

    सोनिया पटेल

    February 24, 2015    

    Dear, sir
    i book my gas online but when we reach there for my gas delivery . distributor deny for give us gas while we have massage from bharat gas

    customer name…..Deepak Ray
    mob… 9837026147
    consumer no…… 10371665
    booking no…….356115024
    agency name … puspak gas agencies

    plz. take action urgently

  193. neeraj neeraj
    February 24, 2015    

    The Concern Authority/Officer,
    Dear Sir,
    I Neeraj Tandon R/o. 16/7A, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi-18, do here by request your office that our LPG distributor M/s. Minlind Gas Agency, Keshopur, New Delhi (West Area) is not cooperating to us regarding issue of subsidy matter. My mother being a senior citizen visited personally to this distributor but staff is very rude and not responding in a proper way to an elderly lady. I request to take necessary steps in this regard, so that our work done without any harassment.
    Our Address: 16/7-A, TILAK NAGAR, NEW DELHI-18
    PHONE : 9968669433

  194. Harish Vasant Samant Harish Vasant Samant
    February 25, 2015    

    Iam Mr. Harish V Samant S/O. Late Vasant K. Samant ( consumer no. 36270 ) request you to change gas connection to my name as my father (Late Vasant K.Samant) was passed away on 06/05/2013. I am Submitted application along with all necessary documents to our Bharat Gas Distributor M/S. U.G. Gas Services ( Code no. 371730) on 03 / 01 / 2014. Still today, iam waiting for change of name to my account. Distributor cleared that such a delay due to correction in S.V. from your side.
    So ,I request you to look in to this matter & change gas connection to my name as early as possible so that I can avail benefit of LPG Subsidy ( DBTL ) Scheme.
    Also I want to know how much amount require to deposite for such transection.

    Thanks & Regards

    ( Harish V. Samant )

  195. Revathi A Revathi A
    February 26, 2015    

    Book Number 347509714 dated 08.02.2015. Not yet supplied.

  196. medical officer PHC Mudagandur medical officer PHC Mudagandur
    February 26, 2015    

    our gas connection is been locked from more then a month asking the officials did not yield any results so pls do needful and pls unlock our gas connection so that patient do not suffer of their basic needs.
    Our Gas Customer No – 36468

  197. bhaskar raman bhaskar raman
    February 26, 2015    

    i have booked my lpg on 07-02-2015 but till date i have not received the cylinder
    consumer id 65233902
    agency code 115684

  198. G.Giftson Samuel G.Giftson Samuel
    February 26, 2015    

    Dear Sir,

    I have already submitted a complain on feb 24 with ref no 485624. Till today i didnt received any replay.

  199. ramesh kumar ramesh kumar
    February 26, 2015    

    Connection is blocked. To unblock the conection ,
    the required papers has been submitted.15 days has been passed
    Nothing has been done.

  200. ramesh kumar ramesh kumar
    February 26, 2015    

    Conection blocked. Required papers has been submitted but nothing
    Has been done till now.
    Consumer no. 55900290
    Bharat gas. Budhlada distt. Mansa ( punjab)

  201. Jain nilam ASHOK Jain nilam ASHOK
    February 27, 2015    

    booking cylinder delivered some other place.
    i can’t get my booking cylinder.
    i hv call somany time to delar
    no phone Consumer no 58912238
    pl give me reply.

  202. tarun jain auto parts tarun jain auto parts
    February 27, 2015    

    my consumer no is – 62793789
    PHONE NUMBER – 9818690691

  203. G Narsingh G Narsingh
    February 28, 2015    

    Non Delivery of LPG Gas Cylinder By M/s Murari Gas Company,Raipur against ID No 26197 in the name of G Narsingh.

    They are cancelling the booking each & every time & not sending the Home delivery for the gases

    G Narsingh

  204. vishal vishal
    February 28, 2015    

    our gas cylinder is not delivered on time
    our a/c no is
    this was booked on 9/2/2015. and not delivered.

  205. vishal vishal
    February 28, 2015    

    our gas cylinder is not delivered on time
    our a/c no is 8329
    this was booked on 9/2/2015. and not delivered.

  206. Shaveena Shaveena
    March 1, 2015    

    Dear sir, /Ma, m,
    MY BOOKING REFERENCE NO 346692823.Of 20 Jan 2015
    And SECOND BOOKING REFERENCE NO. 358257897 OF 23 FEB 2015,
    BOOKING THROUGH Registered no 9808440533.
    When that I recevied a sms on 1 march 2015, Booking ref. 358257897 LPG cylinder deliverered on 28 feb 2015,
    But where is delivery ?.I have not received any delivery last two month.
    Kindly take positive initiative in my favor.

    Consumer No, 22984

  207. Meera neelakantan Meera neelakantan
    March 1, 2015    

    Booked gas refill on 23-01-2015. Consumer number 34255270 .at Mahalasa bharatgas Sarjapur, Bangalore. Not received refill till date.

  208. Amit Goel Amit Goel
    March 2, 2015    

    my cylinder is booked on 11-02-2015 but yet not delivered. on transparecy portal it is showing delivered on 25-02-2015.
    i also have file saved with me which shows that cylinder was delivered to me on 25002-2015 but in reality it was not delivered and still due

  209. Amit Goel Amit Goel
    March 2, 2015    

    consumer no. 645801974

  210. Anuradha Majumder Anuradha Majumder
    March 3, 2015    

    Horrible customer care service by Bharat Gas…the toll free number no one gives assistance…and as it claims 24×7 help which is wrong…u are kept on hold for 10 /15 minutes and line disconnects…

    Dont write that it will b handled by professionals as u are unable to do it

    Its terrible trying to contact u or your distributors who also dont answer the calls.

  211. Smruti Ranjan Das Smruti Ranjan Das
    March 3, 2015    

    Hi Team,
    I HV booked LPG gas from 7th Feb 2015. but still not received any cylinder. plz help me.
    my consumer I’d 53813616.
    Mobile no-8826292022.

  212. satpal satpal
    March 4, 2015    

    Respected sir/madam,
    I have online applied for new LPG connection with W/L ID 15350546 and you confirm the connection on 1 Feb 15 by e-mail. But when i approached to “sushil gas service” bahadurgarh for connection they told that they will not give connection on this online application, this is not valid and we will start giving connection from 01 Apr with offline method only.When i approached third time to distributor they kept my KYC form and all other documents without seen anything and told to us that don’t tell to anybody about this and we will call us after 15 days. But as per your policy after 15 days my online application will be rejected. We don’t know why the distributor is refused to give connection when it is approved by the BPCL authorities. Sir you are requested to kindly advise me how I can get the connection.
    Thanks a lot……..

  213. Vicky Kadam Vicky Kadam
    March 4, 2015    

    Dear sir/madam

    I would like to inform that we booked for gas cylinder 20 days back but still we didn’t received any gas cylinder till day. When we ask for the same in distributor’s office and one day before that lady told us that you will get gas cylinder by on 3rd march 2015 we wait till but we didn’t received gas cylinder on that day. On next day we make a call and asked for the same but that lady was telling that you have not booked gas cylinder. Such kind of answer we dont accept from you people. This will affect your organisation . So please take strict action against that lady employee .
    Ditributor address: Govandi Mumbai.

  214. Krishan Singh Krishan Singh
    March 4, 2015    

    My Name is Krishan Singh and my Customer Book No-3133 and i am customer of Kaushik gas agency, arvind enclave, nangloi, delhi-41. dear sir, i am inform you that my booking cylinder was not come my home town address last 18 months. i am always arrange my cylinder with going to Mundka godam every time i am booking cylinder but not come my address i am many complaints of kaushik gas agency but not any action of my complaints. so please solve my problem urgently. Thanks My Contact No is 9560427483 and my email id is

  215. Kalpna Sharma Kalpna Sharma
    March 4, 2015    

    Is there any option to check the status of complaint registered Bharat Gas.Although
    after registering complaint ,a complaint no. gets generated but where to see its status?

  216. Amol Khiste Amol Khiste
    March 4, 2015    

    I am a Bharat Gas customer. My consumer no.: 64686432. My distributor is Gaurishankar Gas Agency, Pune, Maharashtra.
    I registered for linking my 17-digit LPG ID with my bank (SBI) for Pahal (DBTL) scheme more than 2 weeks back. But my status is still shown as Yellow with remarks: “Your request for seeding Bank Mandate is under processing with Distributor. “.

    Can you please check with the distributor to resolve this issue?

  217. Krishna Kumar VS Krishna Kumar VS
    March 5, 2015    
  218. sugandh kumari sugandh kumari
    March 6, 2015    

    Please help….
    I am totally disappointing from bharat petroleum LPG concern’s responds and also from distributor. I have checked online portal and found that non-subsidy consumer service activated on Jan-15 by mistake. I have given LPG delivery request on 12th Feb and on15Feb distributor responded that you have activated non-subsidy consumer category . I am not to brought gas cylinder in double price from distributor because i am belongs to a low middle class family. Therefore it is highly improbable for any person to opt out by mistake as there are so many steps before one could opt out. As per the present policy, once a
    customer opts out of subsidy, there is no option to revert back to subsidized cylinder for next one year. Nobody does not wants to de-activate getting its better facilities.
    So requesting you to kindly go through it and take immediately action for deactivate this worst facility from my gas connection to make normal people
    happiness. I hope to hear you all from soon with support.

    Kindly note below following details of My Gas connection

    Consumer No.: 34138615
    Consumer Name: RAJESH KUMAR
    Distributor Name: DEV SHANTI BHARAT GAS Agency Narayan Tola Bahjoi Distt. Sambhal -202410, U.P.

    Thanks & Requestor
    Rajesh Kumar
    Arya Samaj Road Bahjoi(Sambhal)U.P.
    E-mail Id-

  219. Rohit Pandit Rohit Pandit
    March 7, 2015    

    Dear Sir,
    A cyllinder was booked on 24th Feb 2015 . The booking no. was 378698291. When asked today the distributor told that the deliveryman was approached to my home on 03 March 2015. In fact my house was open full day , nobody came nor they have affixed any intimation label on door. They are asking me to book another refill. I am suspicious that my cylinder might have sold in open market. PLEASE ENQUIRE IN TO MATTER AND CONFIRM ME AT YOUR EARLIEST.

  220. Kartik Kartik
    March 7, 2015    

    Dear Sir,
    I am one of your customers with the Ghodbunder Road Branch, Thane. I want to lodge a complaint against the staff of the branch.
    We have 2 Gas Cyinders with us which last for hardly a month. So, we make it a point to register for a cylinder after 20 days. Hoping that we would get it within 5 days. We have been waiting for a cylinder for almost 3 months now. But, still there is no sign of the cylinder delivery.
    On top of this, when we quizzed the staff members about the delay, they started speaking rudely. When we told them to please check the records on the computer. They flatly refused. I, even, wanted to lodge complaint on the helpline number provided on the site. But the call got disconnected after almost getting there to talk to the executive representative.
    Sir, I come from a humble family and want this thing to stop. I beg for your assistance.

    (P.S : If you want my contact number or customer number please get a person with authority to contact me. Thanks.)

  221. Mahesh Kumar Mahesh Kumar
    March 8, 2015    

    How to apply online gas booking, Please guide me & send me format.
    Thanks & Regards

  222. Abhinav Toorray Abhinav Toorray
    March 9, 2015    

    My Bharat Gas account was blocked and I submitted the form for reactivation as per process on February 20, 2015. Till date my account is inactive and I am unable to book a refill cylinder. I have visited the distributor (Natraj Gas in Kothrud Pune) numerous times and all they say is to check the status after few days without any time lines.
    Consumer No. 54156
    Name: Abhinav Toorray
    Distributor: Natraj Gas, Kothrud, Pune
    Connection Type: Domestic

  223. Rajesh Kumar Rajesh Kumar
    March 9, 2015    


    We are residing in chennai and using Bharat Gas for more than twenty years now. Recently, method to request for a new gas cylinder has been changed. The local gas agency is mis-using the method greatly. Most times, we send an SMS and get a confirmation. Later we get a delivered SMS, but we do not get the cylinder. When we tried calling and checking, they are answering very carelessly. And only after multiple calls, we have been getting our cylinder. This month we received a SMS stating it as been delivered on 28-Feb-2015, but till date we have not received it.

    Help regulate this process and receive cylinders on time.

    Local Gas Agency: Soumiya Gas Agency
    Area: Mylapore
    City: Chennai,TN

    This is actually creating a bad name in our cirle for Bharath Gas itself.


    March 9, 2015    


    March 10, 2015    

    Hi all
    I have a query regarding the transfer of gas connection.
    My customer no- 63600574
    My mobile no – 9900264376
    Present distributor – Sree raksha gas agency, Hebbagodi,Bangalore-99,karnataka

    I am getting transferred to Thrissur (kerala) in the month of May. How to go about the connection transfer to that place.What is the documentations required.Is it necessary to surrender the cylinders which I am using presently or can I carry the cylinders along with me?

    Kindly provide me the details as soon as possible…

    March 10, 2015    


  227. paturde paturde
    March 10, 2015    

    We book cylender on 10 Feb
    Still waiting for it
    I called them many times
    How much time it will take?
    Last time they said they are sending today but didn’t.

