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Mumbai  400001

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  1. sunil sodhi sunil sodhi
    September 28, 2014    

    respected sir I m sunil sodhi managing director of vanya infotech pvt ltd from mohali chandigarh. i m intrested to start the voice based inbound process 20 seats in mohali with advance payment. give me chance to prove my worth. waiting to ur postive response. thanks sunil sodhi 09872134338

  2. sunil sodhi sunil sodhi
    September 28, 2014    

    respected sir I m sunil sodhi managing director of vanya infotech pvt ltd from mohali chandigarh. i m intrested to start the voice based inbound process 20 seats in mohali with advance payment. give me chance to prove my worth. waiting to ur postive response. thanks sunil sodhi 09872134338

  3. Shoaib Shoaib
    October 7, 2014    

    I have booked cylinder through mobile booking system on
    28-09-2014 at 06:28 PM
    and the given me SMS with such info:
    ref. 254402746 of 28.09.14. Your Distributor cleared booking upto

    On 02-10-2014 at 11:11 AM
    I have received following message
    red. 254402746

    LPG cylinder was delivered on 01-10-2014.

    Unfortunately, at 16:54 on 07 Oct 2014 I am still waiting for the cylinder and my Eid celebration was worst ever without gas.

    My info is following:

    Card Serial No: 10970648

    Cosumer No: 60469888

    SV No: 4050470787

    Name: Marfatiya soaib najir

    Address: 1792/21, Kumbhar Gali, Kalupur Tower, Ahmadabad.

    Distributor Name: Vinay Gas Service

    Distributor Code: 311888

  4. s. srinivasan s. srinivasan
    October 12, 2014    

    My consumer No. is 41090. My Dealer is M/s. Murugan Gas Services, Nagercoil.
    They are courteous and their services are excellent. I have been transferred from Nagercoil to Tirunelveli(Tamil Nadu) I am facing difficulties in Transferring my connection to Tirunelveli since 23.09.2014. due to technical problem in your side. I am facing difficulties. Please resolve the problem and transfer my connection to Tirunelveli.

    S. Srinivasan

  5. Sanjeev Menghal Sanjeev Menghal
    October 16, 2014    

    Dera sir,
    Myself consumer No. 23427940 residing at kolkata
    has booked LPG cylinder on 24.09.2014
    Transaction id 251487425
    However i have not recieved refill til date.
    No enquiry available at 03325140606 / 03325140002
    (for distributor)
    Please inform the no. to be contacted and expected date of delivery of refill

    Thank you,

    October 24, 2014    


  7. Ramdas Tulshibagwale Ramdas Tulshibagwale
    December 9, 2014    

    Presently you’re distributor in pune LDBhave closed andretail out late .white out any infurmeshion and all customer trenferd any where so please get this agencies to some other people who work for this services
    thank you

  8. Neeraj Srivastava Neeraj Srivastava
    December 10, 2014    

    I want new gas connection, but not getting proper option, to register for the same. please help. my location 14 ,vijay block, laxmi nagar, delhi 110092.

    December 11, 2014    

    Dear Sir
    My consumer no. is 2 and Gas agency name is Gauri Enterprises, Mahnar Bazaar distt.- Vaishali (Bihar). Under DBTL scheme I went to gas agency for linking my consumer id with Adhaar Card(Form 2) , but they replied I will only link with Voter Id( Form 4) and also imposed condition that you have to attach both copy of DGCC book and certificate from distributor/OMC which have one option. I argued with distributor relating this but they replied me in one word that if you have any problem with this then you can complain anywhere to higher authority, I am not afraid of this.
    If this problem is not shorted out immediately then I will compain this big matter to Ministry of Petroleum and PM complain shell. This problem is with every consumer not only with me.

    Thanking You
    Unsatisfied Consumer

  10. Arif Ali Khan Arif Ali Khan
    December 17, 2014    

    Sir/ Madam…
    Good Afternoon,

    This Arif Ali from Utter Pradesh.
    I just want to know how to get the Franchise or Distributorship of Bharat LPG gas and what are the details to get this.
    How much space and security money is require for

    Plz revert me with all details..

