Bharat Gas KYC Form

Know Your Customer (KYC) forms for lpg gas connections

Know Your Customer (KYC) forms submission grew to become mandatory to eradicate multiple LPG (liquefied oil gas) connections.

All LPG customers are needed to have their LPG connections validated by decorating a recommended KYC (Know Your Customer) form duly full of latest identity and address proof.

KYC form gives all of the necessary particulars concerning the consumer like his title, birth date, fathers title, moms title, spouse title, complete address with pin-code as well as an optional details about bank particulars. They need to submit self-attested photocopies of address and ID proof together with the completed form.

Know Your Customer (KYC) forms are available on the internet site of all of the oil companies along with the directorate of consumer matters and public distribution. The forms can also be found whatsoever the LPG distributorships.

You just need take printouts of Know Your Customer (KYC) forms in the below websites or collect Know Your Customer (KYC) forms out of your LPG marketers or agency


  1. sk yaseen sk yaseen
    December 24, 2014    

    Form feedback banker

  2. January 9, 2015    

    i am unable to fill this form…as distributor field dropbox is not showing detail and its mandatory to fill…help me out asap

  3. Jyoti jain Jyoti jain
    January 24, 2015    

    Please send new gas connection form.
    What details fill in POA details box

  4. Ganesh Ganesh
    January 29, 2015    

    I need KYC form

  5. Lloyd Rodrigues Lloyd Rodrigues
    January 30, 2015    

    This is a serious complaint regarding the Dahisar branch gas agency lady who was requested my my 68 years old senior citizen aged mother for gas refill cylinder as her cylinder got over and she needed to cook food aged nd heat water. My mother filled d form The agency lady gave her along wid aged n attached ID docs n aadhar etc. They the lady was lazy to aged n detached trend my mother saying come back d next day. Next day d lady says d form is wrong and there is another form my mother needs to fill. My mother was treated with disrespect and abuse when my mother said that she’s tired and under arthritis treatment. My mother was made fun of. That Marathi lady laughing at my mother. Isn’t the agency supposed to have respecting and good behaved civilised people with good and kind customer care approach who help customers? All my mother needed was a refill of gas cylinders. Why make my mother’s life so difficult and hard and harass her and disrespect her? The agency lady threatens my old mother saying “let’s see how you get the cylinder refill. Let’s see how ur request is met. Ur request is going to be blocked for a long time.”
    Please help.

  6. Ruchika Agarwal Ruchika Agarwal
    February 10, 2015    

    I want to apply for a new LPG connection, please guide on the process.

    • Ruchika Agarwal Ruchika Agarwal
      February 10, 2015    

      I want to apply for new LPG connection

  7. Jal Singh meena Jal Singh meena
    February 23, 2015    

    Firstly we submitted this kyc form in agency but they are asking again for this form….
    we also submitted this Aadhar card no,and its copy,bank account no and it’s copy, agency said to us that your aadhar card is not linked with bankk account but whereas bank said that they linked it to our account

  8. Jisha T George Jisha T George
    March 28, 2015    


    I am trying to fill the KYC form of Bharat Gas , but not able to select the distributor as the drop down is not available

    Please provide the support


  9. Prempal Prempal
    May 9, 2015    

    Please confirm me about the status of my gas connection form Request ID no 16767541

  10. Prempal Prempal
    May 9, 2015    

    Please confirm me about the status of my gas connection Request Id no. 16767541.
    I have submitted the KYC form to mangalam gas agency on 08/05/2015 .

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