  228. Himanshu Himanshu
    March 10, 2015    

    Hi there,

    I visited the outlet today near by my home named “HLRDC BHARAT GAS” address – 2J/129 NH 2 NIT FARIDABAD, HARYANA 121001
    I asked for the new connection but they are saying to provide it after 3 months. Could i know the reason why will i get it after 3 months and they are not ready to listen even.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks & Regards,

  229. Ranjeet Kumar Ranjeet Kumar
    March 10, 2015    

    Dear sir ,
    I hv booked Bharat Gas cylinder (Agency : engineer enterprise limited ) three times ( ref no – 321999449 , 341302922 , 359266386 ) and cylinder been delivered and after some days got msg subsidy amount been deposited in your ac number but shockingly all the times nothing else been deposited and for the same I hv marked the complaint in local gas agency but they hv not taken any action . Sir plz advise me what should I do next. Sir something happening wrong that’s why they r not taking any action.

  230. Amita Patra Amita Patra
    March 11, 2015    

    Dear Service provider,

    Please note; I have booked my cylinder (refill) almost 10 days ago.
    I paid a visit after 5-6 days to know the reason for delay and to collect the cylinder from the agency (as delivery was delaying). But I got the information that they do not have any filled cylinder on that day and convinced me to call on a Mob no i.e. 7838254273. But the person did not respond to my phone calls. I could manage to speak to a person on 9th March 2015 in the evening and he asked me to call in the morning. but he never picks up my call since that day neither the cylinder has been delivered till today.

    How can a customer know the status when the service provider is not responding to the Customer?

    Can you please look in to this matter.

    Thanks & Regards,

  231. Manoj Kumar Dawar Manoj Kumar Dawar
    March 11, 2015    

    On booking of gas cylinder on dt. 21.2.15 with ref. No. 357133544 but till date 11.3.15 I have not received our gas cylinder. I have also submitted the aadhar card No. in gas agncy M/S Sunny Gas Service vide dt. 13.12.14. Gas agency again and again wanted aadhar card No. and they not given the complaint Book to me and misbehave with us .

  232. Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar
    March 11, 2015    

    First, I already lodged a complaint and complaint No. 513011. I never got any call or response about what you can do for me. I again explained you the problem. My gas agency name where I obtained my gas is Modi Gas Service(Indore) and my consumer number is 13829. In my gas card, they mistakenly printed wrong name, like “Murlidhar,” but name is Mulchand. I want to correct this by agency and they said me we do, but the charge of this is “2300 rupees.” Is this okay? If not, then what I can do please explain me. Because that’s why, I am not going to proceed for any Adhaar link.

  233. Shirish Alurkar Shirish Alurkar
    March 12, 2015    

    My customer no is 15201 with Jay Jyoti gas agency, Vejalpur, Ahmedabad.
    What is the 11 digit ID no?. It is not mentioned in the booklet of the agency.
    How do get the 11 digit no?

    March 12, 2015    

    Dear Sir,
    Ibooked on 23/02/2015 with lakshmi gas agency at Thanjavur via sms for supply of refill.The bookking no:358131460.My connection no:4278.Even after a lapse of 15 days i am yet to receive the refill.THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME I AM EXPERIENCING THIS ORDIAL.Itried to contact the distributor in telephone no:04362 233347 but invain because service to the phone was suspended temporarily.
    So Icontacted customer care no:04362 221475.The officer advised to wait for 2 days to get supply but invain.To-day also Itried to contact customer care and there was no-body to answer my calls and hence this coplaint

  235. Premchand R Sharma Premchand R Sharma
    March 12, 2015    

    Dear sir,
    i premchand sharma having consumer number (LPG Id no) 10000000046548879 with gas agency name Dev Mogra Gas services, had given all documents in DBTL scheme in Mira Road Branch. Still we are facing problem of gas cylinder and also my connection was disconnected.
    Please do the needful as soon as possible.
    Thanking You
    Premchand sharma
    Cell no 9004277611

  236. Prodyot Goswami Prodyot Goswami
    March 14, 2015    

    To whomsoever it may concern.

    This is a complaint regarding gas connection #2911.

    We have booked for gas cylinder on 3rd Mar 2015 with booking #363643887.

    However, the cylinder has still not delivered. We have been contacting the agency to get it delivered. For the last few days they have been assuring that they are going to deliver. But, all went in vain.

    I must say that this agency is providing a very ridiculous service which is getting bad to worse day by day.

    I would request you to kindly deliver the cylinder as soon as possible as we are run out of gas now.

    I also would pledge you to take strict action against the agency.

    We have been in a good relation so far and am hoping to continue this in future as well.

    Please contact me in case of any query.


    March 15, 2015    


    Dear Sir,

    Reg: Complaint against your LPG dealer M/s.R,Ramalakshmi, East Car Street,
    Sengottai – 627 809, Tirunelveli District, (Tuticorin Sales Officer control)

    Our Consumer Protection Cell is functioning since 1990, and got approval from Government of India and State Government of Tamilnadu and this year we are celebrating as SILVER JUBILEE YEAR . We hereby submit the following problems faced by your LPG dealer M/s.Ramalakshmi, East Car Street, Sengottai.

    1, Our Council is getting many complaints about the behavior of the staff members/ Manager and Owner regarding the ill-treatment of the consumers, particularly aged and illiterate LPG consumers.

    2. Compelling the consumers those who avail new connection, to purchase cooker/stove or any other items with huge cost. Otherwise, connection will be refused.

    3.While submitting Aadhaar Card, the concumers are foced to purchase the application forms for the cost of Rs.10/ per form.

    4.The dealer is treating the consumers as beggars.

    5. The consumer has to pay Rs.50/- to the delivery staff apart from the bill amount, even the consumer residing 150 meter distance from the dealer office/godown.

    6. If any consumer approached the consumer forum for their grievances they will be threatened by the dealer that the connection will be cancelled.

    On behalf of the consumers, We raised these problems with the dealer, but the dealer denied the allegations. Then, We pointed these problems to your Tuticorin Sales Officer MR.DEEPAK, but he is not ready to hear the problems and supporting the illegal activities of the Dealer. Then only , we came to understand that , the Sales Officer is supporting the Dealer and protect them.

    Hence, We approached you office, to intervene this matter and we also request to transfer the sales officer Mr.Deepak immediately to save the consumers.

    Expecting your immediate reply,

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,


  238. Pradeep Pradeep
    March 15, 2015    

    why above number is not available ? While dialing on above number always getting below message. Please share correct and in-working condition toll-free number.

    ‘Sorry, your call can’t be processed.’

    March 16, 2015    

    ​I got cylinder delivery on 07.01.2015 and 12.02.2015, but both the times its NON SUBSIDY and hthe subsidy amount is NOT REMITTED to my account MY connection details Cons No 27580100 DGCC No 1474231​​SHRIKANTA CHARY B.Prakash Gas Agencies Akshay Park,Gokul Road Hubli-Karnataka

    March 16, 2015    

    name change my copy & paper my copy no 8539

  241. Prem Cchand Prem Cchand
    March 17, 2015    

    Virat enterprises Delhiis failed to delivery gas sylinder although booked one month back. my consumer is 602.

  242. mukhtar miya mukhtar miya
    March 17, 2015    

    My consumer id is 66937168, registered with mukhtar miya bharat gas agency( yogrendra gas,395A,gopal nagar,najafgarh,new delhi-110043). I did a booking for my gas,on 3rd march 2015 and I got a message that your booking is confirmed and a another message saying that cash memo has been generated and then two weeks there is no response no delivery of gas when I went to the agency and asked what had happened why wasn’t the cylinder not been delivered they said they have shortage of cylinder due to insufficient supply.
    After that I am continuously trying to call them(01128012302,01128012385) but whenever I call the lines are always busy or they are not picking up the phone if you get through the phone just rings and no answer, so I went to the agency again and told them that I never received by booking which was done on the 3rd march 2015 they said the same thing that they said they have shortage of cylinder due to insufficient supply.
    I request you to please take necessary steps against the distributor as there are lots of consumer who daily visit the distributors office for non delivery of cylinders. Your intervention is very much required and appreciated.

    March 18, 2015    

    hi sir
    customer no -28168
    gas booking no- 374640687
    i have not give my cylinder
    what is problem

  244. kamlesh kamani kamlesh kamani
    March 20, 2015    

    We have been repeatedly reminding the bharat gas office here in cuttack to send us our booked gas but everytime we ask the status of our gas they say that we will send it by tomorrow. Even after sending sms on time we get our gas after around 1 month of booking the gas. Even the office personnel do not pick up the phone.

  245. Kishor Tanwani Kishor Tanwani
    March 20, 2015    

    Consumer no 124494 comp no 524789 over a week no reply/resolution shame.
    Bharat gas…
    Going good with hand in glove along distributor..

  246. Sri Kashi Nath Ojha Sri Kashi Nath Ojha
    March 21, 2015    

    Dear sir,
    I here by inform you that we already gave a application for address change for last 2 months before. But yet there is no response.
    Also I inform you that my booking no- 362451140 Date ,01/03/2015. On 14/03/15 some body call to us and said that you come and take your cylinder but I was able to go and take a cylinder. At 3.15PM I got a massage that your cylinder was delivered.
    Customer Details
    Kashi Nath Ojha
    Consumer No-32359

    Distributor Details
    Kuwar Jyoti Gas Service

  247. Rakesh Singh Rawat Rakesh Singh Rawat
    March 21, 2015    

    Bharat Gas Agency

    Customer No -15629
    Agency – Surya Gas Agency
    Booking Reference No.- 354458187
    I have booked gas cylinder on 9th march, 2015 and i got message from your side on 17th March, 2015 but i have not received any cylinder at my home and i called the gas agency number 011-65093727 /65171811.we dont received any call or message from your side . So Please check and confirm threw my mobile number- 9818649772 as soon as possible.
    Thanks & regards
    rakesh Singh rawat

  248. vijay kumar vijay kumar
    March 22, 2015    

    This in regards to our new consumer no :23698506 & old consumer no is :19183 in the name of Mr.shripal singh .

    I vijay kumar submitted the required documents at Geetanjali gas Meerut around one and a half year ago reason being my father passed away on 2-2-2013 so i wanted this to transfer this connection under my name .

    Since the time i submitted the docs The agency got closed and this old consumer no was transferred to new no at Braham jyoti gas , shastri nagar, meerut.

    I again submitted the docs for the transfer of connection under my name at this agency in april 2014 along with KYC form and there has nothing been done till now .I visited the people at the service center but there is no proper response from them.

    My father name is Sh.Shripal singh but its showing pal singh in the documents as there was a mistake by the agency.

    So kindly look into this matter as its been long i submitted the proofs .

    fo any querry feel free to call on +919837769800
    Add :
    Vijay kumar
    S/o Lt.Shripal singh
    b-244 , Sector 1 , near presideny school
    shatabdi nagar , delhi rd
    meerut ( u.p)

  249. RS kumar RS kumar
    March 22, 2015    

    I had booked through sms for refill on 28/02/15.
    Booking num is 361756817. And consumer number is 31455.
    The agency is Mahalaxmi gas agency.

    I have still not received the refilled cylinder.
    In the last 20 days I have called 5 times to the agency, reminding them for the same.
    I am promised that the cylinder would be delivered the same day, but it has not happened so.
    Also, all the formalities regarding adhaar card has been completed and I have also received a subsidy of rs 207/- in my account.
    You are requested to look into this matter and solve out the issue asap.
    Thanxs and regards

    RS kumar

  250. omprakash sharma omprakash sharma
    March 23, 2015    

    Arvind gas agency KOTA raj. Distributor code 113437 does not care the customers in time. It does not provide cylinder timely not at home. Besides it avails first to its well known acquainted ones….and i have to go always to the godown to take it. It never attends the call of customer….kindly take proper action against it….otherwise we all customers discard Bharat gas connection…

  251. Vinod kumar chaudhary Vinod kumar chaudhary
    March 23, 2015    

    I have booked my gas on 25/02/2015 consumer no 38594634………. after 8 days i received my gas cylinders when i had received my cylinders that time weight of cylinder was 30.25 kg and after 20 days my cylinder has empty ,I shocked when i found that there is no gas in the cylinders then i checked again weight of cylinders that time cylinders weight was 21 kg instead of 15.25kg but that is filled with water thn i found that there was 6 kg water in the cylinder,
    so i request u to take stict action against for bharat gas
    thanx and regards
    Vinod kumar chaudhary
    sk-299B sector-110 noida, 201304 (U.p)
    mob no- 9811624582

  252. rajendra saini rajendra saini
    March 24, 2015    

    my self mr. Rajendra saini having consumer nmbr 13725 in ur agency since 2002 now a days i am facing problem regarding subcidy amount in my bank

    i have already submited bank a/c & aadhar nmbr in ur company….so pls activate as soon as possibale so that i can recived my subcidy in my bank A/C

    Pls do the need full….

    Rajendra saini
    Cunsumer nmbr – 13725
    Mob 8430568909,9310141841
    Sikandrabad (U.P)
    Diss. Bulandshar

  253. Sunil Nair Sunil Nair
    March 24, 2015    

    My booking dated 4th March has not been delivered till date by M/S Excel Gas agencies Chembur Mumbai. My consumer number is 37050635. Can you please set things right?

  254. kusumlata, consumer number 33883, Aligarh kusumlata, consumer number 33883, Aligarh
    March 24, 2015    

    On line Gas booking form (without subsity)was submitted to distributer (Bharat Gas service , Aligarh) on dated 26-2-2015, till date it is not registered. on enquiry they are repling that the number is by the Gas company. So you are requested to take necessary action for registration of the Number please.