    Thanks & Regards..!!!

    Arif Ali Khan
    Email id-

  11. Sutikshan Chaturvedi Sutikshan Chaturvedi
    December 30, 2014    

    Sir I had booked my gas cylinder for refilling on 22end dec 2014.Still not received.Consumer no.Z23293.Mo 9213234655

  12. Kalpna Sharma Kalpna Sharma
    December 31, 2014    

    I had booked gas(cylinder refill)on 23.12.14 with Ref no.313187571.
    Today I got sms that my booking is cancelled as twice delivery attempt was made.
    KIndly inform when delivery attempt was made as in our colony ,vehicle entry gets
    recorded so that I can verify.

  13. Poonam Sinha Poonam Sinha
    January 6, 2015    

    Dear Sir,
    The consumer number of our domestic gas connection is – 3086 and following are the details of our Agency/ Dealer:

    Sai Vinay Bharat Gas (170852)
    Shop number – 13 & 14, First Floor,
    “A” Block Market, Kadamba Shopping Complex,
    Sector – Gama 1

    We have a complaint to make.
    Somebody in the agency is involved in the racket of stealing the gas. When we shifted from Delhi to Greater Noida we were happy to see the honesty of the people in the agency of Greater Noida. Since last few months we see the same thing here too. We would therefore request you to investigate the matter an set this right. Since the agency is new, we are sure it would not be difficult for you to catch the culprit.
    Since last so many years the one filling in our family lasts for 35 to 40 days, on an average. During our stay in Jasola, New Delhi from 2007 to 2011 it came down to 22 to 24 days. We talked to the agency so many times but nothing happened. We lived with the problem. In Greater Noida things were OK from 2011 till the mid of 2014: The one fill was lasting 35 to 40 days, on an average.
    We do have a spring balance at home to check the weight but the delivery boy knows the trick to shows the correct weight. In our opinion, unless we have a conventional weighing balance, it cannot be sorted out.
    We have seen in the market people selling gas at a rate of rupees 100.00 per kg. They transfer the gas from domestic cylinders to smaller cylinder. After stealing the gas these cylinder reach to innocent domestic users.
    We believe, if there is a will, there is a way. If you sincerely want to stop this: YOU CAN DO TIHIS.
    Thanking you,
    Yours sincerely,

    Poonam Sinha
    O-25, Delta-3,
    Greater Noida – 201310

  14. Vikas Baburao Shinde Vikas Baburao Shinde
    January 15, 2015    

    Transfar of subsidy of Rs 280.72 for LPG cylinder supplid vide cash memo no 403930 has failed
    Please quary by this massage clearied this amount not recived I am all ready submitd Aadhar no Bank & Deastubiter

  15. Pankaj Sharma Pankaj Sharma
    January 15, 2015    

    Dear Bharat Gas,

    This has reference to booking No. 13742135 dated 12/1/2015 and trailing mail from Bharat gas.

    I have submitted all required form and documents to GAUTAM ENTERPRISES C-3/G-2,DILSHAD GARDEN,SHAHDRA(reciept is attached for ready refrence)

    Telephone : 011-22585116, 22585119, 22597029

    It was communicated by GAUTAM ENTERPRISES that they are unable to issue new connection due to shortage of stock.

    So with this response it has been learnt that there is no correlation between Distributor and Bharat Gas. How the company issue new connection without having stock .

    Kindly look into the matter and do needful.

