Bharat Petroleum Gas

Clean Fuel and Clean Environment, Bharat Petroleum Gas

Forget about all those unhealthy food cooking practices with inefficient traditional fuel. Bring Bharat Gas to your home and gift your spouse, clean cooking fuel. Make her cooking, a pleasure with healthy practices. Throughout those kerosene oil bottles and its cooking stoves, let your home have a clean atmosphere.

Various Benefits of Using Bharat Gas connection:

  • Bharat Gas is very clean and efficient fuel for your kitchen with 100% burning capacity. No residual or smoke is left after cooking.
  • Another advantage of this Kitchen gas is its economy market price and easy availability. As compare to other gas connections, this gas connection is quite economy and very easy to avail. Few documents are required to get the connection of this gas connection, which are Identity Proof, Address Proof and Current Status Proof. After fulfilling this condition, there will be a visit by a field executive from Bharat Gas Distributorship, local office. The authorities getting satisfied with the fulfillment of certain area of concern.
  • Safety Regarding, Usage of LP Gas: This gas connection is safest of all gas connection. The reason behind it is the vaporizing ability of this gas after release. If someone forgot to switch of the gas connection, he won’t be in any danger of setting fire to his house.

Bharat Gas is Simply the Best way to make your kitchen to get fuel.


  1. T P Pandey T P Pandey
    March 17, 2015    

    Bharat gas Consumer ID no. 25016 not active since two months. I will try to solve this problem from home branch but not any replied received and still pending. Request solve this problem as early as possible. Customer name Yellaling Honnur Mob No. 9740414622.

  2. d v lonkar d v lonkar
    March 29, 2015    

    I wish to Give Up subsidy on LPG cylinder in response to PM Modi’s appeal.
    Please inform how I should give up subsidy.
    Please create a portal to give up for general public. this will speed up response to PM’s appeal.

  3. May 13, 2015    

    The website does not open and the toll free number provided is incorrected. Kindly review. Thanks.

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