  255. ved anand ved anand
    March 24, 2015    

    So much fraud by Bharat Gas at Gohana !

  256. ved anand ved anand
    March 24, 2015    

    No response on t0ll free No 18002333555 at 6.20 PM. What corruption free India !

  257. surendran surendran
    March 24, 2015    

    sir, my brother ,cosumer no.7416,chandran a booked gas cylinder for refilling during jan 2015 but not yet received the cylinder. my dealer is devoo gas kannur dist, kerala code no.115408

  258. Mahender Singh Mahender Singh
    March 25, 2015    

    I am customer of Excel Gas service in Vashi- Navi Mumbai, From last 1 year I have felt that I have been given a very pathetic service by this agency. While you have facility of Booking gas cylinder online but seems like this booking information doesn’t reach the agency. I have not seen even once that the cylinder is delivered with me being calling 100s of times to agency and visiting a couple of time. Each time I have to follow this calling and visiting each month I book the cylinder. this time again I have booked cylinder with reference no 373666150, 2 weeks back but still I have not received the cylinder. All the numbers of the agency don’t work during day time or office time.
    I hope consumer court may be able to help me know.

  259. mukesh kumar mukesh kumar
    March 26, 2015    

    Sir.sunny gas service rajori garden delhi office k jo lady staff h wo mis behaver sa bat karta h bat k nam par paper utha kar fak data h .kahta jo karna h kar la .please sir senior citizen sa bhe hamsa gusa sa bat karta h .sir ple kauh kariy

  260. punjabhai muljibhai patel punjabhai muljibhai patel
    March 26, 2015    

    Received a mobile sms fromDM-GJTPDS on 25.3.2015 at 7.47 hours eve.
    Rajyani lpg subsidy no labh leva mate………. 1.4.15 thi bandh thase.i hope u know about this sms With papers i reached to my dealers off.who refused to accept the papers saying that they dont know anything about the if i donot get Rajya subsidy about rs.26 per cylinders i will directly held u responsible.and move to redress my grievance with appropriate authority.

  261. Preeti Nagar Preeti Nagar
    March 27, 2015    

    Westend gas service Bharat gas distrubutor in Todapur new Delhi – 12never relieved cylinder on time in spit of going their office hundred times they don’t even care to dispatch cylinder to consume nor even they attend the call on phone . Plzz take strict action on this.

  262. March 28, 2015    

    adhar card could not be.sumbited to meera gas service bpcl garh road meerut on my connection no.5882 i am residing at my native village distt saharanpur and my son and his family is reseding at meerut and are getting gas for afforesaid connection request to transfer this.connction dealer demonded rs 7000
    and connection could not be transfer in his name.gas booked on.this connection.since december 2014 Is being supplied in black as per intimation receving my me on mobile for it supply request to suitable action against the dealer and transfer the connection in the name of my son or sons wife who are holder of adhar card at meerut thanks regards

    RP sharma 9411027013

  263. Deepak Deepak
    March 28, 2015    

    Dear sir
    My name is Deepak and my consumer number is 57338081
    Agency name Sachin gas agency at Amar colony lajpat nagar 4
    and my lpg scylender booking order number is 370212942 I was book my gas on 11th March 2015 but today 28March 2015 datet I am waiting pls tell me sir what I do
    Sachin gas agency doing again and again this please help medo action immiedetly

  264. Shashikant Bardia Shashikant Bardia
    March 30, 2015    

    Gas booking number is 373974043 dated 17th March 2015.
    Till date Gas Cylinder not provided.

    Agency – Mahavir Gas Agency, Lokhandwala, Kandivali East, Mumbai 400101

  265. peraimathi peraimathi
    March 30, 2015    

    sir, i booked the cylinder through 9486056789 on march 6, 2015. till date no cylinder has been delivered. i tried calling the agency, hindustan gas agency, adyar but this was futile. either the phone lines are always busy or there is no answer or it leads to a recorded message. i even visited the agency office to which the reply was that I would receive the cylinder the next day (i.e. 20/03/15). Till date i have been ceaselessly trying to get into contact with the agency over the phone but to no avail. do i have to keep visiting the agency office over and over again inorder to get a cylinder. I even tried the regional office(anna nagar), where the phone rings but no one answers.
    i am fed up with the offending attitude of the agency as well as the delivery boys who demand for more money (tips) when the cylinder is being delivered. Can’t anything be done to get these people do their work without treating customers as menials.

    i urge immediate action with respect to the same though i don’t have much hope that even this complaint will be of any effect.

    I am completely fed up with the system.

  266. Shreeram sharma Shreeram sharma
    March 30, 2015    

    Sir Ji Jaipur chaksu me new LPG canectoin par ges ka chula diya gaya h and es ko anivariy kar rakha h

  267. Rakesh Kumar Rakesh Kumar
    March 31, 2015    

    I have taken gas connection form Bhagvati gas agency, Vikram – Patna – Bihar.
    But after taking gas connection from this agency i did not get my gas connection card.
    I went several time to this agency but owner of this agency always gives excuses to come next time and now it is almost 2 months over but never got the gas card.
    My brother in law went on 27’th March 2015 to get the gas card but owner of the gas agency told to staff to throw him out and there after staff of the agency had beaten him and abused very badly and that in result he has got chest pain and stomach pain.
    We had lodged a FIR against this to take strong action by police against the gas agency.

    Why did you give this gas agency to this idiot kind of person who have lot of complaint from the customers, they try to monopolize in the area and that in result
    all customers are getting harassment from the agency.
    I would request you to take appropriate action action against them.

    Thanks and Regards
    Rakesh Kumar

  268. uday kapoor uday kapoor
    March 31, 2015    

    I have a complaint against umika agency, Rajouri garden New Delhi.
    here no body pick up the phone, the agency is too big and only 2 staff member are there. and one staff member Mr. Bedi he does not etiquette. he is illiterate. He speak with customer very badly, rudely . He spoke with my mom in a very rude manner. He think he is doing some favour by doing work. He does not think it’s his Job. take him to human resource manager team and give him some council.

  269. Vikrant Kshirsagar Vikrant Kshirsagar
    March 31, 2015    

    Sir / Madam,

    I booked gas on 14-Feb-2015, since I did not get the Cylinder from Bharat Gas so I complaint it on 180023355 tool free no. Mr. Nawab, a representative registered my complaint (No:- 574423) on 28-March-2015.

    My Gas No is:- 50886.

    The delivery boy bought the gas, ON 30 MAR 2015, as we were not aware about the price hike and was having 500 RS cash, We requested him to wait for 5 mins so we can collect money from the Neighbors.

    But he (Delivery Boy) angrily told us that “You people have filed a complaint against us and you will not get cylinder any more” and went without delivering it.

    This kind of behavior is not expected. The gas-cylinder is a basic need for everybody.

    I request you to take stringent action on the above issue. I am waiting for your reply.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Vikrant Kshirsagar
    Swastik Veena Society
    Flat No:- 201, Sector-24,
    Jui Nagar West, Navi Mumbai.
    Mob:- 9004950755

  270. Amisha Buch Amisha Buch
    March 31, 2015    

    Its been 1 month since i booked my gas cylinder and i yet haven’t received it yet.
    Everyday when I call up to inquiry about my gas cylinder they say that they will deliver it by tomorrow and its been one month since like this. I went down to the office at 23rd cross, Hsr sector 6, Bangalore, karnataka but the person in charge their named Shekhar is not responding properly.
    I am hoping my complaint will be taken seriously and expecting an immediate solution to this issue.

  271. Dr.A.K.Pandey Dr.A.K.Pandey
    April 1, 2015    

    I am a Bharat Gas Consumer in Ranchi, Jharkhand. I have booked Gas Cylinder on 02.3.2015 Booking Ref No. 363540397. My Gas distributor M/S Shashi Chandra Gas Agency Ranchi (Distributor Code 117355 has not delivered the Cylinder till 1st April 2015. However, I got one SMS on 30.3.2015 that the cylinder was delivered to me but actually is has not been delivered. I am trying to contact dealer since three days over phone but no one is picking the phone.

    I am facing lot of problems even we are unable to cook our food. My distributor is creating problem every time. I also tried to lodge complaint with Bharat Gas but could not able to lodge the complaint due to technical problems. This is the state of affair of Bharat Gas destribution system.
    Please do some thing for delivery of gas in proper time.

    Sincerely yours
    Consumer No. 55852704
    C-101, Vimal Shyam Vihar, Pundag, Ranchi – 835004
    Shashi Chandra Gas Agency, Kadru, Ranchi

  272. Piyush Bharadwaj Piyush Bharadwaj
    April 2, 2015    

    My father has booked a refill at our nearest dealer named “Varshney Gas Agency” on 27 -03-2015. On 29-03-2015 he got an SMS that your refill request has been successfully delivered, however no such delivery took place. When my father contacted the dealer on 30-03-2015 he promised to deliver it by 31-03-2015. But up to now there is no delete very of the refill cylinder.
    Please look into this issue and help us. This is not the first time that this dealer is giving problems. These kind of dealers actually kills the reputation of this prestigious company.

  273. Piyush Bharadwaj Piyush Bharadwaj
    April 2, 2015    

    Consumer name: Jai Prakash Sharma
    Address: 158, Galino. 3, Durga nagar, firozabad, 283203.
    Consumer no. 5896
    Agency name: Varshney Gas Agency, Bypass road, Firozabad
    Booked refill on 27-3-2015
    Booking no. 381236853
    Above are the necessary details of my connection and booking.
    On 29-03-2015 I got an SMS that your refill is successfully delivered on 28-03-2015, however no such delivery happened.
    I contacted the dealer on 30-03-2015 and he promise to deliver it by 31-03-2015. But till now no refill has been delivered.
    Please take a necessary action on the dealer and deliver my refill as soon as possible.

  274. Mukand Ram Sharma Mukand Ram Sharma
    April 3, 2015    

    Sir,I’m sorry to inform you that your dealer M/S Shiv Gas Agency,Sikar Is not supplying gas cylinders in our village Palwas since 01 Jan 2015.Villagers are facing problem.Many times we approached the agency but all in vain.Please look into matter and solve this problem as soon as possible.your kind and an early action will be highly appreciated.Thanking you.

  275. jijo jacob jijo jacob
    April 4, 2015    

    There is no response for my complaint no:575782.Which I submitted online. Stillgas is not delivered to our home.Bharat gas consumer no:33023000.
    Two times delivery boy came to home with gas but no bill,so we sent him back.
    Please help me

  276. gajendra pradhan gajendra pradhan
    April 5, 2015    

    Dear Sir/Mam, Good morning!! My consumer ID is 39503815 and recently I transferred from Panchkula, Haryana(Inder Gas) to Bangalore (Bangalore gas Agency) and yesterday i went to the Bangalore gas Agency with my KYC, Rent Agreement, Aadhar card & transfer papers. First the man named Mr Chetan told me that these gas papers seems to be color xerox not originals then I replied should you like to talk my previous gas agency then he told me don’t worry I will help you. After 30 mins he make the papers and told me to give Rs 5400. I told him this not new connection this is just transfer then he is telling your both cylinder price Rs 2650 , Refill Rs 850 and you are also taking 1 pressure cooker (Rs 1050), 1 gas lighter(Rs 150), 1 gas filller(Rs 80), 1 affidavit Rs 400, transfer charge Rs 200, paper work Rs 175, Booklet card Rs 50. I told him from last 2 years I transferred the connection twice no body charged this much amount and i cann’t take these goods as i already have these. Then he got angry and shouted at me i don;t have time to waste don’t think that your papers are ready so that i bound to give the connection, i will not give you the connection, this is our business we are running the office out of these profits so you have to take these else don’t waste my time. I tell him this a govt organization you cann’t behave like this he is telling me you get out here if i came out then you know the consequence. I scared because i am new here so told him sir i don’t have money then he is telling go to the near by ATM. Finally I forcibly take every thing by paying Rs 5400 but i was very much depressed because of the behavior & threatening of Mr Chetan.This not the end of the story again I got a call from Mr Chetan around 6 pm yesterday that you have given Rs 850 for 2 refills which should be Rs 1300 so please give money when you receive the cylinder in monday (6th April 2015). I told him last year up to march 2014 I have taken only 7 cylinders & you already have taken the money now you are again asking for extra money. I have even never paid transfer charges and paper work charges in any of my last transfers. Sir kindly don’t disclose my name and help me if you can do any thing so that we innocent people of India can fight against these evils in the society.
    Kind regards- Gajendra

  277. Preetika Singhal Preetika Singhal
    April 7, 2015    


    I am customer of shyamji enterprises, vasant kunj, New Delhi. Everytime I book a cylinder i get sms of booking confirmation and every a month or so the cylinder gets delivered. This has happened 4-5 times in last year that inspite of receiving sms that cylinder has been delivered the same was never deliivered. The same thing happened again. I booked a gas on 28th march and got a booking confirmation also. For the first time the delivery message came on 30th but cylinder was never delivered. When we checked with agency they said booking was cancelled by backend. I have sms with me confirming that cylinder has been delivered than how come the booking was cancelled without intimating and why. Please resolve this issue as this agency is doing fraud in every booking.