    Yours faithfully

    Pankaj sharma
    Joint Director
    Ministry of Communication and IT
    Govt. Of India

  16. Vijay Dass Vijay Dass
    January 23, 2015    

    Dear Sirs, I booked a refill NO 311282116 dated 21.12.2014, this was cancelled without me being informed, I was waiting for the refill but it was not delivered. Then I was given to understand that the company on its own will has booked another refill on my behalf, again without any intimation to me, details as under 01-01-201511270011WebIn Process00.00 18 days have passed since the booking, I wonder how much more time will be required to get a delivery I will very much appreciate, if you look into the matter and do the needful. My mobile No is 8791776869 Regards, Vijay

    Name : Vijay Dass
    Address : 237 Nagla Battu Christian Colony, Meerut
    Distributor : Savita Gas Services, Suraj Kund Road, Meerut
    Consumer No 24467

  17. Sandeep Raj Gautam Sandeep Raj Gautam
    January 29, 2015    

    BHARAT GAS TOLL FREE NUMBER – 18002333555, 1800222725 are not working.

    Please provide activate No.

  18. Arjun Dey Arjun Dey
    January 29, 2015    

    I am based out of Bangalore, Indiranagar, Defence Colony Area, I want to take up a new connection. I have my rental agreement and bank statement as address proof. Kindly assist me in getting the new connection at the earliest.

    Thanking You

    Arjun Dey

  19. Rajib Yadav Rajib Yadav
    January 30, 2015    


    My consumer no. 3091, This service belongs to my mothers name, Lt. Sudama Yadav, I want to change that to my name which is (Rajib Yadav). I have also submitted related documents to Jaihind Gas Service at Serampore, Hooghly on 03-01-2015, but still now there is no response from their side, Pl look into the matter..

  20. v m shingnapurkar v m shingnapurkar
    February 1, 2015    

    our customer no 41055
    with gaurishankar gas agency pune

    we are not interested in availing subsidy

    pl guide us

  21. suresh tibrewal suresh tibrewal
    February 4, 2015    

    are bank account is detail is compulsory for gas booking pl confirm if not give direction to your booking agent book without bank account no.

  22. Mr. Ajay Bhargava Mr. Ajay Bhargava
    February 19, 2015    

    Dear Sir,
    Please refer to my booking no: 332376597 dt: 19.01.15 for consumer number 19235. Today is 19.02.15 and the cylinder has not been delivered till date.
    I enquired about the status today and received an SMS from you that the gas was delivered on 31/1/15/ . I fear that the gas might have been sold in black market.
    Pl. inquire and take appropriate action. Pl. also organize delivery of cylinder to me at the earliest since my first cylinder is empty and am unable to cook food on gas.
    Last delivery made to me was 6/12/2014 vide receipt number : 12695192

  23. Revati Viswanathan Revati Viswanathan
    February 21, 2015    

    dear sir
    I reside at Yelahanka New Town , Bangalore.mi would like to apply for a new gas connection.
    Please tell me the procedure regarding that. Can I book online? If yes. How?
    I would appreciate if you give me all the details .

  24. Eswara Prasad Eswara Prasad
    March 18, 2015    

    Dear Sir,

    I am shifting from Chennai to Bangalore. I am going to stay in HSR Layour, please let me know the contact details of Bharatgas distributer for HSR Layout in Bangalore.

    Eswara Prasad

  25. Mulla Nizamuddin Mulla Nizamuddin
    March 25, 2015    

    Dear Team,

    I am very interested to take dealership of Bharath gas in our area that is in Vidapanakal (Mandal) Anantapur(Dist) Andrapradesh PIN-515870, So kindly help me to become a dealer.

    Thanks for your understanding and support.

    Mulla Nizamuddin.

  26. Vikrant Kshirsagar Vikrant Kshirsagar
    March 30, 2015    

    Sir / Madam,

    I booked gas on 14-Feb-2015, since I did not get the Cylinder from Bharat Gas so I complaint it on 180023355 tool free no. Mr. Nawab, a representative registered my complaint (No:- 574423) on 28-March-2015.

    My Gas No is:- 50886.

    The delivery boy bought the gas, as we were not aware about the price hike and was having 500 RS cash, We requested him to wait for 5 mins so we can collect money from the Neighbors.

