PM Modi’s Give It Up campaign

PM Modi’s Give It Up campaign | LPG Gas Subsidy Latest News |┬áModi’s LPG subsidy ‘Give it up’ scheme

Throughout the Urja Sangam 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had actually advised people to give up their LPG subsidies┬áto the inadequate that could not afford an LPG cylinder. Urja Sangam 2015 was India’s largest international hydrocarbon meet which targeted at shaping India’s power safety.

At the Sangam, Modi reportedly carried out the world’s largest cash transfer LPG subsidy PAHAL DBTL (Direct Benefit Transfer in Liquefied Petroleum Gas) scheme. It was under the hashtag #GiveItUp that the campaign was launched.

While talking at the Sangam, he discussed the challenge that financially weaker areas face and remembered the days when his mommy would certainly use charcoal and stays with prepare. He agreed that if 2.8 lakh people lost hope their subsidy, it would certainly save Rs 100 crore which could make LPG Gas affordable to the weaker sections of the people.

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LPG Gas Subsidy Scheme Campagin

LPG Gas Subsidy Scheme Campaign

Modi government asserted that as a result of this project, the subsidy corruption has dropped. It was also presumed that individuals whose income is more than Rs 10 lakh each annum would not get any subsidy. While 16 lakh people quit their subsidy in Maharashtra, Pune stood at 2 lakh.

The most effective thing about this campaign was that it was voluntary. Post-facto, on the occasion of the 69th Independence Day, Modi informed that 20 lakh people have actually given up their subsidy since the project was launched.

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