  278. asif khalil asif khalil
    April 8, 2015    

    am fed up of the service getting by one of your distributor VENKATESH AGENCY(N2 –cidco-Aurangabad –Maharashtra) as every month I have to face physical and mental agony while getting LPG gas whenever I raised online booking ,Every month they just cancelled my booking from backened without information and whenever I reach to find out reason they causally says as you need to personally come with cylinder take the receipt from office and have to go to godown to collect the gas personally …
    pl note since 2 year am getting delivery at doorstep and started getting such issue since subsidy started credited in account..
    secondaly last time when I visited for same issue I just tried to call Bharat gas officer mobile nbr which has been written in venkatesh agency board but surprised IVR comes as nbr doesn’t exist ,,clearly they just floating the norms .
    Pl note this month again am facing same issue ,
    1.raised online booking on 25 march st but cancelled
    2.again raised online booking on 2/4/2015 via ref 384594985 again cancelled without information
    3.again raised today i.e 8/4/2015 via ref no. 388948445
    I think you need to take strict step against such type of distributor and help me for getting gas cylinder smoothly month on month
    Asif Khalil
    Row house-42 ,kasliwal purva,
    Near Airport ,chikalthana ,Aurangabad ,Maharashtra
    Consumer nbr-51924707
    Mobile -9028099979

    April 8, 2015    

    I am LPG cylinder domestic consumer for last more than 20 years, my gas connection number is 17027, my old registered mobile number was 9212308588. About two months back I had applied for new registered mobile number i.e. 9810868608 and I had filed a complaint earlier also to register my new mobile number and I was assured that it is done and for once I could get my cylinder also.
    Now even after two months online system is still not recognising my new number, and I am not able to book a cylinder. Now I am in urgency to have a cylinder however not able to get it registered.
    Pls. do the needful to get my new mobile number registered for online booking.
    In the meantime I would request you to immediately book a cylinder.
    Jyoti Bagga

  280. steve steve
    April 9, 2015    

    Distributor : THE ASSN.OF PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED, Address : 1644, ALWAN GALLI SHAHPUR BELGAUM BELGAUM, KARNATAKA & contact number is 29620006073.
    Please note that your distributor at Belgaum Karnataka, is charging Rs. 1,200 for transferring the ownership of gas connection from husband to wife.
    When we asked about the charges, Employees of this distributor told us that these are operational charges of transfer to be paid to BHARAT GAS.

    Large number of Bharat Gas customers are upset about it & considering legal opinion if you do not act in time.

    Awaiting for your replay & necessary action without delay.



  281. steve steve
    April 9, 2015    

    THE Manager,
    Please note that your distributor at Belgaum Karnataka, is charging Rs. 1,200 for transferring the ownership of gas connection from husband to wife.
    When we asked about the charges, Employees of this distributor told us that these are operational charges of transfer to be paid to BHARAT GAS.

    Large number of Bharat Gas customers are upset about it & considering legal opinion if you do not act in time.

    Awaiting for your replay & necessary action without delay.



    April 9, 2015    

    customer no. 27732494
    Refill Order No. 382508040 dated 30-03-2015 is reportedly delivered on same day but is yet to be received by us.

  283. Ganesh Dutt Durgapal Ganesh Dutt Durgapal
    April 9, 2015    

    Hi , I have raised a complaint about cylinder delivery , I have book refill on 09-03-2015, and on 19-03-2015 it showed delivered, but till day cylinder delivery was not deliver to me. my complaint number- 585073. their is no update on my complaint.

  284. Mr. Nathaniel Rodrigues Mr. Nathaniel Rodrigues
    April 9, 2015    

    I have been trying to transfer my LPG connection from my father’s name to my name since the last two years without much success. Have been speaking to the dealers and I am not getting a proper response. I just dont know what to do. BPCL officers who responded earlier promising to help are no longer responding to calls. I want to know how to proceed to get the same transferred. Regards.

  285. bhuttu bhuttu
    April 10, 2015    

    I want replace my bharatgas connection to HPgas baddi so please tell me the prprocedure and how many days it will be taken.

  286. keshav sane keshav sane
    April 10, 2015    

    “Mayura gas agency Satara” Maharashtra is very famous for their late delivery of LPG refill cylinders.And ask for extra money during LPG delivery.
    If we call them for asking about late delivering then we get rude comments and tauntings and laughings loudly.

    April 10, 2015    

    Complaint against BAGARIA GAS SERVICE, CHURU
    For delay booking & delivery of Gas cylinder.

    Dear Sir

    With due to respect that I am consumer of BHARAT GAS ( BAGARIA GAS SERVICE, SUBHASH CHOK, CHURU(RAJASTHAN)) with consumer No. is 4793 & 30230. BAGARIA GAS SERVICE are not being able to deliver gas on time. They demand to pay extra money for deliver gas on time. The agency is doing this fraud practices under their supplier in Churu. Bagaria Agency also not booked gas timely. BAGARIA GAS SERVICE Dealer SHIV KUMAR BAGARIA respond very rudely to the customers on enquiry. Please take necessary action and kindly check the status of agency so every one gets Gas refill without distinction. I look forward to hearing from you and to a resolution of this problem.

    Thanking You
    Yours sincerely

    Contact No- 8852818849

  288. Karamsheel Karamsheel
    April 10, 2015    

    Sir i am an existing customer of your agency and i am very harassed from your agency as i am not able to recieve my cyllinder on time from your dealer and he not even respond to our phone calls .
    and my cyllinder is going to finish within a day and i have booked my cyllinder on first of april but still not recieved my cyllinder
    and your dealer not even dare to respond to our call
    please solve this matter as soon as possible and i am waiting for a positive reply from your side sir

    Durgan gas agency
    Consumer no-5447

  289. subash subash
    April 11, 2015    

    18002333555 is not working to get my queries clarified. Please provide me an alternate number to contact.

  290. f c bajaj f c bajaj
    April 12, 2015    

    Gas boooked on 17 march 2015 but not yet delivered. Booking no:374336995

  291. Shashank Singhal Shashank Singhal
    April 12, 2015    

    Hi, i want to complain regarding delivery of LPG cylinders on behalf of two customers with details in the mail body. They are aged people and have to struggle getting the cylinders delivered to their homes as no Bharat gas doesnt send home delivery for them.

    Consumer 1- Mithlesh Singhal (age more than 80 years)
    card serial no.- 15412138
    Consumer no. – 2510

    Consumer 2- Sudhir kumar Singhal (age more than 60 years)
    consumer no. – 15870

    Both are residents of Gajraula, distt Amroha , west UP

    Kindly resolve this grievance as soon as possible.


  292. arun kumar arun kumar
    April 12, 2015    

    LPG cylinder was requested by personal visit on 25/03/15. Again online booking was done on 06/04/15 vide booking no-387427110 and again today on 12/04/15 booking no-392060367. I don’t get why and how the bookings are accepted time and again without having cleared the previous order. Nobody picks up the phone ever. Pathetic service. Consumer no-32028867 (Arun Kumar) under Todapur Bharat Gas agency, New Delhi-12

  293. ramniwas yadav ramniwas yadav
    April 13, 2015    

    I had booked my LPG vide booking no.384262092 datede 02.04.2015 has not been delivered to me till date. Would you kindly look into my grievances.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Ramniwas Yadav

  294. suresh k joshi suresh k joshi
    April 15, 2015    

    consumer no-9125,suresh kjoshi ,sai home needs not delivered gas booked 20days ago.mymobile no-9845728512

  295. Rama Swamy M Rama Swamy M
    April 16, 2015    

    My consumer No. 16212, Gas Agency : Sri Kaleshwar Bharat Gas Agency, Mamatha Nagar, Nagole, Hyderabd-68.
    I have booked gas through IVRS (9440156789) on 16th March 2015, but cylinder was not delivered. Time and again, I contacted the agency, but they said no information. Finally, when I tried IVRS again, it revealed that the cylinder was delivered. When I brought this information to the notice of the Agency, they gave the phone number of the Delivery Boy Mr. Gangireddy (9666989216), he told us that “he intentionally skipped delivery and reported DOOR LOCK to the agency, because last time I refused to give him Rs.25/- extra for delivery charges”. He said he will not give delivery and asked us to do whatever I can and also used filthy language against me. I reported this to the agency, but they asked me to give some money to the delivery boy and resolve this issue amicably.
    Please look into the matter urgently, as the cylinder is empty in my house and agency is not delivery LPG.

  296. Sushila Sharma Sushila Sharma
    April 17, 2015    

    Dear Bharat Gas team,
    My consumer no is 9025254A & Distributor Gautam Enterprises (Dilshad Garden) Delhi. Most of the time they deniy to give the already booked Cylinder & told us to it will be given after 21 days due to shortage but in actual they black the cylinder from other side. When we need some urgency the told take it in black with the cost of 900rs.
    Pl check in this matter it is happen again & again.

  297. Ravinder Singh Ravinder Singh
    April 17, 2015    

    Team Bharat Gas,
    This is a complaint regarding the behavior and dealing of Bharat Gas agency attendant. I visited Jagdeep Gas agency (Bharat Gas ) 100 feet road Bathinda on 5th april ’15 and asked for a new connection. The dealing hand named Mr kuldeep Singh told me about the required documents and told me the charges of single cylinder without hot plate Rs 4300. the very next day on dated 6th april ’15 i submitted required documents. i was told that connection will be given within 24 hours..I visited the agency a day after. then i was told to come next day with a bill for hot plate ..the next i submitted the bill..and still after 11 days i didn’t get the connection i visited there and asked for connection and the attendant said an inspector will come to my house and today they demanded different amount of money Rs 4000. when i asked the details of the charges i was paying the the very attendant didn’t give satisfactory answer..when i asked the reason he said to me to get connection from another company. then i withdraw my application and apply from another company.
    This was very bitter experience with Bharat Gas company. i was harassed for 11 day which cost me expensive time and money wastage.
    I think company should improve her services.
    Ravinder Singh Ghuman
    Assistant Professor

  298. aamir lokhandwala aamir lokhandwala
    April 18, 2015    

    consumer no.011558 / distributer . vanraj gas. city. dahod
    we registered for refill on March.10/15, ( called several times ) but still not received supply.

    customer .Anis lokhandwala. consumer no.021790
    distributer. vanraj gas. city. dahod.
    registred for refill on 28th.Feb/2015, (called several times) but still not received supply.

    Please investigare and revert.

  299. Dalip Singh Dalip Singh
    April 20, 2015    

    Subject- GAS delivery & Norther Region no response.
    Dear Sir,

    I have booked my gas on 1st April & got a SMS on 12th April that Gas has been delivered, but i have not received any GAS & still waiting the delivery.

    Also Tried to contact Norther region ( 0120-2474701/03/30/68) for complain but , no response.

    Name – Dalip Singh
    Location – Narnaul Haryana- Pin 123001
    Booking Number- 384130587

  300. Amit Kumar Sharma Amit Kumar Sharma
    April 20, 2015    

    Dear Sir,

    For the GAS booking of month March-2015, which i received on 14th Mar 2015, i did not get the subsidy amount credited in my ICICI account.

    Consumer No: 41577454
    Name: Amit Kumar Sharma
    Address: M-312, Anand Dham Society, Main Wazirabad Road, Bhopura, Sahibabad, Distt: Ghaziabad.
    Agency: Prakash Bharat Gas, Naveen Park, Sahibabad.

    I called and confirmed from Agency but they are not able to confirm on this.

    Request you to please help me to come to know what is the issue due to which i did not get the subsidy amount credited in my account.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Amit Sharma

  301. Anantakrishna V Upadhya Anantakrishna V Upadhya
    April 20, 2015    

    Dear bharat gas customer reprentative,
    I undersigned Mr.Anantakrishna V Upadhya is requesting you to add aadhar number to customer id no that is 13803 and the bank details that is
    Panjab and Sindh bank and the account number is 12761000000402 and the aadhar number is 971802769124.Please do the needfull thing as soon as possible as subsidised amount is not linked with accout number.
    M/s.Mr.Anantakrishna V Upadhya.
    Mob no : 09730700680.

  302. Mithun Kumar Mithun Kumar
    April 21, 2015    

    Need a new single gas connection. visited to my area gas distributor (RAATHI GAS SERVICE). they are saying you have to pay 7,300 for new gas connection that will include other things like solar light, rice packets,etc. I argued them that i don’t need these extra things but they are not agree.
    I checked your website for new gas connection charge and didn’t found anywhere that I have to purchase all these extra things in order to take new connection.
    I just want to know why i can not take just a new filled gas cylinder in my new connection? why i have to take all these things that are not mentioned on your website?
    It’s very urgent for me and request you to please reply me on my email id or call me @ 9540680348 any time.

  303. Mahendra Marmat Mahendra Marmat
    April 22, 2015    

    Dear sir,
    I am a custmer of bharat gas.My id is 10000000024494180,in the finencial year 2014-2015,i got only 5 lpg celenders but distributor showen me 10 celenders, So i could not reciev my subsidy rs.249.00 for last celender.
    Please check this ,othewise i will go to court againest our distributer.

  304. deepak jadhav deepak jadhav
    April 22, 2015    

    My Consumer #1018172
    Distributor’s code#371766/110914
    Distributor’s address-Ramchandra Gas Agency
    6,Panorama Park,Ashokvan-Dahisar(E)-68
    I have submitted my Adhar card copy, Bank cancelled cheque on 13/02/2015, having acknowledge receipt also duly signed by distributor’s person but still facing problem for refilling .
    As I am having single connection facing problem.
    Kindly advise .
    Thanks & Regard

  305. Shally Dhar Shally Dhar
    April 23, 2015    

    My Consumer no is 32637165 and I have my gas connection registered with Mangalam Gas Agency, Sector 41 Noida. Every time I book a Gas refill, I get the delivery message before I get the cylinder delivered at my home and have to run after people to get it delivered. Also, yesterday, I have got a message saying”Your LPG refill order No 330557119 has been cancelled as the booking was wrongly done by distributor staff”. This is when I did not do any booking. Is the distributor making bookings on my behalf. Please look into this and end this.