    But he (Delivery Boy) angrily told us that “You people have filed a complaint against us and you will not get cylinder any more” and went without delivering it.

    This kind of behavior is not expected. The gas-cylinder is a basic need for everybody.

    I request you to take stringent action on the above issue. I am waiting for your reply.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Vikrant Kshirsagar
    Swastik Veena Society
    Flat No:- 201, Sector-24,
    Jui Nagar West, Navi Mumbai.
    Mob:- 9004950755

  27. Manpreet Singh Manpreet Singh
    March 31, 2015    

    Complait against Ranjit gas sevice Sirhind Punjab Demand Rs. 5521 for new domestic connection and pressor on customer for to purchase gas stove distributor , otherwise we will not give new connection to you. plz take action against this distributor . and resolve this problem hurry ……

  28. April 2, 2015    

    I booked new gas connection via online.
    I submitted online kyc form with all needed documents copy and affidavit.
    My wait list ID 15941155

    Can u check me the status for the about connection?


  29. Vedvyas Kumar Rauniyar Vedvyas Kumar Rauniyar
    April 6, 2015    

    Hello Sir/Mam,

    I beg to say that i have applied for the bharat gas connection online, and i received confirmation mail of booking No. 16252462 dated 28/3/2015 but when i visited the DHRUV LPG DISTRIBUTORS there is a person-in-charge who is issuing the connection to other people , he is not paying attention to my request and they will not issue me the connection.


  30. Deepak Kumar Deepak Kumar
    April 8, 2015    

    Dear team

    Kindly resolve my problem of below mentioned detail…………….
    We are also lpg gas booking by my mobile but problem is newer/many time recived any conformation SMS & LPG gas cylinder newer recived home delivery.
    My booking number is:- 389059553 but no recived cylinder our delivery men (jalal) told your gas not book….
    Pls book my gas and escalate my camp lent.

    Registered number:- 8130813009
    Gas connection number:- 36240
    Subscriber name :- shiv Kumar
    Agency name :- Kamla gas Sarvice ghaziabad u. P.
    Delivery men :- jalal

    Deepak Kumar

  31. Vijay Kumar Sharma Vijay Kumar Sharma
    April 10, 2015    

    We had booked for a Refill on 27.3.2015 and got the delivery of gas on 30.3.2015 from Prem Gas Agency, Ghaziabad ( our Consumer number is 19244); however, even after a period of two weeks the subsidy amount has not been reimbursed even though all the required formalities of Aadhar linkage with the bank and the Company had been done in the month of January itself. Upon contact the supplier, i.e., M/s Prem Gas Agency has been giving assurances only as usual.
    Will you please do the needful and reply per return of mail.
    Thanking you.
    pH: 09891072352

  32. jonnada dhana lakshmi jonnada dhana lakshmi
    April 16, 2015    

    We have a bharat gas consumer number 3986, the connection was not utilized for some time due to my medical issues, since 8 months were trying to restore it at M/s sarathy gas agency , kaikaluru , krishna district, Andhra Pradesh -521333, but in vain. Plz do the need full at the earliest and instruct the staff to be more cautious when dealing with such issues and avoid inordinate delay.

  33. Dalip Singh Dalip Singh
    April 20, 2015    

    Subject- GAS delivery & Norther Region no response.
    Dear Sir,

    I have booked my gas on 1st April & got a SMS on 12th April that Gas has been delivered, but i have not received any GAS & still waiting the delivery.

    Also Tried to contact Norther region ( 0120-2474701/03/30/68) for complain but , no response.