    Shally DHar

  306. baseera begum baseera begum
    April 23, 2015    

    Dear sir
    I am Baseera(consumer no:64548)
    I am not receiving my subsidy amount since three months
    please check and refund my subsidy amount as soon as possible
    thank you
    Beseera Begum

    • baseera begum baseera begum
      April 23, 2015    

      Dear sir
      I am Baseera consumer no:664548)
      IaI@am not getting my subsidy amount since three months
      please check and refund the due amount on my account
      Thank you
      Baseera Begum

  307. R. Rashikala R. Rashikala
    April 24, 2015    

    I was in USA from Sep 14 to Feb. 15. Before I left for USA I personally went to my bharat gas dealer and informed of my travel. I enquired if I need to give any applincation form informing of my trip so that when I come back I wont face any problem for the supplying of cylinder to my consumer no. account for which I was prompted genuine supply. But to my surprise I was informed that my consumer no. is blocked because of non-usage for 6 months. Though I tried my level best to reactivate my account, which resulted in vain. I want the respective department to take immediate action on this.
    Bharat Gas Consumer no. 2932, in the name of R.Rashikala. Regd.Mobile: 9443112226
    Expecting your earnest action

  308. Vikas Kumar Vikas Kumar
    April 24, 2015    

    respected sir
    My online booking of Bharat Gas for cooking gas but Don’t timely give Your Agency Mahnar, Vaishali, Bihar. So please i request to you timely delivered my cooking gas.
    Thaking You.

    Vikas Kumar
    S/o-Sri Krishna Mohan Prasad
    Vill+Po-Bajitpur Chakasturi
    Bihar – 844509

  309. TC Baphna TC Baphna
    April 25, 2015    

    – Have booked BP Gas on 24th MArch 2015, Booking NO. 378548587. Not yet received any delivery.I want the delivery today, 25th April 2015. Could you make that happen

    – Helpline 18002333555- Trying to call on 25th April 2015- 11.40 am, its says cannot be processed.

    -I had booked on 14th Jan 2015 also Booking no 329090346. I recvd no delivery , hence booked again.

    – Gas Distributors do not pick phone.

    -MY cyclinders are empty how should I cook food now ?

  310. Bhavesh Dilip Patel Bhavesh Dilip Patel
    April 25, 2015    

    I have booked LPG on 19/03/2015 but no lpg is delivered yet.
    i have made another booking on 22/04/15 .

    i want to know what happened to my booking done in March 2015.

    Consumer No:–14892

  311. nirakar pandey nirakar pandey
    April 28, 2015    

    dear sir,

    i m using ur companies gas service, our connection number is 63426, we have finished our cylinder and ordered for another cylinder but since last 2 months we have nor received gas cylinder,
    we have been calling our agency ( Ashok Gas Agency Ghatkopar west) but no one is picking up our calls, nor we r getting any response.

    pls help us in getting gas cylinder.

  312. rachappa rachappa
    April 29, 2015    

    Vinayaka gas agency vignanagar bangalore37 is refusing to refund deposit amount of bharat mini 5kg cylinder.connection is month old paid 2000/- rs the disteibutor is saying will refund only 100 rs so advising to keep the connection.moreover he is not keeping enough stalk while others do and so far have not delivered refill after making servral calls for refill.his services are pathetic and tarnishing the reputation of bp mini gas scheme.he has cheated as he is not refunding the deposit amount and refusing to accept surrender of mini gas cykinder and dpr.

  313. Dr Tanuja Agarwala Dr Tanuja Agarwala
    May 1, 2015    

    -My distributor has been changed without any intimation to me.

    -Now my distributor is Modern Cookeries. I Booked gas (booking no. 399305691) on 23 April. The delivery came on 27 April, The person did not get a weighing scale. I refused to take the cylinder. He promised to deliver on 28th.
    -It is my right to get the cylinder weighed and I was denied by Modern cookeries deliveryman and also felt harassment as customer since I am working and I waited till 11 on 28th at home to take the delivery as promised by the deliveryman but he never arrived and also did not answer the phone when i called. He also did not tell me that he was from Modern cookeries.
    Later in the day I got a message that my booking was done again with a new number 401598656 dated 27 April.
    And strangely even though I had not taken the cylinder I received Rs 203 in my account. I personally went to the gas agency and informed them, but they would not believe me and told me that this must be a typing error due to which refund was sent to a wrong bank account.
    My gas cylinder was delivered on 30th april (against the second booking number of 27th april). I told the deliveryman also about the refund. He said that refund is sent in advance!!! I am hearing this for the first time.

    I need to know has someone else been given the cylinder against my booking? If so, this is wrong since I am receiving money that is not due to me. Secondly this would mean that one cylinder out of my yearly quota is given to someone else but credited to my total cylinders.
    Please help me out with this.

    May 2, 2015    

    CONSUMER ID – 1630
    BOOKING NUMBER – 395915908
    BOOKING DATE – 18-03-2015

    DATED : 02-05-2015

  315. Ram Raju Ram Raju
    May 4, 2015    

    I had booked my gas 9 days back via sms. Consumer No: 52287606 / Booking No: 400399502 / Date of booking: 25/04/2015 / Address:258/3,4th Main,7th sector, HSR Layout,Bangalore-560 102.

    The service rendered by LVN Gas Agency is pathetic. Their landline numbers are always busy. And when it rings very rarely, they don’t pick up. I had submitted my location change request & they didn’t change it.

    Please look into this on top priority.

    Ram Raju

  316. Kapil Raj Kapil Raj
    May 4, 2015    

    Dear sir/madam

    I am Kapil Raj and I have Bharat Gas connection with no.37586

    my service provider is Prateek Enterprises in OMBR Lay out Bangalore.

    I have opted for PAHAL DBTL scheme for subsidy and have linked my account through Branch and then linked and seeded my aadhar number in bank and at Branch. Since January I am getting claims that my advance subsidy and other 2 subsidies will be transferred to my account. But there is no trace of amount I launched a complaint with Bank HQ and they will be looking up for claimed transfers but need UTR number to track I have sent many emails to Branch and Bharat Gas customer care but no avail.

    Here are details
    Refill History
    History of refills booked in last 12 months is displayed in this option.

    Cash Memo No.
    Cash Memo Amnt.(Rs.)
    Subsidy Amnt.(Rs.)
    Subsidy Transfer Status
    04-05-2015 31750 1 Pending 0 0.00 0.00 Not applicable
    06-03-2015 1522966 1 Delivered 11-03-2015 630889 635.50 207.59 Subsidy Transfered to your bank , Account on 23/03/2015
    15-01-2015 1465831 1 Delivered 19-01-2015 572409 737.00 308.09 Not applicable
    25-11-2014 1410798 1 Delivered 27-11-2014 516727 425.00 0.00 Not applicable
    23-07-2014 1274363 1 Delivered 24-07-2014 377438 422.00 0.00 Not applicable
    11-07-2014 1262306 1 Cancelled 14-07-2014 NA 0.00 0.00 Not applicable
    27-05-2014 1215152 1 Delivered 29-05-2014 315824 422.00 0.00 Not applicable
    12-05-2014 1197883 1 Cancelled 20-05-2014 NA 0.00 0.00 Not applicable

    Advanced Subsidy Transfer Status

    Cash Memo No.
    Cash Memo Amnt.(Rs.)
    Subsidy Amnt.(Rs.)
    Advanced Subsidy Transfer Status
    15-01-2015 1465831 1 Delivered 19-01-2015 572409 737.00 568.00 Advance Transfered to your bank , Account on 03/02/2015

    so, Kindly send UTR for 03 Feb 2015 as mentioned above and on 23 March subsidy amount which I never received neither bank is able to trace money.

    Best Regards


  317. Sekhar Sekhar
    May 4, 2015    

    I approached Sai Bangaru Gas agency for a new gas connection. The staff there said that new connection is possible only with the purchase of a new gas stove. When I reminded them that it isn’t mandatory, they simply said that the company is providing new connection only when gas stove is purchased & if I have any grievance, I may talk to Civil supplies department, they don’t have any objection (means they don’t care)!
    In such a situation, who is to be blamed?

    It seems that the court order directing the gas companies that they can’t force consumers to buy gas stove isn’t heeded!

  318. Sunny P.L Sunny P.L
    May 7, 2015    


    I am SUNNY P.L. booked gas on 19 March 2015 & the booking number is 375464572
    still not delivered.

    Kindly do the needful

    Thanking you

    Yours truly

    Sunny P.L.
    Consumer number – 21360
    mob # 9845661112

  319. Nikhilesh Nigam Nikhilesh Nigam
    May 7, 2015    

    Is a consumer compulsorily required to book an LPG cylinder every two months even if he’s not taking subsidy? And even if the cylinder is not used up fully?
    My account has been blocked due to this only.

  320. Baghjit Singh Baghjit Singh
    May 10, 2015    

    I booked a cylinder dt. 9 april under home delivery system in Jammu j&k Shiva gas agency but I am not received my cylinder till date and harrasing me a lot from one month plz help me out and oblige

  321. gajendra gajendra
    May 11, 2015    

    Dear SirMam, I recently transferred my connection from Nihal Gas, Panchkula to Bangalore gas Agency, I already had seeded my Aadhaar to my ICICI bank account during my connection Nihal GAs but when i login to my account in customer console page Axis bank name is coming where as DBTL(CTC) Status both ICICI & Axis bank is active.But I dont have any Axis bank account.Also I had filled the KYC form and submitted to Bangalore gas agency during transfer. I recently had several conversation with the Bharat gas regional officer and he told me that you ask again the bank to update the LPG id so I requested bank to update the LPG ID now the Bank people are saying we sent the request but there is no response from the BPCL/Bharat gas. I had filed two complaint numbers 609397 on 10/Apr/2015 and 604021 on 08/Apr/2015 but no action taken yet or no response from Bharat gas agency.May I kindly request you please look into the matter so that I can get my subsidized amount to my ICICI bank account. Thank you-Gajendra pradhan

  322. May 11, 2015    

    Uanble to connect from my company internet(Emerson, Pune).
    Checked with IT dept here: They informed me that, Site Admin of Bharat Gas has blocked Emerson PAT address , hence this iste is not opnening in our office.

    Please unblock Emerson PAT address

    May 13, 2015    

    My consumer number 21802163 I was resding at Karpaga Kabali Aprtments old No 12/2 New no 22/2 Raja street Mandaveli chennai . I recd cylinders from the distributor M/s Sowmya Traders Gas Agency ,Mylapore chennai . Recently i have shifted my residence to the following address
    K R Mahesh , flat No 11, Race View apartments 51( old no 25) Five Furlong Road
    Guindy Chennai

    when I approached the said Sowmya Traders Gas Agency ,Mylapore chennai for change of distributor they have given tranfer voucher to Super Chef Gas Agency at Kannadasn street T nagar . when i went there they simply informed that they are supplying in the guindy area and asked me to go back to Sowmya Traders Gas Agency ,Mylapore chennai to get a new TV in the name of another distributo Sai Krupa at Ashok Nagar Chennai . When i personnally contact Sowmya Traders Gas Agency ,Mylapore chennai , they informed me that since they gave the voucher to super chef it is for them to do the nesceesary action . I was unnecessarily directed to go here and there i.e from piller to post on no fault on my part .
    Hence i request you to sort out the issue by giving suitable instructions to the dealer Super Chef Gas Agencies to give me a Trasfer advice to the Sai Krupa Gas Agencies Ashok Nagar Chennai ( CC 110820) and let me get the LPG delivery from the correct LPG dealer who is supplying Gas in my present Address

    Thanking you
    K R Mahesh

  324. Nupur Zutshi Sarin Nupur Zutshi Sarin
    May 14, 2015    

    I am a consumer of Bharat gas, consumer No. 56031752, Mahavir Gas Service,
    Lokhandwala, Kandivali (East), Mumbai 400101.
    I booked my LPG cylinder on 4/5/15. It has been 10 days and the cylinder has not been delivered to me yet. The delivery boys are ready to sell me a cylinder unofficially for a thousand rupees in black. According to them the cylinders are available in abundance if I am ready to buy one in black.
    I can get one in 15 minutes time but I do not wish to encourage this kind of a thing hence I am waiting for the official delivery which is not happening.

  325. Sarabjit Singh Sarabjit Singh
    May 14, 2015    

    With regret. I have to say that this is very low level service provided. Delivery is not yet done even after app. 20 days of booking . I was told that the delivery boy is on leave . I think I have to change the gas co.
    consumer no. 62057846.
    krihana Bharat gas Ludhiana.

  326. Anita Avinash Deshpande Anita Avinash Deshpande
    May 15, 2015    

    gas booking on 22/4/2015 booking no 398240761 but cylinder not received yet.
    customer no is 9207585 waiting for reply

  327. Hitesh Hitesh
    May 16, 2015    

    time par clyender nahi deti or nahi book karti h or boking ke 15-20 din baad clyender deti h Consumer preshaan h aap kuch kro nahi to hame Distributor change karna pad sakta h ………..?

  328. Hitesh Hitesh
    May 16, 2015    

    Haily Mandi Pataudi Gas

  329. Deepika K Deepika K
    May 17, 2015    

    We have applied for a new connection on 29th Apr at LVN Bharat Gas HSR layout Bengaluru. As we have an existing stove, we applied for connection without stove. The outlet committed that a surveyor will visit within 10 days to check the stove before issuing the connection. After reminders and follow-up the surveyor, Nagaraj visited only after 19 days, i.e., today – 17th May15. The surveyor without checking the stove said that connection is possible only if we buy a new stove as the existing stove is more than 3 yrs old.There is no need to come and make this statement about the age of the stove without a genuine check. We have suffered an indefinite wait for an essential service. The existing stove is in good condition and not in a state of condemn. I understand that the procedure is to ensure safety of the customer and believe that it is not to force us to buy a new stove. We believe in the genuinity of Bharat Gas hence request you to intervene and provide immediate connection.

  330. Shashank Maheshwari Shashank Maheshwari
    May 17, 2015    

    Dactivate my giveup subsidy.
    I am shashank maheshwari from meerut (u.p) as a consumer of bharat gas. By mistake I am wrongly clicked Give up subsidy february 2015. i am not getting any subsidy then. I kindly request you to deactivate give up subsidy. I want to avail subsidy cylinders. So this is humble request to you please deactivate from out of subsidy.

    I given request letter also to the distributor but they told there is no option to change. Pls inform further what can i do to cancel the give up subsidy.

    Consumer Name : shashank maheshwari
    Consumer No. 44556312
    LPG ID: 10000000044556312
    Contact No. 08171011147
    Email :
    consumer type: Domestic
    Distributor: brahma jyoti bharat gas agency, meerut, uttar pradesh.
    Pin : 250004

  331. Raghavendra Varade Raghavendra Varade
    May 18, 2015    

    Why the dealers are not giving proper service in time. I have booked cylinder on 28-Apr-2015 Booking No. 401726360. till 14-May-2015 I haven’t received the cylinder. On clling it has been told that the cylinder will be delivered tomorow i. e. on 15-May-2015. On 18-May- when asked for the delivery, the person from dealer told that the cylinder has been sent on 16-May-2015 and booking has been cancelled with reason door locked. Why it has been cancelled? Why he took 18 days to deliver the cylinder. Why I have to book it again? Just because of his failures in deliver in time. We can not stay continuously in home for 18 days to receive the delivery.
    Your toll free number is not working. Is the management of Bharat gas is so useless that customers can not reach them by phone. This is reidiculous.

  332. vivekanand biradar vivekanand biradar
    May 18, 2015    

    My name is Vivekanand Biradar. Im looking for a new Gas Connection.

    I have visited your Akshay gas agency ,Baner Pashan Link Road, Pune twice in last one month .

    Since I do not need the Gas Stove, it seems there is an inspection that needs to done.

    May I know when will the inspection be scheduled?

    It is already more than one month that I registered. The previous request id 15908702 is already cancelled since no one came for inspection.

    The latest request id is 17016457. Request you to complete the inspection asap .


  333. Sandeep Doshing Sandeep Doshing
    May 18, 2015    

    I am from Bashing Customer no-59861
    Distributer code-114534
    Recently I filled a new gas cylinder from my distributer..but the expiRy date on cylinder is A 15 means this cylinder expired in March 2015..then how it is refilled and delivered in may 15…

  334. Sandeep Doshing Sandeep Doshing
    May 18, 2015    

    I am from Nashik… Customer no-59861
    Distributer code-114534
    Recently I filled a new gas cylinder from my distributer..but the expiRy date on cylinder is A 15 means this cylinder expired in March 2015..then how it is refilled and delivered in may 15…

  335. Vikas Garg Vikas Garg
    May 21, 2015    

    I have transferred my Gas connection from Aashirwad Gas Agency, Panchkula to Chand Gas Agency, Gurgaon. My consumer no is 54393378. Unfortunately when I went to Chand Gas Agency they are denying for any Gas connection transfer. Now I am following up with Both the Sales Officers of Panchkula & Gurgaon but nobody is helping me out. You are requested to please Help


    Vikas Garg

  336. Anirudh Dabral Anirudh Dabral
    May 21, 2015    

    Dear sir/madam, I had applied for new gas connection online no.17114718 and after that i went to amardeep gas agency,gms road,dehradun with document ,but when i asked for new connection charges then they replied that its amount to Rs.8910 whereas i have seen that it amounts to Rs.3690 online,and the same i had told them but they are telling me that it include hot plate & other items which is compulsory to buy, then i asked to manager his replied is also same ,they are forcing me to buy hot plate etc. then i had to cancel my new connection but sir iam in need of this connection but due to their rude behaviour behaviour i had to cancel my new connection. so at last i request you to kindly resolve my matter.

  337. Rahul Kumar Dubey Rahul Kumar Dubey
    May 22, 2015    

    Gas Subsidy is not yet received for two times.

    Booking Date
    13/03/2015 &

    Consumer No. 5603

    Distributor Name RMV Sultanpur

    subsidy of both date is not yet received, please let me know

    May 22, 2015    

    Dear sir,
    My LPG gas consumer number is 59860197. My Bharath gas distributor is Chinnasalem bharat gas service (code 143455). I gave form 4 to the distributor in January 2015. They wrongly entered my Indian bank IFSC code as IDIB000C018 instead of IDIB000C045. I told to them, but they can’t edit the IFSC code. So, i gave form 3 to Indian bank. After that my subsidy activated. But my gas connection was blocked from April 2015. I am not able to get gas refill for the past two months. Please do the needful. My mobile number is 09443391685

  339. Neha Singh Neha Singh
    May 23, 2015    

    I requested for a bharat gas connection on 16th may at Aadya gas agency, Shahdol and received it on 18th May. I was also given some accessories without informing that those things are chargeable. I was asked to deposit a sum of Rs. 4700. I did so, and the distributors said that they will provide the bill and customer card within 3-4 days. I, in a good faith agreed for that. When I visited the agency on 21st May, they gave me a bill of Rs.1600. Upon querying they answered that Rs.700 is fot refilling. I asked the purpose of remaining Rs.2400. No satisfactory answer was given. I said I want bill of all the money I deposited, they said they will provide it later, after 15 days, since they are busy with the audit. They were simply denying to provide any bill. I even don’t need the accessories, they were simply loaded upon me. It is pity to see that distributor of a well-known gas company are overcharging common people. I request you to kindly look into the matter and do the needful.

  340. dileep kumar sah dileep kumar sah
    May 25, 2015    

    Dear Sir,
    My consumer number is 60719782. I was booked 02-05-2015 order no. 2232 when i check online there is shown cylinder has been Delivered on 07-05-2015. Cash memo no. 2283 amount i have to pay 719.00 and the 275.91 Subsidy Transferred to Bank Of India, Account XXXXXXXXXXX8309 on 09/05/2015 but still not getting my refill cylinder how it has been done still i can’t understand so kindly do needful. thanks

  341. lavanya lavanya
    May 25, 2015    

    customer no:9532 customer no:j.pushpa we book da gas almst 15days ago back bt still nw we didnt recieve any gas bt the message has been come that cylinder has been delivered

  342. haresh prajapati haresh prajapati
    May 26, 2015    

    Viramgam bharat ges (sivam ges ) agency not very good that problem in your staff.

  343. v paneerselvam v paneerselvam
    May 27, 2015    

    I am v.paneerselvam
    My cons no. 7867
    I am getting cylinder from
    Bharath gas . Untill now I am not getting subsidy …. l submitted subsiby
    Form cylinder office and bank …
    Second time I went to cylinder office
    Filled the form gave to them but
    I did not get subside
    l called complaint customer care
    they are not properly answer to me
    what I do…..

  344. Hemanta Choudhury Hemanta Choudhury
    May 27, 2015    

    My consumer no is 43230356 and cylinder was delivered on 25th Apr’15. But still subsidy has not credited on my account. I want to why it is not being credited till now and when can I expect the same.

    Awaiting early response.

    HN- 217/16, Shivaji Nagar

  345. monzah monzah
    May 28, 2015    

    I have not got the subsidy amount back for the month of march and april yet. Despites several complaints,still there is no response. Infact the executives at the lpg gas centre are saying that i will not get the amount….how can this be possible??? When everyone is getting the money back,then why not me. I hope something will be done in this regard as soon as possible.

  346. Vinay Pagadal Vinay Pagadal
    May 28, 2015    

    Dear Team,
    I am writing regarding the pathetic customer service of LVN Bharat gas agency, HSR Layout.
    I had booked a gas on 8th April 2015 and till 1st May I did not get the Gas. I tried calling their number multiple times but they sort of have an unwritten rule of never picking up the phone. Then I personally went to their center to inquire where Ms.Sarita said it will come in 2 days. After that I waited at home for 2 days and the guy did not turn up. Afterwards on 6th May the guy put a sticker not at home and left. Previous agency used to call up in case I m not at home and confirm. Being working people its not guaranteed we stay at home.I waited for them to redeliver it. When I again called as usual they did not pick up. Later when I carried my empty cylinder to their office she blatantly says we cancelled your order. re book it. I have seen the phone ring many times when I was there but never did she pick it up. Ms.Sarita was not ready to discuss anything and then says we have a form for timings. I asked why wasn’t it informed she says i am informing now, fill it or let it be. everytime I ask for applying for a 2nd connection she says come next week.Now my wife is pregnant and we cant cook at home. I am depending on my neighbors cylinder till this is delivered. I have rebooked my connection, still she cannot guarantee when I ll get it.And the rudeness with which she talks is pathetic. previously I had applied for an address change and aadhar card inclusion and submitted all documents to Ms.Sarita twice. she never did it. Finally i got it done manually there from another officer who did it instantly.

  347. moni bajpai moni bajpai
    May 29, 2015    

    भारत गैस को यदि ग्राहक के हित में कोई सर्वे कराना है तो समाचार पत्र व टी वी पर उसला विग्यापन क्यों नहीं कराया जाता ।
    जबकि आज हर कोई जानता है कि दोपहर में जब अधिकतर घरों में महिलाएं और बच्चे होते हैं , ऐसे में अनजान व्यक्ति या महिला को घर के अन्दर कैसे आने दिया जाएगा।
    साथ सम्बन्धित कम्पनी जिस आदमी का नाम देती है वो आदमी सीधे भारत गैस का कर्म्चारी होगा और उसकी पहचान के लिए कम्पनी की ओर से गैस लगाने वाला आदमी होगा। ये दोनों बाते नहीं थी,
    कम्पनी की ओर से किसी भी आदमी को भेजा जाता है । और कम्पनी ७५ रु इस कार्य के लेती है क्यों?
    जब कम्पनी अपनी ओर से यह कार्य करा रही है तो ग्राहक पैसा क्यों दे?
    moni bajpai

  348. manoj parmar manoj parmar
    June 1, 2015    

    What to do if the complaint no comes busy entire day. Complain is urgent & needs immediate response .

  349. sasikumar sasikumar
    June 2, 2015    

    Consumer no .18861
    Lakshmi gas agency
    I applied gas fund is not Linking my account.
    Please reply to me.

  350. Afaque Ali Akhtar Afaque Ali Akhtar
    June 3, 2015    

    Hi ,

    I am Bharat Gas Home Consumer. My connection is blocked due to low uses. I have visited Kalyan Gas service which is Bharat gas local office at Kalyan ,Thane.They have taken aadhar copy and cheque for unblocking.
    It is over a week now and nothing has happened. On enquiry it is come to our knowledge that Bharat gas Sales engineer have not visited office from last one week.

    I have no gas at home and its emergency conditions for me. Kindly let me know what consumer has fault if his usage is low.
    I will see the consumer forum if no responses coming tomorrow.

    Afaque Ali Akhtar
    Consumer no 20477
    Mobile no 9819124056

  351. Shanthi David Shanthi David
    June 4, 2015    

    Respected sir/madam, I got transfer from Hubli to chennai.I came to chennai with my transferred Bharat gas connection.still I didn’t get connection on my transferred body is ready to give connection. I m fed up
    .pls suggest me what to do & where to go?

  352. Shanthi David Shanthi David
    June 4, 2015    

    Respected sir/madam, I got transfer from Hubli to chennai.I came to chennai with my transferred Bharat gas connection.still I didn’t get connection on my transferred body is ready to give connection. I m fed up
    .pls suggest me what to do & where to go?
    Pls guide me

  353. Krishnakumar Krishnakumar
    June 4, 2015    

    My consumer no is 6008 with BPCL distributor M/s Rose Flames, Kochi.
    I had booked my recharge cylinder on 30 Apr 2015 and then I was informed that the distributor had supplied gas to customers booked upto 15 Apr 2015. While verifying the status of delivery subsequently, I get the same message that the distributor had cleared upto 15 Appl 2015. I got upset and contacting the distributor over phone after so many attempts, they informed that delivery would be made after 10 days, When urgency was explained (because I had booked second cylinder after the new cylinder was started using) the distributor informed casually that the cylinder would be given next week. There was no delivery in next week, so contacted them again and expressed the criticality. Then they said this week itself. ( I had called them on Tuesday). Today is thursday (4-6-2015), so I again called them in the morning. They said cylinder would come today. But till 4-00 pm, the Gas has not come.
    It is very very difficult to get their phone no 2102040 (always get engaged tone)
    2292040 (there is no response). Manipulating ?? It is very rarely that we get these nos; we get them by sheer fluke !
    Every time this exercise is to be done to get cylinder. There is no way whether they are following any true procedure and m priority is overlooked
    Kindly help us get the Gas in time.
    Expect yr feed back

    June 5, 2015    


  355. dhannajay shivsagar dhannajay shivsagar
    June 6, 2015    

    Respected sir,

    I am customer of bharat gas…my consumer no. Is 61347497…i want to request u that i have booked my cylinder but he is not dispatching….i am ill so i cant go nd take it…please do the needful and send cylinder as soon as possible.