    Name – Dalip Singh
    Location – Narnaul Haryana- Pin 123001
    Booking Number- 384130587


  34. khanabhai mithabhai solanki khanabhai mithabhai solanki
    April 21, 2015    

    Dear sir

    I have Bharat gas connection, but I no receiv subsydy
    bottal, plz start my subsydy bottal. my mistek to cancel subsydy bottal so plz start subsydy bottal.

    my consumer no 19390

    best regards
    khanabhai m solanki

  35. Nitin choudhary Nitin choudhary
    April 24, 2015    

    Customer id : 31864
    Agency : Modi gas service, palasia, Indore
    mobile no : 9752622533
    Issue : Subsidy not credited in the account

    Hi Sir,

    I have booked cylinder on 23rd march 2015 and cylinder dilivered on 25th march 2015 with cash payment of 683 rs. I havenot received subsidy till date in my respective bank account. Contacted to agency for same, but they have not get back to on this complain. So requesting you to please investigate and oblige me by resolving this issue.

    -Nitin Choudhary

  36. Mohit Yadav Mohit Yadav
    May 23, 2015    

    i had a gas connection but i need to disconnect it. but i don’t live in that city any more and i don’t have any cylinder to return. i just need to disconnect my connection and don’t need deposit back

  37. trichy krishnan trichy krishnan
    June 5, 2015    

    i am trying to register online a new gas connection,
    Everything is fine except receiving the OTP code at my email address. My cell phone receives its OTO but mot my email. Can u pl. check.


  38. Apurva Sethi Apurva Sethi
    June 12, 2015    

    complaint regarding lpg cylinder delivery
    i have booked cylinder on 18/05/2015 with booking no.415633693
    on enquiry it was suggested to rebook n was rebooked on 2/06//2015 with booking no. 424925360 and was confirmed on phone by distributor delivery to be made on 3/06/2015 on several follow ups also distributor has failed to deliver cylinder till date 12/06/2015 from since 18/05/2015
    my consumerno. 2535 mob no. 9890393151
    distributor id 114541 venkatesh gas aurangabad maharashtra

  39. Manish Pandey Manish Pandey
    June 21, 2015    

    Dear Sir/mam,

    My Name is Manish Pandey from Pratapgarh Uttar Pradesh.

    I wanrt know the process for applying for Distributorship of Bharat Petrolioum for Gas Agency.

    I am a Graduate and i Have a work exp more than 6 to 7 years in Banking Sector and now from last 2 years i am running with my owned business in Real Estate sector.

    pls inform me how and when i can apply for gas agency in Pratapgarh district Uttarpradesh.

    Thanks And Regards,
    Manish Pandey
    Saanvi Properties

  40. shawal prashad shawal prashad
    July 3, 2015    

    dear sir
    i booked the cylinder 1-6-2015 but not delivered i complain many time but my cylinder is not delivered subsidy in my account 21-6-2015 me

    krishana kumar
    gonda (u.p.)
    consumer no is 448

  41. rakesh rakesh
    August 5, 2015    

    i want to our gas concetion is transfer my father name to my name so plz help the what is this procedure. my contact number 9780858585

  42. Sunil V Deshpande Sunil V Deshpande
    August 6, 2015    

    Respected Sir,
    I am one of your customerstay at Kamothe, Navi Mumbai. I stay alone, so my home is always closed during week days and open on Sunday. Your working hours does not match with my working times. Hence, whenever I book a refill, I stick a note for delivering my refill at one of the house in my society in same wing, 2 floors below my house floor. Untill March 2015 there was no problem, I was getting my refill properly. But in April 2015, the delivery boy keep on giving door close reason to the office and did not deliver the refill for 2 months. I have to beg for a refill to one of my neighbour on replacement assurance. I got my refill in June, after repeatedly booking it at least six times, which I returned to the neighbour. As per your rule I waited for a few days and rebooked my refill on 25/06/2015. Again the delivery boy gave the same reason of my door is closed and again my booking is cancelled.
    I am now started feeling guilty for registering with Bharat Gas for the gas service. Kindly guide me the procedure for cancelling the registration and getting all my deposit amount back plus I have to purchase a gas stove from your distributor, I want to return the same and get its full money back. So that when I shall book a new connection with other gas suppler, I would be having money to buy a new gas stove from their distributor and this gas stove will not lie as non usable burden to me at my home.
    Thanking you in anticipation,
    Sunil V Deshpande

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