    Thank u

  356. md kalam ansari md kalam ansari
    June 7, 2015    

    Dear sir/ma’m
    I want to say that subcidy amount of DBTL sceme is not transfer in my account for last four month .
    So plaese solve my problem i always thankful to you for this kind of issue.

    My connection Detail as :
    ID no . 57943842
    Name of consumer : sabra khatun

  357. Kuldeep Singh Sarna Kuldeep Singh Sarna
    June 7, 2015    


    Consumer number 35519.
    District: Aurangabad
    State: Maharashtra
    Agency: Amber Gas

    Dear Team

    I am a 67 year old senior citizen. I have twice submitted my KYC documents in last 6 months, still my Aadhar is not linked to my consumer number. Also my name spelling has not been corrected in the records.

    I have not received subsidy due to this for last 5 refills.

    Kindly look into this urgently.

    Kuldeep Singh Sarna
    Mobile: 9657818989

  358. Parvathy Subramanyam Parvathy Subramanyam
    June 8, 2015    

    Received a refill gas on 5th june 2015 from basaveshwara gas agency yelahanka..
    my consumer number is 26924.

    The connection in the name of my mother in law who aged 65years

    This is second time am complaining about delivery man..

    1st time he was demanding more money with her and second time he demanded extra rs 30 from me . Pl note that we are in ground floor only and he is not come inside and deliver it and it was deliver at front gate…

  359. Rajiv Srivastava Rajiv Srivastava
    June 8, 2015    

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    I have a connection in my name which no. is 59933602 under blue flame agency in Janakpuri New Delhi.
    At the time of connection I have updated my Bank of Baroda’s saving account number but system has taken my wrong account no of Indusind Bank which is not active. My some subsidy amount has been deposited in that account to which I can’t withdraw.
    Its a request to you to kindly update my Bank of Baroda account no so that I could withdraw my subsidy.

  360. Aslam Ali Aslam Ali
    June 12, 2015    

    My LPG booking No. 430441701 Dated 10.6.2015 Distributor cleared booking upto 6.6.2015 and Mobile not accepting in delivery

  361. Aslam Ali Aslam Ali
    June 12, 2015    

    My mobile No. 9251517685

  362. Aslam Ali Aslam Ali
    June 12, 2015    

    Distributor tanki is black

  363. Lakshmi Vikraman Lakshmi Vikraman
    June 15, 2015    

    Due to extremely poor service of Adharvaah gas agency ( Adharvaah Bharatgas Gramin Vitrak – Pudupakkam/Mambakkam, ) i have shifted my connection.
    I want other consumers to be aware of such incompetent bharat gas distributors.

    To my utter misfortune & bad luck i got registered with Adharvaah Bharatgas Gramin Vitrak – Pudupakkam/Mambakkam, Chennai. I reside at Kolappakam, Vandallur, chennai.

    I used to get gas delivered after 15 days & more ( minimum time ) & that too after lots of arguements , followups & fooling around from the service provider. This used to leave me with a lot of stress & dissatisfaction towards the service provider as well as with Bharath gas.

    The delivery man charges Rs.100 extra on top of all this (saying that the distance is too much).

    (pls refer the service change criteria in the bharatgas website)

    Everytime my gas cylinder needs a refill i am so disheartened & stressed that i need to get ready for an ordeal with this gas agency to get the same.

    I have had experiences where the delivery man was not ready to board the gas to my vehicle saying he was tired. I am not talking from an inhumane perspective . Atleast with a helping hand from me he could have boarded it to my vehicle.

    The gas which is entitled to you needs to be got at the mercy of incompetent distributors & on top of it monopolistic & incompetent delivery men!!!

  364. mythily Ramprasad mythily Ramprasad
    June 16, 2015    

    I am Mythily Ram Prasad and I was a consumer of Bharat Gas in Pune (Maharashtra) with Ratan Enterprises.
    I asked for transfer to Bangalore (Karnataka) and I was Issued a Termination Voucher.
    But unfortunately the Termination voucher Ratan Enterprises (Pune) issued, has NOTHING in clarity. I have enclosed
    that as picture attachment. The Bangalore Bharat Gas Dealer cannot read the termination voucher number and cannot process my transfer request.
    The most disappointing part is Ratan gas (Pune) does not answer call, or they say they cannot get/give details. The mistake is theirs and they are not ready to help. They disconnect the phone.

    Please help.

    Details as consumer in Pune:
    NAME: Mythily Ram Prasad
    Previous Consumer Number: 79196
    Previous Dealer: 112253 – Ratan Enterprises – Rahatni, Pune.
    SV Number and Date: 3019393902 date 2/4/2011

    Current Mobile Number: 9686411755

  365. M Ramaraj M Ramaraj
    June 18, 2015    


    I have received sms that contents that booking no 435431555 of 17.06.15. Distributor cleared booking upto 13.06.15.

    What is my concern that I never booked any cylinder for LPG gas and it seems somebody is misused.


    M Ramaraj

  366. Gouri Majumdar Gouri Majumdar
    June 20, 2015    

    Respected Sir,
    I am Gouri Majumdar residence Paschim Rasulpur, Vill – Rasulpur, Dist, – Burdwan Pin – 713151, I already had a gas Jamalpur Gas Services on 15/06/2010 Consumer No. 12928, SV no. 703672from the old agency dist. code 142153, But due to travelling distance and not receiving good service. I tried to transfer my agency. The old gas agency gave me the SV paper but the new gas agency SRIKRISHNA DISTRIBUTOR Saktigarh, G. T> Road Burdwan, W.B. PIn 713149, Refused to take the SV paper. they also falked roughly to me. I went to ask you sir whether the transfer is legal or illegal? I call to your toll free no. where my first/2nd complain was noted down, The complain no. is(682973/715258), but i did not received any feed back. Three months passed but my problem was not solved. For this reason i am not able to take my gas.
    So i am requesting you please give attention to this problem and solve the problem an oblige
    With Thanks and Regards
    Yours Faithfully
    Gouri Majumdar

  367. kamlesh laxminarayan patil kamlesh laxminarayan patil
    June 22, 2015    

    Dear sir/madam
    We are one of the unfortunate consumer of your cooking gas..
    Name :Kamlesh patil
    My distributer name is Vishnukrupa gas agency,kalyan east 421306. every month we face the problem we book our gas before 20 days. Whenever we asked our distributor either they misbehave or they said no supply of regulator from company .whr as other distribute send the gas in right time. We are tied up with this distributor. Please help us .
    Also we came to know that our distributer selling gas in black to different restaurant.
    Please look into the matter and give us some justice atleast…


    June 30, 2015    


  369. Senthil Kumar Senthil Kumar
    July 3, 2015    

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    We are getting gas cylinder from NANDA GAS AGENCY – Main Guard Gate – Trichy, (phone number +914312710850) since years. We don’t have any complaint registered and also there was no reason for that when the cylinder price was INR 480. But, this month the delivered person collected INR 690 forcefully from us where the billed price is INR 654. This is completely upset us and we have given extra to the delivered boy INR 36 and his attidute was bery bad when we request reason for the extra money. Please this is very serious issue and we request you take immediate action against this agency and advice them not to do hereafter and ask them to return the extra collected money from us.

  370. Sanjay Mandhotra Sanjay Mandhotra
    July 11, 2015    

    My consumer no is 4829. I have refilled my LPG cylinder regularly but I have not received subsidy from December 2014 also not received any sms for the same. I have already submitted KYC form and bank account details.

    Kindly look into this and send subsidy in my bank account at the earliest possible.

    Mob 9910590818

    Bharat Gas connection no 4829, Lad-Bharol, Distt. Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

  371. K.Geetha K.Geetha
    July 20, 2015    

    my consumer no 23960,
    I am drawing my cylinder through lakshmi gas agencies,Thanjavur.
    Sir i am maintaining this connection for decades. i have booked the cylinder
    thro sms on 14-7-15 booking no 448759696 so far i havent received the cylinder.
    when i tried to enquire through phone i received no reply so far.
    when i went there in person i am waiting 4 hours ,
    she didn’t any reply and She told me We don’t distribute the cylinder to your area,You can change the distributer

    Now I am neither able to receive the cylinder hence i request you to do the needful at once .
    yours faithfully,

  372. Brajendra Kumar Brajendra Kumar
    July 25, 2015    

    Hi, I am located in Hyderabad and my supplying distributor is “Revathi Agencies, Hafeezpet”. My consumer Id is 55746522. The delivery boy had come yesterday for delivery but since door was locked he leave a note “… Don’t worry will be back again. Call me on 040-23046779/7569133321″. I tried calling them on these numbers and on other number of agency as well but height to the limit of irritation no one picked the call until writing this complain. Moreover, today early morning I received a SMS on my mobile saying ” Your booking order No61506 has been cancelled on your request”, which I never requested. Also I have opted for delivery on Saturday while taking connection due to my office on week days, which was ignored. Bharat gas customer care number is also not working.I don’t want to go for rebooking as it will take another 15 days or more. Request your concern in my case and appeal to improve this system. This kind of service will only encourage middle man involvement and brokers in the system. Though the agencies will always have benefit of India’s huge population so they are least bother about consumer’s satisfaction.

  373. Deepak Kasturi Deepak Kasturi
    August 6, 2015    

    Harikrishna enterprises in Bangalore is not sensitive about attending to gas leaks. They dont attend to complaints and dont deserve to be a gas distributor. Their customer service agenta have no sense of urgency. Several of our neighbours had a similar experience.

  374. Mohit bansal Mohit bansal
    August 18, 2015    

    Our gas agency owner is a politician so he thinks what ever he does is right he does not deliver gas cylinders on time and one has to go outside the city and stand in scorching summer heat waiting for gas cylinders i am here talking about (PREET GAS AGENCY )Giddarbaha 152101( punjab) so strict action should be taken against gas distributor

  375. Mrinmoy mukherjee Mrinmoy mukherjee
    August 18, 2015    

    I have submitted all the documents ( Aadhaar no, bank details etc) to my distributor and my account is CTC complaied, but I have not received the subsidy amount for the two cylinders I have got on 30/6/2015 till today.I have paid full amount for the two cylinders. While personally contacted to the agency it was said that I cannot get the subsidy amount as seeding needs roughly 21 days to complete and cylinders were supplied before it. But others have got the subsidy in the same situation. Hence please do the needful so that I can get the subsidy amount as early as possible….
    Mrinmoy Mukherjee
    Consumer No-69360278

  376. Deep Throat Deep Throat
    August 19, 2015    

    A number of your delivery boys (particularly in Western India) and I suspect the Gas Agency owners are cheating by providing low cost (ie when the administered price is down ) to persons (say X ) who have not booked (but are otherwise eligible) or who have booked but whose number has not come up and are in urgent need of gas. Then the when the cylinder number of X comes up then it is delivered to the original cylinder at the new increased price.

    Thus the delivery boy / Gas Agency owner makes money twice, that is
    1. He collects additional money for quick delivery from consumers who
    have not booked / who have booked but whose number has not come
    up and who urgently need gas.

    2. He also makes money by charging the customer whose number had
    come up (at the old reduced price) the new increased price and by
    pocketing the difference.

    The same logic holds good when the deliveryboys have consignments of LPG cylinders with some at old (reduced ) price and some with new (increased )

    The delivery boys do not hand over the receipts generated to the consumers when
    delivering the cylinder, as the consumer will become aware of the excess price charged.

    I intend to bring this to attention of the honorable petroleum minister and natural gas, Shri Dharmendra Pradhanji and also the honorable Primc Minister Shri Narendra Modiji.

    This looting of the consumers could be reduced by
    1. Doing spot checks.
    2. Intimating the consumer by SMS the delivery price.
    3. Insisting that the delivery boy / Gas Agency provide the delivery receipt
    at the time of delivery.
    4. Displaying on the mylpg account of the individual consumer the price
    at which the LPG Cylinder was charged.

  377. surender singh surender singh
    August 19, 2015    

    This is to bring to your notice the following:
    Details: sahil gash agancy Goutambud nagar dadri 203207
    Dear Sir,
    My consumer number is 21748. I was booked 04-08-2015. but cylinder not recived till now so very very late
    Delivery Person:Raju
    He is over charging for the gas cylinders.
    For Rs.422 he collects Rs.480 and sometimes Rs.500 saying he has no change.
    Request you to kindly look into this.

  378. Rupal Thakur Rupal Thakur
    August 27, 2015    

    Gas is not delivered in time booking date is 6.08.2015 and it is not delivered on 27.08.2015.My connection no. CN 21901 distributed is happy home gas service modinagar 201201 code – 113490.

    August 29, 2015    

    I was user of HPCL but because of poor service i shifted to BPCL in my wife name consumer num 68728774 I submitt6ed all the releveant documents including HPCL cancellation but still my connection is not started even after visiting the dealer they are not bothered to help its matter of shame your service is as bad as HPCL kindly do the need ful ASAP my number is 8652657530 / 9702815262

  380. Thanagapurikal Joseph Stalin Thanagapurikal Joseph Stalin
    September 3, 2015    

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    1. I would like to bring few facts for your Kind consideration and necessary action.
    2. My consumer no. is 68901358 and my Bharat Gas dealers name is “Ashok Gas Service”, Kapoorthala, Aliganj, Lucknow 226007.
    3. I booked for refill of cylinder on 26 Aug 15 and my booking no. is 480244073, after repeated telephone call ,till date they have not delivered cylinder to me.Every time they have some excuses like ” No Gas Available, Load not arrived etc..
    4. Therefore i request your good self to kindly intervene into this matter and do the needful. your kind help is highly solicited in this regards.
    Your’s truly
    Tj Stalin

  381. shailendra singh shailendra singh
    September 3, 2015    

    446/76 MUSHIB GUNJ
    THAKUR GANJ LKO 226001

  382. September 4, 2015    

    I had booked for refill my cylinder on 15th July/2015 !
    The distributor forced me to visit daily from last 10 days as I phone call them saying, ” Is it possible to deliver refill”, they normally agree but when I reach the distributor with empty cylinder they refuse to provide me. I am doing this from last 10 days ( 25 August to today).
    Please Look after the matter , other wise I will file a police complaint against distributor including CEO of Bharat Gas.

    • September 4, 2015    

      Oh my customer no- 4942
      complaint no- 886999

  383. Yashwant Shamrao Yadav Yashwant Shamrao Yadav
    September 13, 2015    

    Dear/Sir. Sub:-Non receipt of LPG subsidy amount.
    I am a customer of LPG at Kolhapur, State Maharashtra. My dealer is M/s. Suryaprakash Bharat Gas Agency. My costumer no is 000023. I have linked Aadhar to the Canara Bank , Br. Rajarampuri, Kolhapur, State Maharashtra. My Account no is 0000002276. And aadhar Card no is 2659 3087 2283. I am not receiving LPG subsidy.

  384. Kunta Devi Kunta Devi
    September 14, 2015    

    My Consumer No is 59371998
    DB Code : 00113599
    M/s. Priya Gas Agency
    Complaint : Inspite of my regular visit no response given by the Agency
    My cylinder was theft on 21-07-2014. FIR copy given to the dealer. I am not getting the supply of the gas nor the dealer booking my cylinder. The dealer every time ask to bring the cylinder then they will start giving me the supply. I am surprised that how could I give back the stolen cylinder. My several time meeting to them for settle the issue is failed. Kindly consider the matter as urgent and allow my services for supply with immediate effect please.
    Thanking you

  385. Yashwant Shamrao Yadav Yashwant Shamrao Yadav
    September 19, 2015    

    i have received your message that”Subsidy amount Rs.123.63 is transferred to your bank account a/c by BPCL under DBTL scheme for LPG cylinder delivered by cashmemo33195 of 13/09/2015″. The message was received to me on 15/09/15.
    But I found that no subsidy amount was credited to my a/c. I have submitted my bank details. my bank is Canara Bank, Br. Rajarampuri 6th Lane, Kolhapur, Maharashtra. A/c no. is xxxxxxxxx2276.

    Also i haven’t received subsidy for last 4 bookings. Requesting you to look into it and expedite the matter.

  386. Kalyani Kalyani
    October 3, 2015    

    my consumer number is 53432214 with Manav enterprises as teh distributor :

    I had booked the cylinder on 31-Aug-15, the bill was generated on 3-Sep-15, and till date the cylinder is not been delivered.

    When i contact the distributor they say its the responsibility of the dispatch incharge Shekar.

    When i call the dispatch incharge Shekar, he says the load has not arrived hence the delivery is delayed.

    IS it that bad since one month. this has been an ongoing issue with bharath gas. my parents who reside in the same compound do not face such issues with HP gas and my aunt who reside in the same compound does not face such issue with Indane gas

    Please let me know is this an integrity issue with ppl in the company or is it a genuine issue, which i suspect

    I get the cylinder on calling the concern ppl. if i do not call them the cylinder is not delivered. should i call ten thousand people every month to ensure the cylinder is deliverd. please advice.

    Also the delivery guy Jaipan is very arrogant with us. he demands Rs 100 for every delivery. how should this issue be resolved. please help us.

  387. Appuanna Krishnan Appuanna Krishnan
    October 3, 2015    

    What kind of service you guys are providing? How can you cancel one’s gas connection without prior notice. You guys are not even giving any notice for such cancellation. How idiotic it is? No answer and No proper response even from the dealer. Also train your dealer how to deal with the situation. Hopeless people and idiots are sitting giving rude answers . Explain them the true sense of customer care. You guys are trying to make this online and electronic like foreign countries but you don’t have the idea of how foreign people deals and response the situation. Learn from them. Get some proper training. Rectify the programme and understand the true meaning of customer care. If you think it is a computer mistake then throw it in the bin or if it is the progamme that u have designed then mend it quickly. At least provide the prior notice to the customer before cancelling the connection, give some time of 2 to 3 days and give a chance to explain the situation.

    A K : customer since 1970

    October 10, 2015    

    I had booked for a refill of a domestic gas cylinder online on 25/9/2015 under booking No:502193645. My Consumer Number is: 28096. Incidently I have also surrendered my subsidy. Till date I have not received the refill and would like the delivery of the refilled cylindered expedited.

  389. chandrawati chandrawati
    October 14, 2015    

    Sir,I am living in slum and I am working as a maid my LPG distributor is gautam enterprises says we don’t provide you home delivery I need a home delivery even it is paid or free please do asap thanks

  390. Akhilesh Chatterjee Akhilesh Chatterjee
    October 16, 2015    

    I am a customer of Bharat Gas. Recently, your Distributor M/s. Balaram Distributor,41H, Block-C,New Alipore, Kolkata-700 053, has sent a circular to me stating that security check up by their men for my gas cylinder is a must and I will have to pay Rs.75.00 for this. It has also been stated that Bharat Gas has introduced this system. Since I have not received any sms in this regard in my mobile from Bharat Gas, I wish to know whether this is compulsory or not.

    Grateful for a reply.

  391. Manoj Vyas Manoj Vyas
    October 19, 2015    

    Dear Sir,

    My self Manoj Vyas. I have one LPG connection of Bharat Gas which consumer No is : 61164620. This connection is converted into non-subsidiary before April 2015. Our agency (Krishna Bharat Gas) told me that you have to submit your KYC form with your document. I have submit all the require document. Now almost 6
    Month passed but my connection is not converted into subsidiary.

    Now again i get a call from agency they told me that your connection is block. I can’t understand why my connection is block two time in a year.

    Please sir help me to solve this issue ASAP.

    LPG Consumer no: 61164620
    Consumer Name: Asha Vyas
    Register Mobile No. 971800916
    Agency Name: Krishna Bharat Gas

  392. singla singla
    November 2, 2015    

    This is to inform you that chand gas service,261/2 , new railway road , gurgaon is a fraud company. besides booking gas two times they are not sending gas at my address. they have a tendency of sending an abrupt message that no one resides at the address . i am always available at my premises but still they send this fake message to complete the formality. the lady owner chand sharma is very abusive and rude . she treats customers very badly and she is selling cylinders in black. kindly take strict action against chand gas service and her distributorship should be cancelled as they are unprofessional and fraud.

    my customer id is 5807

    November 14, 2015    

    With deep concern about the service of this customer friendly organisation like Bharathgas I am writing this:- Initially I was having a connection with Indane services. But due to my belief in Bharathgas I have changed my connection to Bharathgas against the disagreement of the family members. But the recent services by your agency is giving thekm a chance to make fun of me. I have booked cylinder 2 times online. Both times it got cancelled due to problem of distributor. Third time I got it after a gap of 55days for which I had to approach the dealer directly . With an unfriendly dealing with the customer , they have broken our belief in Bharatgas.. My agency is HI-POWER BHARATGAS, MUNDUR, PALAKKAD, KERALA. My name is Anand. NK

  394. December 1, 2015    

    Dear Sir,
    I find the dealer system so poor , that this was my 3rd attempt, but still
    dealer never responded for document verification.

    If you cannot provide the service then kindly tell me that , i have to purchase
    cylinder only after paying extra bucks. But dont put us under confusion.

    I am highly dissatisfied.

    Request ID is 19648414 dated 25-Nov-2015



    December 20, 2015    

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    From last two days, I am trying to fill online KYC Form to request for a New Domestic LPG Connection.
    But, the distributors name is not appearing, and the message is displaying as “Please select distributor”.
    Kindly do the needful at your end and convey.
    Thanking You!
    Prof. S. R. Soni
    Lecturer in Civil Engineering Department,
    (Gazetted Class-I Officer),
    Government Polytechnic College.
    Contact Mobile No.: 9422884767, 8087706767

  396. Boney Cheriyan Boney Cheriyan
    December 26, 2015    

    To whomever it may concern,
    I am writing this complaint on behalf of my elderly parents who are living alone in Kerala post retirement. On 26th December 2015, the LPG they were using got over and when they connected the spare LPG, they discovered a gas leak. Immediately they contacted the distributor, Karthika gas agency who is the distributor of bharatgas LPGs in Pandalam, Kerala. Not only did they not come but also they told my parents to turn off the gas. When my father asked what they would do about dinner, they immediately cut the line and subsequent efforts to contact them where in vain. My parents went to bed hungry that night.
    My questions are two fold:-
    1) whom to call when the gas agency who is responsible to fixing leaks turns a blind eye to our phone calls
    2) is this the customer service that your distributors provide? Who will be responsible for the mental anguish caused to my parents

    For your further information, the LPG is under the name of my mother Mrs. Aleyamma Cheriyan, Thondemvelil Thavalathi, Muttom P.O, Thumpamon no:9861. Kindly look into the matter and take the necessary action at the earliest.

  397. Jai Bahadur Prasad Jai Bahadur Prasad
    December 27, 2015    

    Dear sir ,
    yesterday(26-12-2015) i have got gas booking message from AB-BPCLPG . while i didn,t book , it is done by urself ,same this happen last month and i have to face prblm while taking gas cylinder its a humble request to resolved this prblm..
    Card serial no-KM 2124
    consumer no-8037601

  398. Joginder Singh Joginder Singh
    December 29, 2015    

    I booked my gas cylinder on 23/12/2015 wide booking no 570919267 . which has not been delivered to me at my residence till date. Now i received a message that the cylinder was delivered to me on 26/12/2015. I want to bring it to your notice that last time also against booking no. 520966098 the cylinder was not delivered and I made a written complaint to Durga Gas Agency on 23/10/2015 and only then the cylinder was delivered .I suspect a foul play in Durga Gas Agency Cylinder Distribution System. I want necessary action be taken against them.And deliver me the gas cylinder immediately .

    Thanking You
    Joginder Singh
    4/56 WEA Karol Bagh
    New Delhi 110005

  399. Sandeep Sandeep
    December 29, 2015    

    My Consumer no-52948368, I have booked cylinder 26-12-2016..Gas is not delivered yet..Called Agency then got to know that my agency has been transferred without informing consumer. Its ok No problem..After called new agency from morning to evening 100 200 times from last 2 days but no one is picking the phone. if phone picked they said we dont have staff to serve your request.I really dont understand that how bharat gas providing there agency who dose not know how to handle the agency..I would request Bharat gas to check and stop taking bravery to providing gas agency to uneducated people.

  400. Neeru Gupta Neeru Gupta
    January 6, 2016    

    No delivery of cylinder
    Distributor Bhupindra Gas Service Sirsa Haryana
    Consumer Neeru Gupta
    Booking no. 356009
    Date 27 Dec. 2015
    Kindly concern

  401. debabrata palit debabrata palit
    January 17, 2016    

    SUBJECT: regarding cash subsidy not credited ,
    This is to informed you that I am Mr.Priyabrata Palit from 73/1, R.K.Road, panpara, chatra, Serampore, Hooghly, West Bengal, pin-712204. I am a customar of Bharat Gas (my consumer no AG12380). Till the date of 28/01/2015 my cash subsidy is not credited my Allahabad Bank account no 20673889651 (MICR code: 700010117). This issue I am raising since From February 2015….still it is not solved. What to do….Do Needful & Urgently work on this.
    Thanking u..

  402. अखिेलेश कुमार वर्मा अखिेलेश कुमार वर्मा
    January 26, 2016    

    Sir, My OM India gas consumer in Banda Banda district in front of the District Council No. 4760, the mobile Nan0- 8,423,486,759, I dated 29/12/15 was booked gas, but to date there has been gas, gas by the operator in the cold 5 am to 5 kilometers from the city gas distribution is very cold and dark at 5 am and the risk of casualties and no means to get there a little too late, ie 5:30 or 6 am and arrive and Gas Operator of the gas passed away the day after tomorrow and then beating him to come back in such cold empty Hanth called flank, and it is also said that the complaint would have to do the booking date until today has not gas has been the rule is the rule of gas within 7 days,

  403. Kusus Kumari Kusus Kumari
    February 10, 2016    

    i have applied form for new connection of Bharat Gas dated 4 Feb 16, situated at, Noida, Sec-5, near fire station. but yet there is no confirmation received. Need help to to get new connection.

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